1/ 4 i am ĐNA cot up in a money-laundering racket 2 birth Genesis in "Nel sogno"


4/1/23 > April Fools. Officially launched Genesis today.

Logged this dream @ sum point last week, that might make sense once you read this post:

I was working w/ these 2 young millennials doing some sort of business + 1 of them carelessly handled my laptop to the other + dropped it acting like it was no big deal, like they do it all the time. When i started to get on their case for being so careless, that i'd never dropped my laptop before, they acted like i was being uptight + that the casing was just cracked + easily fixed + 1 of them set about taking it apart w/out me even asking. I went off to get some food w/ some other ppl + afterwards went back to check on my laptop + the kid was like "oh, i think i brought it w/ me to the restaurant + left it there, or maybe left it at my house" + again i reprimanded them for being so careless. They said they would get it to us tomorrow + we said we needed it now, demanded to have it, that this had gone far enough. So we went to their house, walking along the shoreline that U had to cross inlets by rolling on a series of floating towels or carpets that were laid out for just that purpose, but eventually we ended up in the water wading/swimming. To get out we had to go up this particular cliff, waiting for waves to bring us high enough to good holds + from there we kept climbing up. The rock was all sketchy + crumbly + this kid who was right behind us kept saying not to worry, that if U fell you'd fall into the water + be OK, but we could see that if we fell we'd hit this rock ledge jutting out + when we pointed that out they said it was only 10 or 20 feet below + we wouldn't die but we said we could if we got knocked out + fell in the water + drowned. The cliff was getting sketchier + harder to climb + we were getting higher + we didn't know if we should just jump into the water when we knew we could clear the rocks or keep trying to climb higher.

A lot happened this past week, some good, some bad. Lots of pressure changes swinging our vertigo, some nights sleeping ok, others not. We've given up trying to make sense of any patterns. While we're doling out jaded advice to any 1 stupid enough to want to start a small press (speaking of which, we had an hour-long interview about $PD's demise w/ a Berkeley newspaper but they didn't run anything we said b/c the article only said positive stuff, but there was this great write-up about Asterism in Publisher's Weekly), here's a story w/ a moral to it... we were contacted a few weeks ago by some trading company in Dubai interested in buying a bunch of books. Before we would pass off these sorts of inquiries to SPD, but this came days after we dropped them + before our books had reached Asterism. We asked why they were interested in so many books + they said their client (they were the middlemen) wanted them for a library project that was being developed. They had a website + lots of reputable clients, although it was all very vague + general, but then again so is most stuff in the business world on the Internet. When we said the shipping costs would be formidable they said there was a U.S. address we could ship to that consolidated their shipping. And when we said they had to pay up front they agreed. So what was the catch?

Now, we've always thought there is no harm giving out your bank acct # + routing #, that all people can do is deposit money into your account, not take out. This is standard practice in Italy, we've paid for many a hotel w/ bank transfers, it's how they pay for everything there. So we invoiced them + gave them our acct # to make the transfer to + said we'd ship the books once we received payment. And being that we have our books stashed at our bedder-½'s office, we had to lug 2 boxes back to our house to be ready to send (40 copies of Residue + 50 copies of Hist, which made it seem more legit since both projects are very visual + have book trailers that perhaps are enticing to non-native English speakers). We waited a week or 2 + no deposits + meanwhile we were getting ready to show our house + didn't have room to be storing these boxes so we told this trading company we hadn't received payment + they said they'd check w/ the client + then a day or 2 later said the client was delayed, but was now making a payment in the amount of $25,100 + we said the amount was $1,504 not $25K, but they said it was too late, that they accidentally got their orders mixed up + paid us the wrong amount. We said to forget about the whole thing but they said the client had already made the payment + they said to check w/ our bank + we said sure, give us all the pertinent information—names, bank account #s, social security #s, etc.— + we'll check w/ the bank... w/ the fraud dept at the bank. And that was the last we heard from them + we figured that was that + lugged the books back to our bedder-½'s office.

