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Tel-a-foning 177 lbs of unPrimed I5BN in D.C.ember 2 cure-8 boox


12/20/2021... almost a pallindrome, guess 12/02/2021 was if u inkloot the 0 > ain't bin riting much abt day-2-day b/c as st8d in post #964 we'R gunna foke us m0re on livin' life rathr than scribin' bout it + foke u5 m0r on riting ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 (⊕ I5BN az we'll callit hence-4th b/c we cant member th hull #) ⊕ mayB we aint hear in D.C. but in Puglia az plannd but dam, glad we ain't in Ital-E as #s halve dubbled 5ince we left... not dat they ain't dubbling in U.S. (more like quadrupled in th district) but @ least we'R boosted + halve N Equipped kitchn + h0me gym, etc. reUnited w/ R things like R musickle instrawments (not dat weve resortd 2 'eM yet) + mother5hip iMac dat's much EZier 2 work on, but yes, back in same boring intr0spective psychle we were in b4 (Xcept we let R Amazon Prime lapse so no cunvenience of online ordering from Hole Foods, etc... cdn't halve a clear conchus supporting dat Bozo n0 m0re) bunkering down 2 write + make mu5ic + B Cal A. Mari (publiched this txt/img colab B-tween Amy Bassin + Mark Blickley in Sleepingfish 2020+ ≠ 404:

) + bac 2 workin on Nutt's manUscript on a cumputer ware we can actual-E C waht we'R doing tho Twitter'5 a distraction az is reading the daily noose, speakin of witch, 4 a few yrs (20192020) we called The Daily Noose + this year we call it Life in the Blog of Ghosts but cum 2022 think wheel callit whatit = + has always =ed (Xcept 4 the yr ⊕ 2 we blogged on ±, 5pecially az we'R nearing 2 cumpletelE arkhiving all R journels from R Ntire life > bac 2 Xorcising + eating bedder, gaind 10 lbs in Bologna (way 177 now) so need 2 lose 10–15 + drink less tho gunna let R selves Njoy imbibing ovr holydaze (bedder-½'s last day of «work» = 2day) 5pecially as thing5 so bad in D.C. we canceled R plans 2 go out 4 sush-E on R anniversar-E, tho a few dayz ag0 was nice enuff we had Thai food outside on a pati0 > bac2 watching movies most ever-E night, binged Ntire season 3 of Narcos Mexico (★★★★), last nite saw that Lydia Lunch documentary (The War Is Never Over (★★★★)) + a few nights ag0 saw Hand of God... still not sure waht we think, weather ★★★★ ⊕ ★★★★★ , weather it'5 az good as La Grande Belleza, but definitly worthwhile + great footage from around Napoli (where Sorrentino is from... it's baysically his aut0biography), 0h + we saw ‎Girl in the Window (also ★★★★½), classic neorealism abt Italian migrant miners in Belgium ⊕ Holland, ver-E visceral > bin REwatching other junk, mostly from the '80s, like Poltergeist + Desperately Seeking Susan, can't member what else > bin reading Telephone by Percival Everett... don't know Y Everett doesn't get m0re credit, not dat we're toetillE in2 Telephone, but his range is astonishing, each book so diffrent, but mayB that'5 his problem, he's 2 prolific, like Stephen King, who we've actual-E nevr botherd 2 read but th othr nite we rewatched The Green Mile + was thinkin it'5 craz-E 2 think how many of King's books have bin adapted in2 great films: Carrie, The Shining, Shawshank Redemption, etc. but he's considered a horror, fantasy ⊕ whatever genre-fiction writer + no 1 thinks of him as litterareE + 0, we'R bac in the saddle cure8ing R liebury boox... seams folks have noticed we'R back, thx 4 all the boox y'all!

wile we were gone they painted the pavement out R window


+ they made BLM plaza permanent


back 2 long walks in Rock Creek



Kennedy Center




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