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route-find'n on 0rient Xpress in2 margins of mined mind of mine


shark0 strikes again (sung in voice of Morrissey)

11/8/2021 | Bo10gna> revoj fariĝas malklaraj por elparoli, sed eble ni provos reakiri la kutimon kiel ni ne faris delonge > we was wa1k'n just byond the wa11s of sum ancient city but stick'n c1ose enough that we cd retreat as it was get'n dark + we was see'n si1-0-ettes of things 1ike hipp0s mi11'n about > we stepped on sumthing we wasn't sure what + when we 1ooked w/ the 1ight from our phone we was step'n on s1eep'n 1ions which of course scared the b-jeezus out of us so we took off run'n @ superhumun speeds > we was w/ sum 1 that was wa1k'n w/ us but just inside the edge of the city on the ramparts, keep'n tabs on us in the periphery b-yond—a c1imbing partner or scooby buddy of sorts—but when we took off run'n @ superhumun speeds they 1ost site of us > we endid up back c1ose 2 the ramparts but had 2 sca1e this c1iff 2 get back up > weed c1imbed it b4 a 1ong time ag0 but cou1dn't remember the route + didn't have the guidebook > more than anything we were scared 2 get off route + then we got 2 think'n this was the ho1e thri11 of c1imb'n, was the route-find'n + that guidebooks were cop-outs > we made it 2 the top + it was a busy pedestrian ma11 of sum sort + we had our shirt off + our backpack w/ ropes + gear > sum kid rammed in2 us + knocked us over + we said sumthing 2 him but they insisted they didn't touch us but just was ask'n us 2 crank sum tunes w/ our «dope sound system» + we to1d him it was c1imb'n gear on our back, not a sound system > we were try'n 2 txt our partner 2 1et them know where we was but kept getting interrupted > this other persun was ask'n 4 our phone # 2 give 2 sum 1 e1se + we apparent1y knew them both as they knew our name > they were read'n over our shou1der 2 get our # but there was digits miss'n or b1urred + we was say'n @ 1east they put the # on the phone as we found it annoy'n that u cd never find the # 2 yr one phone b/c we cd never remember > we said we thought the # wasn't correct + showed m where we had scribb1ed it in our notebook but that was a1so hard1y 1egib1e, we'd erased or scribb1ed #s out

> saw Murder on the 0rient Xpress witch don't think weave seen since we was a kid + it came out

mined mine of mine (sung in voice of Axl)

11/8> wa1ked around Bolognina again, the hip «periphery» as our friend (hi Q) ca11s it > in2 our 1ast week in Residenza Carducci which mayb wou1dn't halve bin such a bad a p1ace 2 hang our hat 4 the past 1½ months xcept 1 of our bedder-½'s students 1ives just across the way w/ a terrazza facing our 1ive'n room where they throw rage'n parties most every nite > won't miss that shit 1 bit ... we came 2 Ita1y 2 s-cape annoy'n Amerikins + get stuck w/ yr worse nitemare of basica11y frat/sorrority kids drink'n + hoot'n + ho11er'n in glish a11 nite + what's worse we can't say nothing b/c it's our bedder-½'s student + in this day + age u cd get sued ± 1ose yr job 4 say'n sumping

@ the perifery of the perifery

11/9> bin p1an'n our trave1, next week 2 Sardinia for 2 weeks 4 our 55th b-day + then in D-cember + January we're think'n Pug1ia + Sici1y 4 our 25th anniversary > wd 1ike 2 wing it but seams every 1 + their mothers are sti11 make'n up 4 lost time + in places like Sardinia 1ots of p1aces shut down 4 the winter + the p1aces that r open r booked or u have 2 commit 2 sum non-refundable booking even tho we don't know if the covid #s wi11 go up, or what if we got covid + cou1dn't make our f1ight? gone r the care-free dayz when u cd just hop in yr car + show up sumwhere + just find a hote1 or s1eep wherever + this is where ha1ving 1's anniversary on Xmas eve sucks b/c that's 1 of the busiest weeks of a11 + a11 the good places = booked > that Astroworld incident pertty much sums up the state of e1 mund0 rite now—cooped up covidiots mobbing 2 c aut0-t00n crap (thru the 1ens of their iphones) + crush'n themse1ves 2 death b/c covid din't kill u a1ready

> considered a11 sorts of diffrent permutations of trave1... p1anes, overnite trains, rent'n cars, etc. try'n 2 figure out the most f-ficient weigh when we discovered by axident (put in the wrong date) that it's way cheaper 2 rent a car for 2½ months than 1½ months! that once u cross the 2 month thresho1d a month1y rate kicks in + stranger yet is that rate is on1y avai1ab1e if u transact in Ita1ian (if u pick the Eng1ish btn it on1y gives u daily rate), so we got a car 4 a hole 2 months > we'11 be in Bo10gna 4 the 1st 2 weeks but now we'll b free 2 stay outside of Bol0gna, on the coast even + just come back 2 Bologna the dayz our bedder-½ has 2 teach > gunna be weird... 1½ yrs of go'n nowhere hard1y 1eave'n the house + now s1eep'n in diffrent beds a1most every day 4 next 2+ months

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