Then a day or 2 later we see a deposit of $25,100 come into our bank acct. We called the bank right away + told them what happened + they froze the account + we had to open up a new acct + that's how we spent last Saturday night, changing all the bank acct info w/ utilities, direct deposits, PayPal, etc... huge pain in the ass. We still weren't sure where the scam was, figured the pending transfer wouldn't go through. But the next day it cleared! We officially had $25,100 in our bank acct. We could see it was a check from some random construction company in Washington state, but the scary thing is is that we could see it was deposited @ an ATM in Dupont circle, which is less then a mile from our house. Think we slept well that night? Expecting some thugs pounding on our door demanding their $25,000 (or $23,600). Meanwhile we're having to get scarce while our agent showed the house, so people we didn't know were coming + going. Still not entirely sure what the scam was supposed to be (being that the check officially cleared our account + we were the ones $25k richer)... we were told perhaps a money-laundering scheme + they'd come collecting, or that there's ways these scammers can continue to access your account, even without your ATM card. Then a day or 2 later the check bounced + hopefully that's the end of that.

So yah, officially selling our house, though for now it's only privately listed. Which also eats into good sleep. Have only had 2 ppl look so far, but it's weird, ppl you don't know coming in + snooping around, interacting w/ our ghosts + possessions. Two days ago we finally sold our spin bike, so now the basement (what was our gym) is empty. And our agent wanted us to stage it as a dining room, since the kitchen is on the lower level (we've been carrying trays of food up the stairs this whole time)... apparently ppl have no imagination + wd be put off by this (not to mention the wallpaper + other idiosyncrasies of the house). So yesterday our agent said someone was coming to look that afternoon so we quickly scrambled to move our dining room downstairs, which is no easy feat b/c our dining table is his massive cast-iron industrial contraption that ways a ton. We had to take it apart + it's not an Ikea hex-wrench job, this has 2-inch lug nuts + cranking axles that look like they belong on a car. And then we carried it down in pieces + reassembled it.

Meanwhile, we got notice we were getting a package right about the time the our agent was showing the place, the artwork that were planning to put in this new dining room... this was the final piece of the puzzle. The artwork by Claudio Bonfiglioli that we acquired 2 yrs ago in Bologna, "Nel sogno":

It's quite large (40 inches across) + heavy, on wood, w/ metal parts, so we didn't bring it back w/ us from Italy. Back then we thought we might move to Bologna so figured it was easier to just leave it there while we figured shit out. A few months ago, once we were sure we were moving to NYC instead, we asked them to ship it back + it's been in a holding pattern of sorts ever since. It had to clear all sorts of hurdles to get through customs + the bureaucracy of Italy... apparently any "artwork" needs to be certified or some such shit, it all sounds very complicated + fortunately our bedder-½ has colleagues on that side that knew how to navigate the system (mille grazie a te sai chi!). It was scheduled to arrive right when our agent was showing our house, but we were hoping it would come before so we could quickly hang it in the dining room we had just staged (not to mention we were worried about porch pirates snatching it while we were walking around getting scarce). But good thing it didn't arrive in time as we wouldn't have been able to quickly hang it... the package was half-ripped open b/c the metal handle was poking through + it had cracked + broken into 3 or 4 pieces. Fortunately part of our casalingo duties include restoring art, + we already had clamps + adhesive from fixing our "kitsch-N synch". And being that this was already a collage, us piecing it back together became part of the art, not to mention it's accumulating history of navigating Italian customs + the high seas (actually, it went by air). Although "Nel Sogno" doesn't have a history in this house, it is the final missing piece to selling it.

"Nel sogno" restored (click for more detail)


the final piece of the puzzle hanging in our X-gym

And last night we ate our 1st meal down there... fortunately the weather's getting warmer as it would be cold eating down there in the winter.

When our agent texted us about showing the place, lighting a fire under our ass to scramble to stage our dining room downstairs + clean the house, it also lit a fire under our ass to fire the book we've been working on these past few years to the printer, the 1st ¼ of the over-arching U/X that before we considered calling Soft Copy hard, or And ma, i 4 1 live 2 emit, but we ended up calling it
1/ 4 i am ĐNA (a name we decided on just the night before)(+ the author is in8 iĐ). We had been tinkering w/ it, changing this + that + then changing it back when we got that text so just took that as a sign to fire it off as is. Anyways, we've gone on long enough in this post, perhaps we'll reveal more about 1/ 4 i am ĐNA in the next post...

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