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hungree 4 N itinerant batch of hatch in loo of road-tripping the boot


12/6/2021> in N alternet Universe we'd still B in Ital-E 4 a nother 2 months, but moronicron, increasing COVID-19 #s + changes in greenpass stipulations (wouldn't B abel 2 do stuff like go out 2 eat w/o a booster (wich we couldn't get in Ital-E) ⊕ Q-tip stuck up R nose ever-E day) had us rethink R 25th annniversar-E plan5... fortunately all our rezes were cancelable, tho we did 5pend quite a bit of time re5earching the itinerar-E + where 2 stay... forse faremo questo viaggio un'altra volta ⊕ we can just imagine Rselves on this trip... mayB we shd just make up stories here on 5cense as if we did go, who'd kn0w the diffrence? after returning from Sardinia on November 28, we were gonna rent a car for 2 months > 11/28 thru 12/7 we were gonna stay in Bologna (while R bedder-½ fini5hed their teaching obligation5) + Ravenna + since we'd halve a car we cd go on sidetrips 2 Modena ⊕ other nearby towns > then starting tomorrow 12/7 this was the plan:

Dec 7–8: Ascoli Piceno, Marche
Dec 8–10: Vieste, Puglia (Spur) (3½-4 hr drive from Ascoli Piceno)
Dec 10–12: Polignano a Mare, Puglia (+ also Monopoli)
Dec 12–13: Locorotondo, Puglia (w/ Cisternino as day trip)
Dec 13–14: Otranto, Puglia
Dec 14–16: Gallipoli, Puglia (+ Leuca as sidetrip)
Dec 16–20: Lecce, Puglia
Dec 20–22: Ostuni + thereabouts
Dec 22–23: Reggio Calabria
Dec 23–26: Siracusa, Sicily (4 our 25th anniversary!)
Dec 26–28: Noto, Sicily
Dec 28–30: Pachino, Sicily (+ Scicli)
Dec 30–Jan 1: Ragusa, Sicily (+ Marzamemi)
Jan 1-2: Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily (visit Chiarmonte Gulfi town + Dirillo Lake)
Jan 2–3: Piazza Armerina, Italy (see Villa Romana del Casale)
Jan 3–6: Cefalù, Sicily
Jan 6–8: Catania, Sicily
Jan 8–10: Taormina, Sicily
Jan 10–12: Tropea, Calabria
Jan 12–14: Maratea, Basilicata
Jan 14–16: Naples
Jan 17: fly home from Rome

... but in5tead, here we R in D.C. taking care of h0meowner i55ues dat piled up in R absence (such as a hot water heater that wint south... coming home 2 a cold shower ≠ fun) + continuing 2 unpack Rself from 4–5 messes in Bologna... Xferring stuff (11.56 GB of files + 1000+ Emails) from R laptop 2 R mother5hip iMac by hand b/c we don't trust cloud5 ± time machines 2 do it 4 us > watching dat Anthony Bourdain documentar-E on the plane got us 5till thinking a-bout celebri-Ts + how they don't live true lives b/c they Bcome preoccupied w/ how the world perceives them 2 the Xtent dat everything they Xperience they Xperience thru the I's of their fans > we'R so glad we ain't fame-us 4 thi5 reasun + b/c als0 it alters what U might naturally B inklined 2 do w/ your life... tho perhaps we'R overly obsessed w/ documenting R anonI'mus lives hear on 5cense rather than just living it 4 Rselve5 so going FWD perhap5 there'll be less real-world journeling hear + wheel foke-us more on R next project, ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2

back on Swann st (just in time 4 leaf collection)

12/7> wd of started our trip 2day + stayed in Ascoli Piceno, but alas hear we R > in reali-T of D.C. was gunna get a J+J booster 2day in Capitol Hill but P (who insidentally we just publiched in Sleepingfish, a-long w/a piece by Michael Martone) told us dat Safeway there got yuppified in2 a «food Xperience» + dat craz-E autistic savant bagger no longer work5 there, the 1 dat wd continusously spew a mesmerizing fountain of words dat rivaled Finnegans Wake > so figured it wasn't worth the 10 mile RT walk + instead wheel do it up in Madams Organ

12/8> boosted! up @ the Safeway on Columbia > we opted 4 Safeway b/c CVS ⊕ Walgreen's won't let u get J+J after Pfizer x2 ... ended up this Safeway wouldn't either (ran out) s0 we settled 4 Moderna, wich alth0 it'5 als0 mRNA it'5 a diffrent concoction... makes 5ense 2 mix thing5 up, n0? in N alternet Universe we'd be in Vieste, on the tip of dat spur on Italy's heel, where we traveled b4 in 2010

12/9> Watched First Cow, wich we really dug + started on All Creatures Great and Small... wd rather watch shows/movies about farm animals than humuns > nice 2 B re-united w/ R knives + cooking stuff B-sides pasta > gained ~5–10 lbs in Baloney from dat heavy food + not exorcising N-uff so need 2 shed it > no side FX from booster Xcept the gland in R armpit (opposit side from shoulder we got shot in) was swollen + tender rite after > we walked a-round ~6 miles after, cullecting books, als0 nice 2 cure-8 R liebury boox after 5 month absence

12/10> released «Columbia» + got a 5 lb batch of Hatch green chil-Es + made bluberr-E I scream w/ the dry ice they shipped it in (so much 4 R diet) > speaking of food, reading Hunger by Knut Hamsun... super evisceral/eviscerating > R bedder-½ got boosted wich = the important thing as they got J+J the 1st time around, no side FX neither

12/11> so warm out we had a BBQ... strange weather 4 mid-December

12/12> walked ~10 miles down 2 Capitol Hill + collected books > a year ag0 2day we published 4ier X-forms

963 <(current)> 965 > when heads roll browse non-linear interaction types + fly 2 Spain on book day 2 get R 1st publication
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