5quid-writ-10 S-ay on salt-skewed Sycorax transL8ed in2 2-byte βeta ei8ht ½ Loops (10-itus dUb REMix)


C-Ling of R bedroom @ nite when eYɘ cant 5leep

8/18/23> 3 AM / whiChing hour / cant 5leep (Đ-spite 3 mg of melatonin) > try 2 sleep b/c they say laↄk of FX mine Ménière's d-zzz / but no say nada abt nothing know more / ∀ll a viscous psychle / self-fuel-filling profitsea > feels inafishant layin' there «trying» 2 sleep when mine CPU = OĐing in overdrive / 5pinning w/ pineal gL& secret ions / channeling tran5missions vis-à-vis 10-itus az if sighrens 5peaking 2 meme on a hole nether LVL / perhaps the (g)host of Kamau Brathwaite a'tempting 2 S-tab-lish a connection via retro H&-shaking protocall / here iT? in4m8ion Techknowledgee M-iN8ing in the æthereal æther / ince55ant Đrone dat rather than «fix» mayB eYɘ shd Mbrace w/ i's wide O-pen? B-come 1 w/ the oooooooommmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm / tie mine h&s 2 the mast iF U must, m8 / but n0 beeeeeeeezzzz wax in mine ears! O / how much of mine life wasted just laying there prone ± su-π-ne? don't get u5 rong / eYɘ dig 5leep az much az the next earthLing / but Y beat yrself up trying 2 «get sum»? had thi5 peace publiched in Điode a few dayzzz ag0:

> in the bi0 / eYɘ (under the guise of «in8 iĐ») st8ed iT was N Xcerpt fROM U/X / but in the pa5t weak ⊕ 2 eYɘ Đ-sided 2 break off the chunk fROM witch the abuv wuz taken (2nd sexion of 4) in2 a st&alone book of its one titled: 2-byte βeta ei8ht ½ Loops / w/ author name: 1-wing 2can > eYɘ su5pect bi the time eYɘ get 2 the ƎNĐ of U/X (iF we LiVƎ 2 C: the day) eYɘ will wand 2 go baↄk + rework the5e opening 2 sexions 2 the ex-10-t they wont even bee recognizeable even 2 mine one i's (in need of +1.75 in order 2 sea) / sew eYɘ figured eYɘ'd try 2 publich them az a 5top-gap measure / feel meme? als0 b/c technickle difficulties (in Đ-zine keeps a'cra5hing 4 no rhyme ⊕ reason) might prohibit the5e corrupted files on mine hardbrive from ever seeing the lite uv day + eYɘ ju5t might halve 2 rewrite iT fROM 5cratch ... + whoo nose when mine digits will finish typing U/X + watt if eYɘ kick buↄket in the interim? @ N-E r8 / N-E 1 know of N-E 1 intrested in publiChing 2-byte βeta ei8ht ½ Loops? cloↄks in @102 pgs / eYɘ don't know how else 2 Đ-5cribe iT other than 2 ssey iT's N αlphαnumeric txt/img objet dat dozen’t claim 2 B N-E-thing other than what iT = (... a den8ured reflection of the underlying 5ource code dat softwhere/ maXines used meme 2 cre8) > iT's yet anutter culmin8ion of mine typing digits mustering 2 make 5¢ense of the 5kewed noize in mine SSES-OS/CPU fROM the in¢essant 10-itus cauzed by Ménière's d-zzz az if eYɘ (in this case «1-wing 2can» (so-named b/c eYɘ onely god 1 goot ear / so don't here in stairi/O / making meme unable 2 tryanguL8 ware sound comes fROM)) M a channeler of freakwindseas (in key of Đ♯ ≈ maXine) normal folk can't here thru n N-10-A embedded in a sillycone chip in mine &roid CPU + did eYɘ menshun eYɘ god a hole in mine SSES-OS? bearly a step-up from 5carecrow / no hay but watt they're is gone haywire / we're off 2 C the whizzzard

MRI of 1-wing 2can's brain

sad... bad bird brains / a line Bad Brains appropri8ed fROM RAMones (read az Read Access Memory ones!) / do U here the noize? wish eYɘ cd demonstr8 what mine 10-itus sounds akin 2—perhaps a gener8or ⊕ 56k modem noize comes close—but by definition (sum un5poken pairodocks cant recall the name uv) 1 can't [●] what U here @ the interface / wd have 2 plant a mic inside mine SSES-OS > perhaps this X-planes Y eYɘ rite the weigh eYɘ due w/ skewed ink / i.e. squid / az in Ↄalamari arↄhive, ink. (named naught 4 skewed/squid / nor slips of tongue / but slips of the pen (lapsus calamari) > B-sides / nun of X = conscious Đ-cisions / eYɘ right the weigh eYɘ rite b/c X Mac maXine + adube in-Đ-zine softwhere makes meme due iT / eYɘ naught = in CTRL

