tape hiss panned ALT-right from Dimes Square 2 Verrazano nAarrows under boundless 5ky


7/30/23 ... still binary #ing, post 1101 > destination du jour 4 our reMap project = Bay Ridge/ Sunset Park > took the C 2 the F + got off @ East Bdwy... who wd of thunk this wd 1 day B-come the epi¢enter of a fascist/ALT-Right lit s¢ene? we were tempted 2 walk around «Dimes Square» 2 C 1st h& what all the hype was abt @ street LVL, but wd rather keep R memerries of how iT was ~20 yrs ago when we lived down there on Essex + Hester, b4 iT B-came a Drumpf-ish post-covid cesspool > 4 5tarters, 5in¢e weave bin revisiting old Sleepingfish issues the past 2 posts, there's thi5 wall nearby @ Ludlow + Rivington, that we used 2 gauge how NYC had changed @ 5treet LVL az 5leepingfish went thru iTs incarn8ions... zer0, 0.5, 0.75, 0.875, 0.9375 + ZZZ (+ then we gave up on ¢ounting, but wd occasionally revisit this wall on 5cense (here it is in 2014 when they painted iT black + far az we know iT remained az s0) > + here's other images down around near what is now Dimes Square circa 2004–2006:

storefront next door 2 ware we lived on S-X


pissed-soaked doorways near Ludlow + Canal (in 2004)


b4 they turned this functional print shop in2 a trendy cafe keeping the signs az retro kitsch


dumpling shop below R apartment on S-X


Ludlow near Division




hosiery replaced by fascist douchebaggery





> mayB wheel halve more 2 say abt the «Dimes Square» movement in another post, but 2day we were on a mi55ion 2 ketch the fairy @ Corlear's hook point, witch we missed so walked around 4 an hour along the new waterfront @ pier 35... so diffrent than when we used 2 run there living in LES + EV, gr8 that they are finally deviliping the5e waterfronts > cot the fairy south past Wall St + Governor's isL&, ware we went last post > on the 5ubway + ferry we red Dawn Raffel's Boundless as the Sky, a sorta remake/response 2 Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities in NYC + Chicago... the 1st half was mostly about lower Manhattan so perfectly appropriate book 2 B reading on this outing

what were the chances an old-fashioned prop plane wd fly overhead when we took this 5hot?

> took the boat 2 the last Bay Ridge 5top > went + got Sicilian food @ Amuni witch was delizioso but a lot of food (carciofi fritti + sotto sopra pizza ... 4tunately we had a lot of walking 2 do) > walked 3rd ave thru Bay Ridge humming «Stayin' Alive» til we hit the base of Verrazano Narrows then back along the 5cenic waterfront ... very eXposed w/ little shade + 1 of the hottest dayz s0 far this year (95° w/ a heat index of 110°) > then we cut back in + crossed in2 Sunset Park

> zig-zagged B-tween 5th, 7th + 8th... intresting 2 see the diffrence, 5th very LatinX + 8th more Chinese than NYC Chinatown (specially az the alt-right avant garde encroaches)... Sunset Park perhaps 1 of the few NYC hoods that remains ungentrified > however, they have deviliped the warehouses along the waterfront in2 «Industry City»

Y we missed the fairy (convoluted D-tours 2 get around construction)


boundless 5ky


Red Hook


5panning Verrazano Narrows


Sunset Park


Industry City



> ended up @ Mama Tried B-neath the Gowanus X-press-way > weed vaguely herd of Tape Hiss but naught til they took the stage did we realize we knew the keyboardist/singer David Nagler from a previous life, when we worked together @ Comedy Central circa 2004–2006, coincidentally when when we were living in LES + EV b4 iT B-came Dimes Squared > good 2 ketch up w/ hymn > Tape Hiss are a sorta in-D supergroup w/ Steve Shelley (of Sonic Youth) on drums, Ernie Brooks (of Modern Lovers) on bass/vox, Peter Zummo on Trombone/vox + Peter Galub on guitar/vox + we also ran in2 Chris Moore in the bar, who plays drums 4 Peter Galub + Negative Approach B-sides his one solo project... all these old-5chool ol' timers still goin' 5trong + halving a good time doing it, gr8 scene, encouraging 2 C

> started 2 walk back to 5th ave 2 get Mexican food + it started 2 pour + then i realized i 4got my bag so ran back 2 Mama Tried + then back 2 Tacos Matamoros @ this pt drenched, couldn't tell the diffrence B-tween sweat + rain > rung out R shirt + 8 enchiladas that were bien sabroso > then the R train 2 the C (w/ that long crowded walk underground @ Times Square) home... 18 miles on the day

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