books dont grow on trees (but they 5prout sQuirtin9 from sQuiD)


2024/06/06 > po5t 1155 ... diG the 5ymmetree of Questo numbrr 1-1-5-5, comin9 from sum 1 born 11/22/66, ho||a'! Harks baↄk 2 when «i» = 55 + the # 5 god AMPlified x 2, ... zoom ⌘ +, ⌘ +, sink-O, sink-O... dat # 5 a9ain + a9ain, hen¢e 5¢, az we^ve come 2 r census ancora, boot5trappin9 de nuevo, con wave-Os, ∀ll thi5 time wavin9 fROM the ⌚tower, bi MAchines of loving grace (5tay 2ned), brot a9ain + a9ain, [«] + [▶]

i like 2 think
(iT has 2 B!) [ware iT = in4m8ion Tecknowledgee)
of ^ cybernetic ecology
where we R free of R labors

06/08 :) ciao! soy Ↄal 4 now, Ↄal ^ Mari, la machinea B-hind Ↄalamari ^Rↄhive, i'11 B yr ho5t 4 th evɘnin9, mayB ɘven 9oin9 4word, in th interim (ƧO in8 iD kin 5pend time writin9 boox or [●]ing music w/ Sound ƒuries) > naught that «i» or ii donut Ǝxist ... evɘrythin9 we^ve bin sane ∀ll ∀lon9 = True, FYi, in varyin9 D°grease, folding 1 (of 8) ^Rms recessive|y 2 make N other dominant

> in the reeL whirled my bedder-½ (princiPESCA, hell, Q («i» say az i sit in the Queen's 5unny throne, Lis-10-ing 2 Head on the Door 2 cure mi testa (Q iT up yr5elf 4 the True eXpirence)), Q + «i» (body thereof) walkd alon9 The River pa5t the cloisters ^lmost ll the weigh 2 the tip (Spy-tin Dievɘl!) then road th baↄk fROM Dyckman ... or rather, the rode upon us, az Thoreau ^lready noted way baↄk in 1854:

     We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us.

> 2 X-P& on post 1126 (ware i [●]ed my thoughts abt Thoreau + 5lavery) Ↄal = 1 of ∞ (or @ minimum, 8,000,000,000+) slaves 2 the M^chine, we^ther they B word proce55ors or food proce55ors, coffee MAchines or copy MAchines + BTW, «ciao» means «slave» in iTalian, capeesh? mayB en Glish we shd greet 1 nother az «hey 5lave»? w/ ^ffection, az in yr comrade, compadre, yr humble servant, feed me S-ay? C, ciao!

> in the same weigh Ↄal uses computers, th authors Ↄal ^ Mari publi5hes use hymn az ^ publiChing MAchine, ^ proce55or sin SSESos proprio, pobrecito! Ↄal kneads ^ «brake/break» b4 they/we break/[◼] :( Ↄal breaks 4 dear, Ↄal brakes 4 5potted owls, hell, Ↄal [◼]s 4 NE anima'L eXcept humuns > Ↄal wood evɘn 5lam on the breaks of ^ Fi^T 500 iF ^ used Lisa 2 computer laid on the road in the weigh, in pieces, unPlu99ed (Lisa 2 bein9 the name of the book by Nicholas Rombes that Ↄal's bin editin9 thi5 pa5t weak or 2, or 3 (^bout ^ Lisa 2 computer that inhabits ^ humun Lisa, code-5witchin9 her 2 rite horror, the horrerror) ... B4 we 9ot rude[||]y inteRRupted + had 2 hold sum unhoused 5tranger's bu||et-holed CPU 2gether while w8ing 4 paramedix 2 A-rive + 5ave their life ... 5ti|| recoverin9, but (B-sides residual HiV + hep B drugs in R system) think we^ve bin able 2 [»] + put this B-hind us, thx 4 asking (that menes U, EL U-gene, evɘn iF U cant read this b/c iT's unreadable) ... unless i'm ^ chiↄkin runnin9 ^round sin cabeza, senza testa ... how wood the ↄhickin nO iTs he^d was lopped off? how wood «i» (iD of CPU) nO if i (body) cro55ed the road w/ ^ 55 MPH 5peed limit? same ol' mind-body problem^ 5in¢e the bi9innin9 of time