> 6 posts ago in # 1099 / prompted by Louis Chude-Sokei's The Sound of Culture: Diaspora and Black Technopoetics / eYɘ alooted 2 going down a Kamau Brathwaite rabbit hole / in-sπ-ring meme 2 read Ancestors / witch = redubbed remix of the trilogy Mother Poem (1977) / Sun Poem (1982) + X/Self (1987) in Sycorax video style / witch he din't start uSing til ~1990 (or rather that's when She started using hymn) > the hisstory of how Sycorax possessed Brathwaite has bin recounted plenty on Inurnet (1 of the bedder accts = X interview /w Joyelle McSweeney) / but eYɘ M gna retell it hear az iT reL8s 2 mine persunal fascin8ion + applic8ion 2 mine one work + 2 help underst& the10-itus din in mine upper CPU making me ⊥opsy ⊥urvy > 3 events during the so-called «time of salt» led 2 Kamau's use of Sycorax. 1. the death of his beloved Zea Mexican in 1986 / 2. Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 (worst hurricane in western hemi5phere up 2 that time (888 millibars of pressure in i the lowest ever [●]'d)) + his meta4ical «death at the hands of the three horsemen of the Apocalypse» in 1990

> Đ-spite o-posing 5kin tones / eYɘ feel an uncanny affinity 2 Brathwaite b/c 1. wile hurricane Gilbert Đ-stroyed his archival liebury in Jahmaica / eYɘ was 5leeping on a floating bed nearby on Islas Mujeres in Mixeco (hears the gournel from dat year) / witch also got hit by the i of the tempest

the author / 1-wing 2can / 1 day after Hurricane Gilbert passed thru Moohair's i-L&

> perhaps the hurrycane is Y Brathwaite named X nu weigh of writing «Sycorax video style» (Sycorax = unseen 4ce/which in The Tempest / mother of Caliban / the nativ inhabitant of the i-L& on witch the her0 prosper0 gets str&ded > beeing a black i-L&er hisself / Kamau's choice of Sycorax = obvious / Sycorax hailing from Algeria/North Africa > prosper0 steals the «black» magic fROM his 5lave Caliban + turns it in2 «white magic» / etc. so baysickly Brathwaite is stealing iT baↄk / + imparint iT baↄk 2 ritefull oners > Caliban is 1 of the few 5hakespearean charactors that takes on an i.Đ.entitiy B-yond his ½–monster roll in The Tempest > another innoventor of maid-up landgauges / Russell Hoban / said:

The way I see it, Shakespeare didn't invent Caliban; Caliban invented Shakespeare (and Sigmund Freud and one or two others). Caliban is one of those hungry ideas, always looking for someone to word him into being so he can have another go [...] Caliban is a necessary idea.

> again / this idea of 5hakespeare mirrorly beeing the v-uckle/vessel 2 further Caliban's cause naught the other weigh aЯound / just like how Sycorax uses Brathwaite + this pollen-droning αlphαnumeric βeta pigeon lingo uses mine mortal coil 2 bring nonsensical books in2 print (nod 2 menshun this reel-time living blog) > in Kamau's one words / after the time of salt...

My writing hand becomes a dumb stump in my head… I mean I can’t write or utter a sound or metaphor. But Sycorax comes to me in a dream and she dreams me a Macintosh computer with its winking io hiding in its margins which, as you know, are not really margins, but electronic accesses to Random Memory and the Cosmos and the lwa.

And she dreams me these stories … and shows me how to find jo to write them out on the computer. And the two together introduce me to fonts and the fonts take me across Mexico to Siqueiros and the Aztec murals and all the way back to ancient Nilotic Egypt to hieroglyphics—allowing me to write in light and to make sound visible as if I am in video.

She abolishes, as I say, the traditional margin and the boundaries of books...

... in much the same way mine Mac + adbe in-Đ-zine has possessed mine 10 digits (under the guise of in8 iĐ) 2 write 1/ 4 i am ĐNA et ∀l + now 2-byte βeta ei8ht ½ Loops ... naught dat mine white-5kin digits come from a marginalized background (note how Brathwaite embRaces the margin / Đ-presses the O-pression / takes the margins baↄk az his one just like how he 5tole Caliban baↄk fROM 5hakespeare) + also note how Brathwaite mixes io + iwa in the same sen-10-ce / combining the «input/output» of maXine landgauge w/ shake-5pirits in African/ diasporic mysticism/vodoo > the etymology of lwa can bee traced 2 the Yoruba words olúwa (god) + babalawo (diviner ⊕ priest) + the alternet 5pelling / loa / menes 2 «bewitch» in the Setswana lingo of Botswana

