URGEnt purge 2 clear the Q + dawn a carnitas helmet 2 remap Manhatitlán P-2-Pier 2 R neural network


7/22/23 ... + now post # 1100, in a binary whirled that'd onely B 12. X a.m. walked aCross isL& of Madhat-N, thru Central Park, 2 th ferry terminul @ 90th st. + bot tix but we were a bit urly SO walked around Carl Schurtz park, a block from ware we lived when we 1st lived in NYC 2000–2001, on 89th + York (+ when we rite in 3rd person now iT menes my bedder-½ + i, ware "iT" = in4mation teↄknowledge-E). 5in¢e weave already walked every 5treet + 5cene most all th 5ites, th REMaphattan project 4 us = a bout REVisiting old haunts + triggering associ8ive flashbaX, seeing ch-ch-changes over time, deriverative Δ of (X, Y) over t. Weave 4med memerries of most every street coroner in aNYCity @ X pt.

We had planned 2 take th fairy up 2 The BronX /but got on 1 that started heading south, even th0 iT said "SoundView," th park in The Bronx we was aiming 2 go 2. SO we cruized on th Est River south 2 Wall St. pier then walked further 2 th tip + cot th Governor's isL& fairy. Weave bin 2 Gov isL& 1 ⊕ 2x b4, but seams i nvr mentioned iT B4 on 5cense. Used 2 B a place u'd bring ur bike 2 2dle around free of traffic w/ gr8 views of downtown + Bklyn, all th weigh 2 th Verrazano naRRows (+ ≈ th Stat-10 I-L&, ferry = free)

gov aisle in 2009


Governor's isL& = very diffrent now, there's restraunts + art galleries + 1 can go glamping (4 upwords of $900/night (2 stay in a 10-t) + it's almost fooly booked) + th fairy was bigger + packed. We don't member there B-ing nun of that B4. We walked around th isL& + then got fish + chips + a beer w/ a vu of downtown. Then th fairy baↄk + walked up thru downtown 2 W 4th + C train home, 11+ miles in toetill.


vu from Eastriver


"i'm gonna take my problem 2 th U-nited Nations"




looking baↄk from Gov isL&


Stat-10 IsL& of Liberty


World Trade Tower


7/25 : In reading mode 4 Sleepingfish XX... naught that we (+ now "we" menes Garielle, BroLo + i) R getting a lot (hint hint... submit). iT's hard 2 evalu8 a peace, ⊕ atricuL8 wut iT 'Tis we'R after, SO off-10 my i's just glaze over a piece + i feel th author is trying 2 rite sumthing, that i'm B-ing told a story... iT's rare that i get sucked in 2 th X-10-t i'm not a-where of myself reading, n0 wut i mene? In a baↄk + 4th w/ Garielle, she felt it shd B "obvious from the outset that the writers need to get something out of their system". An urgent purging, an eXorcism of sorts, ware th riter ≠ righting sumthing, but that sumthing makes them rite iT, shdn't matter whoo rote iT, th writer = channeler. Th moment i C traditional versed poiTree, iT sets a pretents that th "poet" = writing a po-M. When sumthing = writ in 3rd person, specially w/ dial-log, i feel th author is "telling" a story + iT's hard 2 move past that, iMHO. i feel th same abt wut i read "4 pleazure" these dayz, az mayB i said in th la5t po5t, my 2-read pile always seams 2 balloon out of CTRL + i nvr halve time 2 read everything i want 2, need 2 B more picky abt what i eMbark on. My 2-read pile in F-ect = 2 shelves of a bookcase next 2 my desk, but it was getting 2 th pt ware stuff was 5tacking up on my desk b/c there was no more room. So in order 2 clear 5pace i sumtimes need 2 just B reel w/ myself that i won't get around 2 reading certain boox ≈ these:

  • Ken Kesey: Sailor Song—this has bin in my 2-read pile 4 a long time, mayB iF iT was a bit shorter i might tackle it. i dug One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but is this 500+ pgs worth th investment?
  • Peter Christopher: Collected Stories—going along w/ what i said above, hard 4 me 2 get in2 "stories," especially short story collections
  • Sam Lipsyte: Hark— ≈ Sailor Song, i found Hark in a lit-L liebury boox, i dig Lipsyte's writing but he has so many books + 2 more coming out in th fall that i'm looking FWD 2, more intresting 5ounding, 5ubject-matter wise
  • Murzban F. Shroff: Waiting for Jonathon Koshy—this just din't grab me in th opening pages
  • Jenny Slate: Little Weirdsth 1st few of these had my intrest, but her shtick gets old quick, a bit 2 precious. Guess she's fameus? Nvr herd of her.
  • Evan Isoline: Philosophy of the Sky—visually sum of Sky = intresting, but doesn't feel ≈ a book object, more ≈ a hodge-podge of poetry + texts in a font so small it was physically hard 2 read
  • Fernanda Melchor: Temporada de Huracanes—i loved th english version so much i wanted 2 read iT in th nativ Spanish, but realistically i will nvr get around 2 it, pero estoy vendiendo la versión en español en Amazon si la quieres
  • Douglas R Hofstadter: Gödel, Escher, Bach—also grabbed this when i saw it in a liebury boox in D.C. thinking i'd reread it, but realistically that will nvr happen. Even th 1st time in college iT took me at least a year ⊕ 2 2 read.

Guess that's iT far az legacy liebury box books, hear on out iT's boox i seek out 2 read + same goes w/ boox that ain't keepers, we'll either put 'em up on Amazon ⊕ downstares. AND now hear's my more manageable 2-read 5tack (what 2 eXpect in coming months):