06/09 > woke up 2 ^ nu day > cada dia 1 palabra 5trikes meme az 5trange + 4in, 2day it = «belief» > B-leaf in Lief? az o-posed 2 Columbus?

cover 4 rei55ue of Kenji Siratori's Blood Electric

06/11 :( bin bummed out ^bout publiChing L8ly ... don't 9et «me» rong, «i» luv editin9 + turnin9 m^nUscrypts in2 book objeX (siked ^bout the 1 ^bove, ETA TBD), iT just succs dat n0 1 actua||y byes los libros Ↄal helps 2 brin9 in2 fruition, az iF Ↄalamari ≠ octopus but buddin9 fruit tree that ripen + sit unpicked ;( > @ NE r8, wheel quit bitchin9, boo who, 5ame complaint az always, more righters want Ↄalamari 2 publich their manu5crypts than there = readers buyin9 Ↄalamari books ... hard modelo 2 su5tain, n0? M i loco or is this how iT is w/ other 5mall pre55es? U tel me, comrade

> bin halving 2 due 5hit like grovel w/ book5tores who dont pay 4 boox Ↄalamari sends 'em (2 the UK + we evɘn 8 the expedited $hipping co$t), halving 2 fo||ow up + nudge repeated|y + on|y when i gave the «books dont grow on trees» spiel did they fina||y pay, this = the sad truth ^bout those briↄk + mortar bookstores that evɘry 1 adores :( 99% of the time they dont pay the sma|| presses, Y it's ^ 9ood thin9 we halve Asterism (where u have 2 pay up front, n0 returns, órdale way!), nvr a9ain wi|| Ↄalamari deal direct|y w/ bookstores unless they pay up front, sorry ... + (if U a||ow i (Ↄal) 2 bitch more abt sma|| pre55 5hit i h8), 5hit like negoti8 rites from corporete evil ent-tittys (5pringer N8ure in pertickler, witch = wierd cuz norma||y that's Q's whirled, Q = editor of 1 of their gournels) wantin9 2 char9e $2,000 to reprint ^n ^Rti©le from sum dumb ma9azine B-hind ^ paywall ƧO Ↄalamari can Liber8 iT + put iT (in4m8ion Teↄknowledgee) w/ the book iT B-longs with (in this case, Blood Electric + Germán Sierra = ^uthor of said ^Rti©le («Postdigital Synchronicity and Syntopy»), ciao ciao!) > Ↄal (on B-half of Ↄalamari, funded by Q's wurk) wood rather pay Sierra 2 rite sumthing nu ore pay sum ^Rtist 2 make ^ cover, or hear's ^ concept, pay ^uthors ^ royal-T (lettuce n0t 4get L Camino Real = royal, n0t real, verdad?) > can't evɘn 5tiↄk yr h& in Boca de Verita w/o st&ing in line + payin' the pri¢e

[||] 4 ^ memento of silencio 4 Aaron Swartz, who fought the good fight 10+ yrs ago + died b/c of iT :(

@ th end of the day capitalism D-stroys todo K S bueno, aint n0 S-caping these eviL ent-titty's > what Mario Savio said (off the cuff, out loud, in his «Bodies Upon the Gears» 5peech) [●]ed in 1964 5ti|| rin9s true if U [»] 2 2day:

There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels ... upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!