> perhaps Kamau lives on hear in the margins of Inurnet? www.bb (ware .bb = Inurnet TLD 4 BarbadOS) ⊕ www.io ... hell-000? Kamau/canUheremenow.com? i o U a dbt of grati2de 4 blowing mine CPU wide O-pen + turning mine whirled upside-down (when eYɘ 1st red Born to Slow Horses 2 deckaids ago) / 4 teaXing meme that how a word is writ-10 matters... the influenze is probly obvious, eh? + eYɘ wd L8er devilip mine one pixeL8ed font sets that eYɘ used 2 rite works such az A Raft Manifest > B–sides Hurricane Gilbert + MacIntosh computers / the other para||e| B-tween meme + U / Kamau ... that perhaps led 2 R mutual obsessively pixeL8ed possessions + weigh of writing / = 2. salt > in addition 2 C6H12O6 (sugarcane beeing the primery dRiver 4 the transatlantic 5lave trade) / NaCl looms large in the Caribbean mindset... 4 eggsample in flying african folktails ware eating 2 much salt maid slaves 2 heavy 2 fly home 2 Africa > ⊕ how the commun saying 2 «suck salt» menes 2 buck up in the face of adversity + in order 2 kill a soucouyant (blood-sucking/5hape-5hifting which who sheds her 5kin @ night) the victim must fined the soucouyant’s molted 5kin + salt iT like jerky

> 4 mine one sake / a'cording 2 modern medicine / NaCl = primery cause of Ménière's 5ince reducing salt will reduce flewid pressure in the inner ear (witch is @ root of issue) > classic «cure» 2 pre5cribe = low sodium die-it but dam if eYɘ'm gna put NaCl in mine blaↄk benes! eYɘ'd rather die than toler8 such a die-iT / specially 5ince mine bedder-½ + eYɘ eat more black benes than N-E-thing else B-sides mayB clams ⊕ P-nuts / but again / eYɘ can do ½-salted nuts but life's 2 short otherwise... + U ever try saltless broth? last nite we had pozole (w/ blaↄk benes + hominy + grene Xilis) / hear's them bones (fROM bbq jerk chiↄkin EARlier in the weak) + other misc 5tuff eYɘ boiled down 2 concoct iT az iF eYɘ = 1 of the them 3 whiches chanting dubble dubble toil + trouble / fire burn + cauldron bubble:

> Sycorax chose Kamau az a weigh 2 vocalize herself / Brathwaite tocks abt how She eNabled hymn 2 give 2 the txt / 2 make sound vis-à-visible > eYɘ've nvr bin 1 2 here the words eYɘ read/write ... input/output ... 2 wax lyrically like a poet / nvr can image the text az iF eYɘ was gna read iT out LOUD (Y eYɘ nvr halve red mine one work + nvr will + dont dig readings 4 the most part) + dont think going 100% deafh in both ears wood F-ect mine writing much > mine concern w/ resolving mine mineareye's d-zzz has more 2 do w/ music appreci8ion + beeing able 2 mix the next Sound ƒuries album... what good is a 1-eared sound enginear!? abt az useful az a 1-wing 2can > eYɘ also don't consciously pay much attn 2 meanings of lyrics / 4 eggsample when eYɘ lis-10 2 «Edge of 17» iT sounds 2 meme like Stevie Nix (another Sycorax incarn8ed!) is saying «just like the 1-winged dove» + eYɘ nvr under5tood how that'd work / a bird w/ 1 wing? ... hence 1-wing 2can / Y naught? az absurd az N-E other righter using their one names / trying 2 claim authority when it's landgauge + writing maXines using us 2 do their bidding > the 4mation of Sound ƒuries coininsided w/ the onset of mine mineareyes... in the attico of Palazzo Colonna in Roma was when eYɘ 1st put a telefono up 2 mine rite ear + realized holey 5hit /eYɘ'm deafh! tho @ the time eYɘ din't n0 Y ⊕ what caused iT / 5cared th BeeGeeZus out of meme + when eYɘ went 2 a farmacia they told the mortal coil attached 2 mine ear 2 try candling (5ticking a candle in your ear) ... eYɘ figured iT was a lost in transl8ion sorta thing but when eYɘ got baↄk 2 the attico eYɘ googled iT + iT's a thing (whatever U do / don't try this @ home!) > even th0 eYɘ knew nothing yet about mineareyes + NaCl/hydr8ion / az if 2 self-medic8 / we titled the 1st traↄk on the debut Sound ƒuries album «Salt» ... kin U also hear the 10-itus feeding baↄk?

