Last call on the error plane b4 they taxi + L& w/ a crow bra + sum 1 took they tongue


4/16/23 > Went w/ our bedder-½ to Raygun natl error port (they're on their way to Lake Como, via EWR + MXP) + then walked back, passing by the end of the runway... where else can 1 walk to the airport, only ~5 miles? Tho it took us 7.5 miles b/c we took the more scenic route following the river.

Yesterday we also had to get scarce (for showings) + walked 13 miles. Since we don't have our elliptical nor spin bike + all we do now 4 exorcise is run + walk we bot sum new kicks. They say to recycle shoes every 500 miles... @ this current rate that's every 10 weeks, last time we bot new trainers was last summer, granted we don't normally put in 50 miles a week, probly more like 20–30 when we have other means to exorcise, but the month in Italy last December we were putting in upwards of 10 miles a day of walking on avg.

Posted a quantum entangled piece by Jesi Bender on Sleepingfish. Close to putting the fish to sleep 4 good... 4 a while we were considering weather 2 halve a special 20th anniversary print issue, but now we're thinking of starting a new gournel all2gether, more news on that once the plan solidifies, but feel free 2 way in either weigh what U think Calamari shd do. ∀NĐ if this is indeed the ƎNĐ of Sleepingfish, consider this the last call.

4/17 > Went on a series of flights last night... we were in the Bay Area + the subway wasn't running so we somehow ended up on a puddle jumper we thought from SFO to SJC, but it was weird, there were only other pilots aboard, transporting them to connecting flights. We were in back sitting on 1 of those metal folding chairs + if we stood up our head went out a sunroof w/ the wind blowing in our hair. We L&ed once to pick sum 1 up but evidently not our destination so took off again + a few minutes later were about 2 land again. We stuck our head out the window + there were a lot of hills + bays, reminiscent of New Zzzland's north island (from what we remember), but definitely didn't look like San Jose. We asked sum 1 where the hell we were + they said "Nelson Algren" + we said not WHO, but WHERE + they pointed to a sign that said Nelson Algren... evidently this was the name of the place. The name was vaguely familiar (in the dream), but we didn't know who this was, figured we could google it when we woke up + started a dialog w/ this pilot about how google has changed our brains, how back in the old days 1 would have 2 go 2 the liebury or ask around. [in reality, we haven't a clue who Nelson Algren is, have never read him, at least that we remember... according 2 wikipedia, "Algren articulated the world of "drunks, pimps, prostitutes, freaks, drug addicts, prize fighters, corrupt politicians, and hoodlums.""]

Later in the night (after an hour or 2 of sleeplessness) we were back in a plane again, also small + carrying only other pilots to their flights. We passed within 50 feet (again, we could look out an open-aired sunroof) of an Emirates plane that was comically small, basically just a nose + a tail, w/ no body... seemed the sky was full of these little shuttles, as if we were in an alternate universe where these little planes shuttled pilots around 2 operate the real world). We were worried when we landed, thinking if we took enough of these flights it was just a matter of statistics. We hit a flock of geese but every 1 was laughing, even though blood splattered all over our windows. We were transferred to another flight, this time we were the only person + felt bad that this plane was operating solely 4 us, but we were assured it was gonna fly the route anyway so felt bedder that at least it would take us + not fly empty. We looked @ the seating chart + could see that we, I, took up 2 seats, 1 for me + 1 for my alter ego observing me. Last minute a pilot came on board, but he didn't count (on the seating chart) since he was "flying under the radar", ao we were the soul paying passenger.

4/19> We moved into Swann's Way 4 years ago 2 day + now here we are selling it. 3 more ppl have looked @ the house, no takers. 1 came close but when we heard they wanted to put a carport where our yard was we secretly hoped they wouldn't make an offer + they didn't (blaming it on high intrest rates).

We haven't talked about our liebury boox in a while... 4 a while there it was hard 2 keep filled xs every walk we go on we bring a backpack w/ Calamari books 2 swap with @ other booxes. Sum of these we hold on2 thinking we might read. Here's some of the better ones we perused, before realizing that realistically we'd never get around 2 them.

The John Haskell book (The Complete Ballet) we actually got a lot further than we thought we wd, considering it's about ballet (sort of), a topic we never imagined we'd be interested in, but Haskell has a way of making anything seem interesting + fold in all sorts of well-researched digressions, but we weren't into it as much as Out of My Skin + I Am Not Jackson Pollock, or American Purgatorio. we also found a copy of Ken Kesey's Sailor Song, which we remember reading bad reviews of, but we started reading it + become engrossed so are going to hold on2 it (all 500+ pgs of it) 4 a rainy day. Also finished A Field Companion for Wandering by Connor Bouchard-Roberts.

The Douglas Kearney book—Someone Took They Tongue—we didn't find in a box (nor the Exacting Clam issue), but bot it off Amazon + perhaps we bot the last copy b/c now apparently it's out of print! Seems these Subito press books were orphaned when Noah Eli Gordon died last year... let's see if we can find these boox a home... no books shd go out of print, especially Kearney's book + Francis Potter's New Animals. Like Buck Studies, lots of cool typographical experimentation in Someone Took They Tongue + ½ of it in sum maid up garbled landguage not sure what it means, but it shd go in a time capsule so if sum alien race comes to this planet after we annihiL8 ourselfs, sure they'd be intrigued az 2 how this book came in2 being.


Movie-wise, rewatched The Big Lebowski for maybe the 10th time, including a few times in Italian b/c we though it would be funny to learn to speak like the dude (a.k.a. "il drugo") in Italian. Also watched Empire of the Sun for the 1st time... we always wrote it off as a bad Spielberg movie + figured we'd get around to reading the book 1 day, had no idea this was Christian Bale's breakout role (he was only 13)... say what u want about Spielberg, but no 1 discovers/directs kids like Spielberg. Also saw the Spielberg HBO documentary (what made us think to watch this). Saw Inland Empire for maybe the 3rd or 4th time, still not sure what to think about it.

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