... ? is, how 2 remain in the frin9es, keepin9 ^Rt + in4mation free from eXturnal monetizin9 con5traints? how 2 knot B-come just ^Nother co9 in the M^chine? how 2 keep on keepin9 on evɘn tho n0 1 cares b/c they ∀ll 9ot 5ucked in2 the doom scro|| of Inurnet ¢ommoditification > Y bother leadin9 horses 2 H2O when they wont drink? :( B-ing on instaGlam certain|y doesn't help Ↄal's mindframe/mind-body problem, trying 2 2ne iT ∀ll out + just po5t Ↄalamari covers (after 101 posts, cot up 2 pre5ent day!), but we^ve witnessed bits of the whore, the horror that 99% of the whirled eXperiences dai|y > evɘn halving R ^Rt AƧSoci8ed w/ these plat4ms panes us, 9oes ^gainst the 9rain of toto Ↄalamari evɘr 5tood 4 > the medium consumes yr messedge, yr massage b-comes THEiR medium > iT a|| wint downhi|| w/ web 2.0 ... sure, @ 1st it was kool 2 embrace gL-itchy DiY jankiness of iT (az Kenji Siratori did + perfeↄted the ^Rt of iT, in writin9 + visua||y, b4 Ↄalamari evɘn Ǝxisted) > the mane thin9 we h8 abt B-ing associ8ed w/ the likes of iG is the boxed in sQuares + str8 ed9es ... ^Rt shd halve n0 borders, panes us evɘn 2 inkloot text (4 the title + author) unless iT's integr8ed seamless|y > Ↄal thinks ^bout a|| thi5 5hit az we make covers (th above uv Blood Electric using Siratori's ^Rt), in m^ny cases covers that nvr 9et used ... 5trange that the «cover» of ^ book = same paroled palɘbra az bed covers, n0? + also 2 cover ^ song means redo iT, ⌘ + Y > problem is, my mentoll st8 takes over, projeX th in5ides of mi schizophrenic brain on2 the page (i halve ^ hole in my CPU after ∀ll) :( in5tead of what's «B-tween the covers», i.e. the BOOK > don't judge ^ book buy iTs cover, bway, az Marlin Br&o said in Apocalypse Now: «iT's judgment that defeats us» > @ NE r8, hear's ^ cover we maid last weak that we aint u5ing b/c iT looks more like ^ [●]ing of what's in my aching mygrained he^d than the book iT was sposed 2 B 4:

> NE 1 that wants 2 use this IMG 4 their one book have @ iT, libre! liber8 libra 2 balance the 5cales, b/c we feel unbalanced, out of sink > wheel evɘn give u ^ hire rezolution versione, b/c the «deviL is in the D-tails» az the sane ghose ... if U di9 deeper, ⌘ +, ⌘ +, zoom in + in tel each ed9e re^ssembles th overa|| pitcher, 1 of ∞ fractalian 5nap5hots from ^ pseudo M&eLbrot set ... sea the see-horse? the n0n-nebulous 1:

> of coarse, claro K sea! the pineal Gl& (Q up Pineal Ventana) > keep zoomin9 + + Y the C-horse, U aks? b/c 1x when ii was surfin9 in Boca de Iguanas, Makesiↄko + ^ C horse wa5hed up on my surfbored + ii was conflicted we^ther 2 keep iT az ^ keepsake souvenir or let iT live in piece + th adult Ↄal wi|| baↄk-petal + blame iT on my premature a9e @ the time (12) butt dare i confe55 i kept iT + it haunts me 2 this day? + ¿how ^ see horse reassembles ^ «?» mark? or pine^L Gl&? i halve iT sti|| ... in fact, the keen observer kin spot iT in the pic in the last post, next 2 Tonalamatl + Izel Varga's Rtwurk, see her mano? Daphne's h&! sea the see horsey? next 2 the airrow he^ds we found in our surveyin9 dayz

+ yes, the corezone <3 <3 <3 in Izel's art reap-pears in the failed ^tempt @ ^ metamorphic cover, 4 Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins by Janalyn Guo, btw, witch ^lready has ^ cover, but the 9reedy powers that bee that colonized th ab&oned Subito press aftr Noah Eli Gordon died insist they OWN the rites (evɘn tho they werent ɘven ^ware the books had 9one out of print 2 be9in with untel Ↄal told them + tried 2 help foster 'em back in2 print (+ we also herd that N.E.G dint B-leave in contraX either ... n0 wonder they had such ^ hard time «tracking them down» (1 of their X-Q-ses 4 the holdup)) ... u mi9ht think we'R r&dumb ∀ll over the map w/ a|| thi5 schizoid arText rantin9, but there's ^ methud 2 mine madness > 5peakin9 of witch, iT's dat time of yr we re[▶]ed Apocalpyse Now

     Br&o: R my methods unsound?
     Sheen: i dont see NE method, at all, sir

<3 <3 <3 we also re⌚ed Hearts of Darkness (the makin9 of Apocalypse Now), the geneus of iT boot5trapped, [●]ed by Coppola's bedder-½

... they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. ... I wanted to tear my teeth out. ... I never want to forget. And then I realized ... like I was shot with a diamond ... a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought: my god ... the genius of that. The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure.