7/26: In th same weigh i clear th Q for reading, i use 5cense 2 clear R head 4 writing... last post i said i was baↄk 2 working on on iSBN, thus writing in 1st person... but now i'm thinking of finishing U/X 1st / witch we'R writing in 1st person plural tents az «U/i» ⊕ «i/U» SO wheel methud act accordionly hear > GOing along w/ wut we said above /we knead 2 get U/X out of R system / let iT exorcise iTself from X mortal coil /sew we can think str8 / ain't eveN an option naught 2 right iT > iT's ≈ B-ing poSSESsed / ≈ a bug implanted in R ear 2ned 2 a curtain freakwindsea / N ever preSent high pitCH ringing @ 120 db ... aint no possibell weigh i/U can ever rechord X sound 2 show U th reader/lis-10-er wut iT sounds similure 2 b/c iT's happening in th innerface of R ear / rite @ th thresHold / can't put a microPhone there / feel me? eveN tho n0 drinking + n0 salt last nite (or nite b4 dat) couldn't 5leep 4 5hit + 2day R CPU aches / U/i = diz-Z + off-kilter / must B high presshore front coming thru? flaring up R Ménière's / rather than fight iT need 2 CHannel iT in2 sumPing productiv / put th noise thru R meat-grinder CPU 2 transL8 2 tXt/iMG / in 2D / fit 2 print in a journihilistic weigh / Δ btwn input + ouput /az White's dWharfs sang: i/O / i/O / iT's off 2 work i gO / 4 all i = 1 to ∞ (or @ minimum / 8,049,388,410 @ th time of X tran5cryption) > 5cary thing tho is that U/i got nothing 2 blame iT on eXept bunk biology + ain't n0 cure / : ( / iF i/U feel X weigh after a nite of drinking U/i can blame th alcohol / ⊕ @ minimum that iT maid iT worse / bud iF iT's changes in th whether ⊕ wut naut making us feel X weigh / then wut? ain't n0 releaf from iT + eveN worse / we ju5t checked barOmetric pre55ure + iT = «normal» + fluctu8ions over last 24 hrs = norMAL / s0 can't even bLame iT on presshore > hard 4 us 2 even 2 X-plane wut iT = ≈ / a certain MALaise / DOC in Bodymore called them «vestibular migraines»... nau9ht dat R CPU aches / naught in norMAL 5ense / but R neck = tents / yes + there's pre55ure b-twn R ears + in ears feel fool / feels R head = 5wollen / guess U cd call iT a headache + yes / weave tried micrOdosing / dozen't do 5hit > iT's happening 2 us rite now SO wheel try 2 X-plane wut iT = ≈ / 4 us 2 make cense uv L8er > 5tarted last nite / we 8 pest0 pasta / din't add N-E salt 2 th pestO / granted th pecorinO has NaCl + also mozzarella + we had chick pea/5hrimp/lotus root salad w/ iT + nothing 2 drink w/ iT except 5oda H20+ nothing 2 drink 2 ⊕ 3 nites b4 that / felt fine in th evening but woke up around midnight + couldn't 5leep / ⊕ sorta restless 5leep laying there all nite / eventually got up @ 5 ⊕ 6 feeling this icky malaise / drank coffee / had sum serial w/ huckleberries / figured mayB iT wd pass > R bedder-½ cot train 2 D.C. 2 testify in front of congress abt climate change + U-crane food issues / etc. they 5till halve 2 g0 down south / last week in B-more > we ran sum err&s / thinking fresh air + walking might due us good / took packages 2 th P.O. (18 lb. boox 2 Asterism) went in2 a market put sum stuff in R basket naught sure what we wanted feeling icky + wishy-washy SO put iT all back + left / mayB R brain was telling us 2 buy P-nuts ⊕ sum sort of nutz / witch we normally snack on all day / but naught lately b/c Trader Joes ≠ a block a way + we don't dig th nutz @ most other places + also b/c we're trying 2 ween R-self off nutz b/c of th NaCl > when U/i do get nutz / i/U get lightly ⊕ «½-salted» 1s + FYi / they satisfy R craving + help when U/i R feeling X weigh > U/i came home + tried 2 work on 5tuff but couldn't foke-us / just trying 2 get thru emails / skimming th daily noose > went down 2 th gym / 45 minutes on elliptical lis-10-ing 2 MSNBC (only option) / is iT just uS / R does Andrea Mitchell slur her words? in stuttering rhythm / i/U cant underst& a dam thing she sez / R'nt TV anchors sposed 2 B articuL8 + 5hit? ⊕ did she halve a 5troke? + eveN thO U/i reported in last po5t that i/U thought th hearing in R rite ear was coming baↄk / iT's pertty much baↄk 2 B-ing deaf / i'd guess 75% / but at least naught 100% deafh ≈ most of pa5t yr / la5t weak weed guestimate i/U was 50% death in dat ear > 5ickened by the daily noose / at least naught just abt Drumpf / but now iT's all abt Biden's son's legal issues > back up stares + 8 leftover pasto pesta + then prickly pair ⊕ «fig of Ndea» az gli Italiani call 'em (fico d'india) + got a dam thorn in R palm / 2 micr0scopic 2 get out w/tweezers / tried tape (trick U/i learnt in field-surveying dayz in AZ) then took a 5hower + tried 2 B productiv / get baↄk 2 writing U/X / then figured weed get horrorizontal / finished reading Manhatitlán by Steven Alvarez / witch wheel tock abt B-low / but 1st back 2 R 5elf-diagnosis / thO thi5 ranting = part of iT / b/c when U/i sey R head = 5pinning / sew R R thoughts / can't think str8 > s0 i/U micrOdozed sum PSiLonaut 5hroom bar (½ a micr0doze portion / so really micr0-micr0-dose (0.2 g)) but didn't do 5hit eXcept makes us kinda 5ick 2 R stomache foreign hour ⊕ SO b/c i/U dont dig th taste (green T chocoL8) / spose i/U feel bedder now but probly wood halve N-E weigh + ain't worth iT 4 that 1 hour of ick > $old a book 4 $4.36 that cost us $4.67 (media mail r8 has gone up! tho USPS has new «Grnd Advantage» R8 that ain't bad 4 bigger boxes) 2 send... good thing Amazon als0 pays us th $3.99 shipping (mine-us their cut) > U/i tried mixing a track off R nu album / processing vocals R bedder-½ recorded la5t week 4 «Mandelbrot Coastline» but 2 hard w/ th tinnitus + R wRite ear th weigh iT = + this maid us D-pressed : ( > Mick Jagger turned 80, but Sinéad O’Connor died > then U/i 8 a Oaxaca cheese Om-Let + pO-T8-OS w/1 beer b/c i/U got 2 halve a beer w/ breakfast 4 dinner otherwise feels just ≈ breakfast + wile U/i 8 i/U 2ned in2 sum sorta «virtual author reveal» webinar 2 fined out iF Michael Salu made th cut 4 BKBF + i/U had 2 in5tall Zoom 1st b/c B-leave iT ⊕ naut U/i manedged 2 nvr in5tall iT b4 / naut eveN during th p&emic / just Used bedder-½'s maXine iF i/U had 2 but ≈ Mr. Smith (James Stewart) they went 2 Washington 2 fill-a-buster abt U-crane food crysis > nvr herd Salu's name called / sew bummed abt that / but BKBF = pertty silly @ this pt. / i/U X'ed out of th Zoom when Liz Koch 5tarted thanking corporate $pon$ors + now U/i regret even supporting them by getting a table > in N-E event / then i/U figured weed right X blog post #1100 documenting all this + ecco ci qua / hear U/i R w8ing 4 R bedder-½ 2 return....

