binary indeterminacy of hypothetical hybrid monsters az an alien portrait of a Jung man


5/1/23 > May Day. ℝ mother's B-day, if she = alive 2day. Yesterday = ℝ brother's B-day... if he still = alive. Both = CATs w/wave function collapsed... tho we never saw the dead bodies of E-ther (bi D-zine) sew in ℝ mined they live still in an unnone st8. I’m alive, I’m dead. I’m the stranger, kissing an Arab...

½ of ℝ current indeterminacy (regarding fewchair position) has bin resolved (± re-solved), we got an apartment in NYC! Tho we haven't sined N-E-thing yet. Butt we 99% know where we ℝ going (Central Park West, granted it's onely on 3rd floor, courtyard facing... boo fucking hoo, rite?), but don't no when, could be az early az June 1 if we can sell this house, witch went live on the market a few days ago + the 1st open house = yesterday + just ℝ luck it rained ∀ll day + since we had 2 get scarce 4 those few hrs we went 2 the Natl Portrait Gallery 2 walk around then drank Bloody Marías + 8 shrimp TACos 2 kill time, t.

... i.e. the more 1 nose where they ℝ, the less 1 nose about their velocity (change in position over time), where they = going. In the a4mentioned 4thcoming Red Earth, Michael Salu specuL8s that «Maybe home really does only exist in motion» + @ times weave also eq8d the ideal idea of «home» az B-ing in motion, now we ≠ 100% certain, travel being the inhumane indignity it has fast B-come, unless it's just us getting old, time taking its toll on ℝ payshints. Now we ℝ quiet con-10-t 2 sit in 1 place, specially if it = on CPW, right off Central Park, witch az far baↄk az 20+ yrs ago we eq8ed 2 the center of the none universe.

+ >> Bin doing NYT crossword puzzles + reading 2 kill time 2... 2 distracted 2 due much else (B-sides clean house daily b/c who nose if they'll be a showing), tho we ℝ also 2 distracted 2 read, herein lies the conundrum, mostly ℝ i's glaze over the words wile ℝ mined thinks of sumthing else. Speaking of Portrait gallery, red Monster Portraits, texts by Sofia Samatar + images by her brother Del, witch az the title implies = chalk full of writ-10 + illustr8ed D-pictions of marvelous hybrid alien creatures such az this 1 (perhaps worthy of GoAT Rodeo):

>> Also reading The Hypothetical Man by Paul Maliszewski + Ryan Weil. Part of the reason we ℝ writing in this binary 4mat az if a die-a-log B-tween (+ ħ/2) & (– ħ/2) = inspired by The Hypothetical Man, witch = writ-10 az die-a-log between A + B, tho we don't witch = Maliszewski + witch = Weil.

+ >> We ≠ certain "Weil" even Ǝxists, naught even the ℝeel name behind Weil (tho eating w/ them once @ an Indian place on 2nd ave we discovered a cockroach leg in ℝ bharta, we member that much.. or mayB we onely imagined it was 2nd ave b/c of the Ramones song «hanging out on 2nd Avenue / eating chicken vindaloo»?). If U snoop around Inurnet U can find out who Weil ℝeally = (+ no, it ain't Paul McCartney (when The Beatles = The Silver Beetles, Paul's pseudonym = Ramone)), but even if we no the ℝeel name of sum 1 do we no 4 curtain who they = ?

>> If U rearrange the letters in Ryan Weil U get «Wry Alien». Dare we edmit Ↄalamari Arↄhive publiched a book by Weil (when they = diffrent person) deckaids ago wherein they homophonically transL8ed a work bi sum 1 else. Ↄalamari Arↄhive rearranged = «Camelhair Caviar». @ the time we published this rec lit, we called the Arↄhive «Calamari Press», the registered DBA name. Anagrams 4 «Calamari Press» inkloot: { Camera Spirals, Mascara Pliers, Carries Plasma, Massacre April, Salami Scraper }

+ >> Heisenberg actually st8ed: ΔpΔq ≈ h, Herman Weyl = the 1 who replaced ≈ w/ ≥ + h w/ ħ, the reduced Planck constant, h/2π. Could Herman Weyl B the alter-ego of Ryan Weil? The Hermann Weyl who weave blogged about regarding his thoughts on discrete space + Weyl tiles are reoccurring element throughout ℝ 4thcoming 1/ 4 i am ĐNA.

>> the ± we use herein is more in reference 2 spin up vs. spin down, the binary property of elementary particles. We cd of just as easily used dead/alive, B/W, i/0, +/–, ♂/♀, 0/1, R/L, or any other binary oper8ion. Spin is usually used az an eggsample when tocking about spooky action @ a distance... see also the quantum entangled piece by Jesi Bender we posted recently on Sleepingfish + also note that under the pseudonym Jesi Buell, she revealed the ℝeel i.D. of Ryan Weil, tho dozen't underst&d Y the fake name.

+ >> Is naught every 1 pre-10-ding 2 B sum 1 other than who they ℝ? ℝ we knot ∀ll hybrid 4ms?

>> We live in the same town az Maliszewski + halve eat-10 TAC-os w/ them but we can't be sure they = who they say they =, after ∀ll, they've writ-10 books like Fakers: Hoaxers, Con Artists, Counterfeiters, and Other Great Pretenders + halve bin none 2 imperson8 others + bend i.Dentity.

+ >> by using ± we normalize B-tween the Right + Left lobes of ℝ brain/CPU, we medi8 (thru medit8ion) the schizophrenic chatter of ℝ monkey mined (az Eastern philosophies call it) or default network mode (DMN, az Western sighence calls it). «DaMN, i see DeMoNs» az Snoop Dogg said.

>> movie input 4 the week:

  • Across the Universe (★★★)
  • Neptune Frost (★★★★)—the singing was awful (but music good), otherwise this wd of bin 5-stars
  • Contact (★★★★)—rewatched 4 2nd or 3rd time
  • Lawrence of Arabia (★★★)—rewatching it now makes 1realize it dozen't st& the test of time, Lawrence = white savior that appropriates Arab culture

+ >> Now it = official, we sined the lease, collapsed the wave function! although we cd move in az early az May 15, we can't move until we sell this place, b/c it's 2 hard 2 sell a house MpT, so need 2 leave the furniture, unless we want 2 pay 2 stage it. We might take a few things + move in2 the shell of a home, wheel see...

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