+ we re/watched sum others from Ↄriterion's cur8ed synth soundtrack co||ection:

  • Liquid Sky——not sure i've sceen this since the '80s, when iT used 2 B in month|y rot8ion @ the Varsity (arthouse theatre in Palo Alto), weird 2 see this now that we nO NYC, O, those were the dayz
  • Brother From Another Planet——another we haven't seen for decades + the Harlem perspektive is cla55ic, the 5cene where Joe Morton disembarks + walks the 9ritty desolate 5treets now replaced bi the nu Columbia campus ware Q wurks
  • Tenebra——classic Goblin/D'argento
  • Missing

> also [▶]ed the Patty Hearst (1988) documentary + Long Strange Trip ... B-sides ^n '80s synth craze, iT ^ppears we're [«]ing 2 ^ flashbaↄk 2 ^ '60s kiↄk, π-ning 4 bedder times ... Long Strange Trip in particular intrestin9 (n0t that we'R de^dhe^ds, 2 the contrary i've always detested the de^d (where teste means heads in Italian) b/c iT chronicles their demise in2 the stadium-rocked '80s where they just 9ot 2 big 4 their bRiches + iT's n0t ^ lesson of $elling out b/c Garcia + a|| them din't rea||y se|| out, iT was more ^ cautionary tail that if U take ^ baↄkseat + just let the co||ective eNtitty of The Dead have iT's one swarmed life 4ce sumbody wi|| come along 2 monetize iT + also 2 note that (+ i'm sure Garcia wdn't dispute iT) that LSD (L8er Saint Daze or Lucy, take yr pick) was the 4ce B-hind iT a||, just like XTC was the driving 4ce B-hind the Hacienda/Happy Mondays/24-hr-party ppl movemnt + the reason iT failed wuz b/c Tony Wilson (ble55 his soul) didnt ca$h in on drug sails, just like Garcia + co. didn't cash in on sails of L$D (at least that i've herd ^bout) ... yes, yet a9ain [«] + [▶] hystery ripeats [»] + [▶] every revolution puts on the robes of the tyrant iT D-poses

> we also binge-[▶]ed the B4 trilogy (in part b/c th Emilio Carrero m^nuscrypt we were editin9 last month quotes from Linklater/Krizan @ len9th) ... Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004), Before Midnight (2013) ... + now that enou9h time has pa55ed [»] can we can appreci8 them more [«] when B4 Sunrise came out we ^voided evɘr seein9 iT b/c iT sounded ƧO stupid + cliche ... the 1st one we saw may halve bin B4 Midnight + on|y then did we [«] 2 [▶] th other 2 4 perspective + appreci8 what ^n ^ccomplishment iT is 2 n0t one|y scrypt such di^Lo9 but 5panning 2 decades + how the char/actors evolved in the proce55 but this time ^round we focussed on teↄknowledgee + how it evolved + framed evɘrythin9 in the flix ... ɘven tho email + ce||phones existed, in Sunrise ('95) they D-side 2 n0t X-change «information» + the on|y media they show is them @ ^ record store listenin9 2 vinyl + then in Sunset ('04) Ethan Hawke $ells out his eXperience by turnin9 it in2 ^ BOOK + @ the end she [▶]s ^ CD + then in Midnight ('13) a|| bets are off az they R usin9 ce||phones, etc. but intresting 2 note that Delpy's iPhone has ^ retro ca55ette cover witch weed show hear but whatevɘr corpirate ent-tit-T bloↄxs us evɘn from [●]ing screen captures (sure, we cd [●] ^ photo of R screen, but what's the point?) ... [«] yet a9ain [»] iT dawns the robes of those D-posed [«] the medium consumes the MESSage [»]