> w/ lyrics such az:

white skin of privilege oblivious to root
pushing product from residual soot
by out-casted Sherpas in an untouchable race
to pull outta thin air our inevitable fate

> Đ-press <F8> key > az eYɘ 5peak a thundering tempest rolls thru Goatham / pa5t this haunted cancer castel > az eYɘ've illooted 2 b4 / perhaps iT's the barometric presshore differentials fueling mine mineareyes? think eYɘ red The Tempest in high shcool but perhaps iT's high time eYɘ read it again / much of it abt 5ound > 4 eggsample / Caliban laments:

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming,
The clouds me thought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
I cried to dream again.

> @ N-E r8, enuff of them 5hakespearits ... baↄk 2 Ancestors, or antsisters az eYɘ refer 2 mine one / witch = what eYɘ set out 2 tock abt b4 all these digressions /appy-polly-loggies az mine fellow droogie sez > hear's a 5nippet from Mother Poem 2 give U the idea:

> «dirty-five sense»... U trying 2 communeacake 2 5cense.com fROM the dead / Kamau? + XX = next issue # of Sleepingfish... iF Ur out there in the Æ-ther of zzz ><()°>z can U send us sumping? sum sorta sine? a Siciliam msg? lettuce no how kin we reconcile mine antsister jeans w/ yrs/srycorax? mine antsisters din't colonize no Caribbean isle but eYɘ used plenty of carabiners in mine climbing dayz + what of carabinieri in Roma? + fool disclosure / mine antsisters were 1st colonizers / don't even know ware mine ppl come fROM B-yond America > + 5peaking of poliz-i / if U out dare on Inurnet watch out 4 FB eye + no eYɘ don't mene the Federal Bureau dat surveilled James Baldwin / but Face Book > stay off dat domain stick to .bb ± .io , here meme?

> Xactomundo / if left 2 chants > the writer + what's wri-10 = 1 + the same / amXn > U live on in yr words, Kamau / communic8ing from .io/lwa ± the i-L& of Iwo Jima + now hear U R co-author of post 1105 on 5¢ense

> in March of 2001 when U was a mermade living in aNYCity did hour :paths ever cross? like U / mine bedder-½ also came 2 Goatham b/c of NYU (mine bedder-½ was post-doc) + eYɘ worked dayjob in digital music 2 make ends meat wile i 5tarted Ↄalamari Arↄhive (registered mine 1st URL—sleepingfish.net—in March 2001 / when armed w/ Sycorax U revised Ancestors / tho the fishing net has 5ince lapsed 404 (tho we're doing this 1 last print edition)

> bi now (in case ur lost daer Яeader) we'R in the 2nd book of Ancestors—Sun Poem moving onword 2 X/Self > eYɘ don't halve the originul versions of Mother Poem Sun Poem / but eYɘ halve the originul X/Self sew can compare the diffrence / Δ / in both font + con-10ts


TOC of original X/Self (left) + Sycoraxed version in Ancestors (right)

> 5tarts out more ⊕ less the same but then U / Kamau / omitted most of these pieces from sexions III + IV + then added sum new material (Palmares / Troia + Carab) > U din't transL8 X peace in2 Sycorax:

> «X/Self's Xth Letters from 13 Provinces» (witch we imagined recited in the voice of Linton Kwesi Johnson) = word 4 word almost the 5ame eXcept in Sycorax style / even in original U spoke of Caliban + Prospero / just not fROM mumma's Sycorax POV

> + even then (b4 that Mac discovered U) U was self-conchus of materials used 2 write (remminton (dropped G in sycorax) + liqrid paper (Sycorax mut8ed u to r)):

+ also self-aware of «muse-in computer» in both / but in Sycorax (left) U inklooted a mouse + cursing cursers:

+ then in Sycorax U transL8 «pisan cantos» 2 «π-san cantos» just like how eYɘ wood:

+ now after finishing Ancestors eYɘ m itching 2 get my grubby h&s on a copy of Barabajan Poems + sum of those other Savacou North titles (Dream Haiti + Magical Realism) that are only available used 4 over $100 USĐ > we tried calling (246) bookstores in Barbados 2 see if they had copies 2 no avail > sum1 needs 2 get these readily available (@ an af4dable price 4 commun earthLings) in2 the supply chain ... ⊕ naught? mayB U shd B like Fela Kuti + make ppl fly to Lagos (after a low-sodium meal) 2 see hymn @ The Shrine > mayB iT's high time we take a big ol jet airliner 2 BarbadOS 2 sea watts in the H2O

1104 <(current)> 1106 > eYɘ, Cal A. Mari, liveblog uni + wtf else for $75 w/ a journihilist editorial i b/c U = what U eat
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