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Tributary #3: «Columbia»—what was never lost can ever be found


12/10/2021 |D.C.> stream #3 off Tributaries = «Columbia», the river we (the instrumental ½ of Sound ƒuries) was born on ... tho the song'5 more a-bout the original inhabitant5 in dat neck of wood5 > we al5o currently live in the non-5tate of Columbia (or Col0mbia as we like 2 pronounce it) + R bedder-½ did their post-doc + tot ± worked @ Col0mbia Universi-T 4 most of the time we lived in NYC ... not dat the lyrics got N-E thing 2 do w/ N-E of this


born on the day he landed
on the river named for the man
now living in his namesake state

in the semi-colony of colon
a monument erected in stone
a fallacy of statutory rape

500 candles on a birthday cake
cuz his ship rammed aground by mistake

what was never lost can ever be found
a country founded on dead reckoning

dead reckoning (x4)

extrapolated from shipwreck
propagated by all hands on deck
down gang-plank walks the chain-gang

searching for Y at cross-roads
the devil lived to pay in backwoods
to live here u have to sell your soul

X marks the spot on her wedding dress
double-crossed w/ a red-handed X

St Christopher hung round his neck
same noose delivered for a measly red cent

deliverance will come when they dam the stream
turning burial grounds into electricity

they parlayed disease-laced blankets w/ severed ears
then sent them west on the trail of tears

trail of tears (x4)

> mu5ically we tuned R guitar 2 n 0pen Em—hear's n0tes of what we did if U fancy playing it yourself:

+ hear'5 the vide0 (u5ing footage we st0le, can't remember the tribe but from sumwhere in the Columbia river valley neck of woods):

> Tributary #4: «Dungeness»

962 <(current)> 964 > hungree 4 N itinerant batch of hatch in loo of road-tripping the boot
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