Margin of Air in the Anthropocene: CONTinUing 2 COUNT [<<]ing in ЯƎVERƧƎ order 2 RE[▶] TiMEƧ ƎĐiT


[●] 10/11/23> U|i = @ a X-roads far az what 2 work on next (witch FX how U|i rite hear on 5cense) > under the guise of 1-wing 2can we finished 2-byte βeta ei8ht ½ Loops a few months ago + wasn't sure what 2 do w/ iT--weather 2 pubLiↄh iT under Ↄalamari Arↄhive or 5end around 2 other pre55es ... think we may halve found a pubLisher but wood bee premature 2 announce | stay 2ned ...

> also finished miXing/mastering TiME'5 EĐiT + now just w8ing 4 iT 2 B pre55ed > working baↄkwords [<<]ing 2 the 2nd-2-last track (13 of 14) on the album = «Margin of Air» but we already po5ted the video (5wapped out audio w/ final mix) + Lyrics (in plane inglish 4 bedder-½ 2 sing) + Liner notes in March + we got sum ketching up 2 do (only ~10-11 weeks left) if we want 2 release the album on 12/24 | so onword [<<] baↄkword 2 the next\previous ... track #12 (3rd to last) = «Anthropocene»:

> Musicially not much 2 it:

+ FYi, we jot down + blog these liner notes 4 R one 5ake az once we [●] the # we 4get how 2 [▶] iT so if we ever want 2 reLearn iT (if we wanted 2 [▶] it live 4 eggsample) we can check hear 2 jog R memory + of course U can try iT your5elf iF U = mu5ically ink1ined... az always we don't ©opyrite nothing so feel free 2 cover iT

> we think of these videos az r&om visualizations (in loo of just po5ting the 2ns w/ a 5tatic/blank image) so we can po5t 'em on youtube witch seams the most readily accessible medium (we can't post more trax on SoundCloud w/o halving 2 pay)

> Sunday we went 2 Red Hook, tho not sure it qualifies az official Remapping Maphattan 5ince we got distracted looking @ a loft w/ a fuck-off view 4 sale (pipe dream... out of our pri¢e range) > 8 Thai @ Ugly Baby in Carroll Gardens, deliciously 5picy az hell (thO not many vegetarian or C-food options)

> on the train + ferry 2/from Read Hook red Gentle Art by Iphgenia Baal ... good 5ubway--or rather 2b/tube--read (the stories mostly take place in Lundone) > Movies/shows watched this past week:

  • New Rose Hotel--perhaps the worst movie we ever finished watching
  • Fast Times At Ridgemont High--4 maybe the 5th time
  • Reservation Dogs season 3--there were a few ups + downs in the middle but ended on a good note, sad there'll be no more
1112 <(current)> 1114 > ceremonial X-roads thru a Đ-construction zone in TiME5 5QUARE 2 ƒine tune 5ource ¢ode w/ an event [●]er
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