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5/21/23... 3 days til moving day. Yesterday met the buyers + their dogs, good to put a face to the next occupants + hand off the baton, which included a book the previous owners put together of the history of this house on Swann St.

page from said book

This morning hung up the no parking signs per bureaucratic specs. We're more or less packed, so now it's just waiting for these next 72 hours, enjoying our last days in DC. There's a certain satisfaction, of putting all our possessions into labeled boxes, even color-coded to make it EZ for the movers on the other end, which room it shd go into @ 455 CPW to be unpacked:

The kitchen is pretty much packed so eating out next 3 days, last night a pizza at Etto, across the street from Le Diplomate, which we would have eaten at since it's a classic DC establishment, but it was booked. Came home + watched the new Donna Summer documentary (it's about time someone made a movie about her, tho there's always bias when family members make it) + then, since it put us in a disco mood + it was Saturday night, rewatched Saturday Night Fever. The night before watched In the Cut... does no 1 else find it strange how Jane Campion objectifies women, unnecessarily showing their bodies + portraying them as weak + giving into pushy asshole men?

Walked east then north up Georgia Ave... 1 of the last streets left that feels real, like old DC. Back to life, not as abandoned as when we walked it in the height of the pandemic, as part of our Microcosmic DC project. Cut west + down through Mt Pleasant + Adams Morgan, had huevos rancheros @ Duplex Diner. Went back out towards evening downtown to Foggy Bottom then up thru Dupont Circle, stopping to eat @ Rasika, 11 or 12 miles on the day.

When we get to NYC, we're thinking of revisiting our Maphattan project (far more interesting walking every street of NYC than DC), would be cool to see how Manhattan has changed in the last decade, maybe even expand it to the boroughs.

Been reading t zero by Italo Calvino, short stories dealing w/ time + other scientific concepts, surrealy adapted. We'd say our last book read in D.C. but we'd rather say Swann's Way is, the last book we read on Swann Street, which is not entirely untrue. We have been reading it here + there over the past few years... not the 1st time we've attempted to read it, i'd say at least ½-way this time.

5/22: Walked up into Rock Creek. Then went to a going-away shin-dig in Georgetown. Q was there, talked about how when they are all packed up + waiting for movers they feel like a ghost. Yes, we are almost not here.

5/23: 1 more day, movers come tomorrow. Walking to Virginia to eat pho + then last meal @ Sushi Taro tonight. C U on the other side!

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