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V Xzbit #5 from the P.0.V. of Dog 4 nature1 hi5tory


11/2/2021 | Bol0gna> had houseguests this past weekend down from London > 8 a lot (@ Al Sangi0vese, Dontello0 + Quant0 Basta), wa1ked around + saw the rest of the V Bienna1e Food Xzbits

aeria1 vu of 1ivestock yards

Nat1 History museum (witch housed 1 of the Xzbit5)


roof of 5um pa1ace 4get witch

11/5> 1aid out Summertime in the Emergency Room by David Nutt + p0sted this portfo1i0 of Bo10gna 5treet art on 51eepingfish


+ now we're start'N 2 get back 2 R 0ne ISBN xxx-x-xxxxxx-50-5 [changed again 2 978-1-940853-22-2] project (what we 4mer1y ca11ed ISBN 978-1-940853-64-2) > part of the reasun we changed the #/name 2 ISBN xxx-x-xxxxxx-50-5 (hence-4th I5BN 50-5 or just I5BN go'N fwd) = N appreciation 4 the #5 > in write'N The Becoming (ISBN: 978-0-9831633-7-4) + A Raft Manifest (ISBN: 978-1-940853-09-3), the 2 prequi11s 2 I5BN, + more resent1y w/ 4ier X-forms (ISBN 978-1-940853-12-3), we ob5e55ed 0ver the #4 ... we11, now we'Ve gradu-8ed 2 the #5 > sp0se we'Ve a1way5 dug the #5 (judge'N by the URL witch we registered ~20 yrs ag0) but we renewed this ob5e55ion b/c a few week5 ag0 R bedder-½ ce1ebr-8ed 5 decade5 of rev01ution5 around thi5 p1anet + in a few week5 we ce1ebr-8 R 0ne 55th B-day + then in D-cember we ce1ebr-8 R 25th (5x5) anniver5ary > we a1s0 got 5 senses + 5 t0es + finger5 on each man0 (Y we arbitrari1y ha1ve a base-10 #'N sy5tem, b/c we got 10 digit5 on b0th hand5 > mathematica11y there'5 a 1ot 2 admire about the #5 but we won't g0 in2 it hear 5uffice 2 say if we ain't blog'N much on 5cense it'5 b/c we're work'N on I5BN

11/6> input-wise bin read'N Dog Days by Patrice Nganang, intrest'N in dat it'5 writteN from the P.0.V. of a Dog, a Cameroonian Dog n0 1ess > pro1em is it'5 all under1ined (we god it from a 1iebury box) witch = rea11y distract'N + hard 2 read, e5pecial11y when seem5 they under1ined a11 the wrong thing5.... Y do pp1 need 2 high1ight + under1ine work5 of fiction?

> friend5 visit'N again thi5 weekeNd, from R0me, th0 thi5 time they ≠ stay'N w/ us, just meet'N them 4 dinners (1a5t night @ Parlor + 2night @ il Tinello)

948 <(current)> 950 > route-find'n on 0rient Xpress in2 margins of mined mind of mine
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