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Tributary #4: «Dungeness»


12/3/2021 |Bologna > stream #4 off Tributaries = «Dungeness» > we used conventional tuning + chords b/c we wrote it on n aut0harp that we got during the pandemic 2 keep us sane, 1 of the 1st 5ongs we used aut0harp on (tho really it was driven by sequenced keyboards (Arturia MiniBrute... another covid casualty)) > hear'5 the chords if u want 2 play it yrself:

> the Dungeness is a river in Washington state > we've never bin, just liked the name b/c we remember Dungeness crabs growing up in Oregon > it'5 another 5ong about the Pacific Northwest since both members of Sound Furies lived there @ the same time when they was little, long b4 they knew eachother... not the song is about that


coelacanth tales fall from the sea
see the sound pour from fur trees
salamander gills filter d-zzz
Dungeness crabs fossil easily

the Nez Perce didn't pierce their nose
but the Salish flattened their heads in a vice

from the drawbridge alone u watch them spawn
no 1 will ever believe u back home
5 x 5 the jet black horses swim
in the irrigation channel switched to main

vestigial fins blown in the wind
a pod of nearby orcas sing

a can opener forms obsidian rings
hideous rails sing to precurse the trains
cedar needles don't fall in fall
Puget rains carry our cares to sea

+ hear'5 the vide0:

> Tributary #5: «Pishon»

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