Manhatitlán in R kitchen 5hrine w/n0pal 2na (n0, naut th fish, prickly pear, a.k.a. NDN fig) b4 we 8 iT

> SO yah / input-wise (B-sides above pile of boox U/i barely cracked th 5pines of) / i/U fed Manhatitlán in2 R seSO/Oper8ing Systema / publiched by a nu (at least 2 us) «press»—The Operating System > U/i put «press» in quotes b/c ≈ Ↄalamari / they ain't yr ordinary press / they call themselves a P2P Open Access Liebury / Using Cre8ive Communs in loo of ©opyright > U/i'll def B cheↄking out more of their titulos > i/U halven't had th placer yet of meating Alvarez in th flesh (vive in Queens / but is naut aRound tel next mess) / but halve a lot in comun w/ hym / n0 / U/i n0 soy MessicanX but i/U spent un tempo there during R 4mativ años + lived a deckaid in AZ tal vez @ same time he was @ U of A? + U/i love tacOS + riff off Joyce > i/U spent a 4tnite ⊕ 2 in his hometown / Safford, AZ / doing a «gravity job» > naught sure how 2 D-scribe Alvarez' writing / spose it'd B con5idered poiTree / un poco como L mio pero mas Spanglish (Using terms ≈ «carnitas helmet» + Manhatitlán uSSES a crayZ font ware th A = Δ + y's + k's super slanty


> Xingadera = 1 of th most Usefool palabras in S-panyol / 1 x U/i needed a H20 pump 4 R car but din't know th word s0 called it a chingadera + th mechaniX nu X-actly wut we was tocking abt + eveN wRote «chingadera» on th re-C-bo > looking 4word 2 other works of Alvarez / mayB wheel eveN get hym 2 do a Ↄalamari libr0 ⊕ submit 2 Pezdormido

> TV/movies weave input in2 R CPU az of L8:

  • All is Well (★★★½)—D-pressing but good
  • Full Circle (★)—last post we said we were diggint this / but it quickly got bad / only finished 1 episode
  • Jury Duty (★★★½)—binged th hole season

7/27 > walked R bedder-½ to Nyack shut-L stop on 120th + U/i kept going over 2 Riverside > 5melled th goatham goats but din't C them / kept going up Riverside past Invisble Man statue up 2 th P.O. on 146th b/c it = onely 1 O-pen @ 8 am / dropped off package then continUed up thru Sugar Hill singin' hotel motel / Holiday inn > across that draw bridge over Harlem river (⊕ «Ha'arlem» az Alvarez 5pells iT ⊕ «Haarlem» az they spell iT in The NetherL&s / onely other place in L moondough i/U can think of B-sides The Bronx where 1 needs the The) in2 The Bronx / trying 2 REMember R old running + walking routes / re4m memerries / reMap R psychogeography > passt Yanqui stadium down thru The Bronx + back across 145th st bridge (th 1 U got duck 4 on th ferry 2 Yanqui games @ high tide) back in2 Ha'arlem / down Malcolm/Len-X b/c ave X = nice + wide / 2 home on 105 / 10 ⊕ 11 miles > naught an official REMaphattan walk 5ince R bedder-½ din't come with + U/i don't halve that fancy mapping thing on R phone / but 5till > feel much bedder s0 far 2day

:/ path 2 n0-ware

1099 <(current)> 1101 > tape hiss panned ALT-right from Dimes Square 2 Verrazano nAarrows under boundless 5ky
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