Liner notes 4 a winged serpent/animaL res-Q in the Ↄalamari n0-kill 5helter/radi/0-active can¢er casteL


7/31/23> finally / got the Subito Press books shelterd in the houuse!

> all hookd up + available thru Asterism or Amazon /aw8ing adoption in the «get-high-off-the supply» room of the Ↄalamari Arↄhive HQ:

> mayB wheel feature each of the 37 Subito boox in coming weeks/months, rite now we'R reading Liner Notes by James Brubaker (had our own copy already in R 2-read pile) /witch ≈ a litterary Spinal Tap meets Almost Famous meats High Fidelity / a mixtape/album (w/ sides A + B (th0 iF we reprint iT we mite halve side B run in opposit direXion ≈ Boons/The Camp)) uv audi/O-filed mu5ic journihilism in 5hort 5tory 4mat (1 might think James Brubaker = pseudonym 4 James Murphy?)

> weave all-reddy red Little Red Riding Hood Missed the Bus by Kristin Abraham / New Animals by Nick Francis Potter + Someone Took They Tongues by Douglas Kearney / the latter tipped us off that the Subito books were outta print ... that wuz in April /sew took 4 months 2 make iT happen / thx 2 those @ CU Boulder

8/2> Ↄalamari Arↄhive may naught litteruley B a no-kill 5helter / but thi5 safe-keeping archiTexture @ 1 pt served az an incub8ion sanctuary 4 Q: the Winged Serpent / witch finally we saw the other nite > Q (5hort 4 Quetzalcoatl) lives roosting atop the Chrysler bldg 4 most of the flick / but in typical horror B-movie fa5hion [spoiler alert] just when u think the munster = dead / they end on N aerial shot of R bldg @ 455 CPW / zooming in on Q's egg (5etting the 5tage 4 a 5eQuel?):

> R apt is rite ware that 5moke 5tack Used 2 B:

> hear's houu iT looks now from R window / if U want 2 trianguL8 the angeL 2 verify R claims:


+ hear's houu theair-real vu looks now on googleMaps:

> when they made Q in 1982 / R bldg @ CPW + 105/6 = N abandoned crack den of ill repute, n0 doubt rife w/ gHost 5tories > iT 5tarted out az a cancer ho5pital ware—according 2 this NY Times article—menny came «to die, assuaged by morphine, whiskey and Champagne. (Tellingly, the hospital spent more on alcoholic beverages than on medical supplies.)» / iT's naught ju5t haunt'd by gHosts / but perhaps 5till radi/0-active?... @ the time the country's singeL largest repository of raydium / R herO Madame Curie eveN did sum re5earch hear / regarding the 5moke5tack:

... there was no end to suffering, a suffering made all the more dreadful by the vision, through the windows, of a smokestack to the west of the main building. Back there was the crematorium.

... creepy 2 think of the deathly flux that Used 2 traverse R air5pace! but iF u con5ider the a5hes 2 B L-ectrical ¢harges just think of the magnetic 4ce it wd halve indu¢ed / that perme8es 5till ware we re5ide... iF we can figure out how 2 harness iT (remembering rite-h& rule)

> az we right this / a butterfly came fluttering thru R wind0w az iF a sine... an i/0nized vi5itor from the flux? rezidual butterfly FX? O / in addition 2 the &roid 5nake that came from R drain a few weeks ago...

> also recently watched The Departed (doesn't hold up on 2nd viewing / 2 violent + male-domin8ed) + another nite we watched The Day After Trinity 1981 documentary about Oppenheimer (want 2 save the hyped nu flick 4 when there's a dearth of movies next year on a-count of the 5trikes) followed by Godzilla (1954) / witch = apt follow-up (also 5peaking of Curried radi8ion) > 2 nites ag0 watched Eldorado / documentary abt queer Berlin during Nazi times > last nite watched All That Breathes / about 3 NDNs (Muslim) that rehabilit8 kites + other creatures in Delhi / 5peaking of no-kill animaL res-Q 5helters / the whirled needs more flix ≈ All That Breathes ...

We're all a community of air / that's why we can't abandon the birds

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