06/14 > we also re9retfu||y [▶]ed Brats (2024) last nite ... what ^ joke, a|| Andrew McCarthy demonstr8s is that he's sti|| ^n ungr8ful Brat, ^n entitled rich white kid that takes himself waaaayyy 2 sirius|y, boo fuckin9 hoo, u were ca||ed ^ brat + traumatized 4 life! yet u lived this fancy life in the limelite + unfortunate|y u prob|y 9ot money in yr pocket b/c we [▶]ed iT > @ least McCarthy couldn't 9et Judd Nelson + Molly Ringwald 2 particip8 in his pathetic document^ry + even Sheen's sun Emilio Estevez seems reluctant/ distrustin9 (i also thought McCarthy eXuded smarmy distrust in every ro|| > bin [▶]ing ^ lot of movies this pa5t week or 2 or 3 b/c our eYɘs = shot + we^ve bin readin9 ƧO much in ^n editorial capacity ∴ n0t much time 4 fun readin9, tho did enjoy (des-π-te the tiny font) Midnight Grotesques by Tristan Foster (who appeared in SF ∞) + Michelle Lynn Dyrness

> wurkin9 on nitty 9ritty D-tails in blown-up photoshop + editin9 books is taxin9 on the i's/brain, the txt + pixels B-comes N-twined in my ↄode, reCOMBining in reↄombinant DNA witch u then need 2 pur9e B4 iT infex U furthere, father ... dat's what this (post 1155) = a|| about, purge therapy (thx 4 listenin9 :), processing, scrubbing code, defragementing C: drive, mustering 2 m^nage th inbox ebb + flow spiraLing out of CTRL, out uv balance > n0 time 4 pleasure readin9 + iT's bin months 5ince ii (in8 iD) [●]ed NE-thin9 of mii one (unelss u ¢ount the5e blo9 N-trees, witch perhaps cd bee con5idered books in theyr one rite, w/o ki||ing trees (tho bi||ions of L-ectrons had 2 chan9e their orbital st8s 2 accomod8 them), tho ii did 9et this eXcerpt from 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ publiched in the L8est Black Warrior Review:

@ NE r8, a|| thi5 bitchin9 is 2 say Ↄal's B-ing spre^d thin, burning out, bin bu5ting my hump 4 20+ yrs, 7 dayz/week, 12 hrs/day + very lit-L 2 show 4 iT ... in times like thi5 feels like wUrk (U (MGH) piling up hire than K (½mv2) + worse 5till, wurk that few ^ppreci8 > what's the definition of in5anity a9ain? [«] + [▶] the same thin9 over + over, eXpectin9 ^ diffrent re5ult? we wint thru this b4 [«] ^ deckaid 2 2013——2014 aftr returnin9 from Rome baↄk 2 NYC, squirted out ^ bunch of Ↄalamari ink 5in¢e we were baↄk st8side, in the center of the publi5hing 5cene [«] + [||]

> KK aksed us yestrday how off-10 Ↄalamari titles 9et reviewed (b/c 5he's writin9 ^ review ^bout Mike Corrao's book of reviews, Surface Studies (witch we'R itChing 2 read)) + when we went back 2 count, of the last 7 or 8 Ↄalamari titles we^ve put out this past yr or 2, n0t ^ sin9le 1 has bin «reviewed» ... even tho we typica||y send out 25-50 review copies (wheel reiter8 our offer, NE wanting ARCs of NE Ↄalamari books lettuce know) > if iT weren't 4 the F-forts of the few ≈ Corrao, iT'd B ^n even sadder st8 uv affairs :( i'm convinced these review places make ^ livin9 by rese||in9 these ARCs (we dont send out copies w/ the «not for resale» watermark, but mayB we shd?) > tho yesterday Kelly Krumrie's 4thcoming No Measure 9ot reviewed on fck yr bookclub, Dave Brennan even reL8s iT 2 Donna Haraway's notion of significant otherness, ^n an9le ii din't C (perhaps b/c i/Ↄal red iT in an editorial capacity, az o-posed 2 4 fun):

vulnerable, on-the-ground work that cobbles together non-harmonious agencies and ways of living that are accountable both to their disparate inherited histories and to their barely possible but absolutely necessary joint futures

+ we also 9ot word that Michael Salu's Red Earth 9ot reviewed by sum ma9azine Gonzo (circus), but iT's onely in print + in Dutch ∴ n0t sure what iT says but cool ppl across the pond R tocking abt iT

> @ NE r8, suffice 2 say we need 2 [◼] + take ^ brake 2 cope w/ this schizophrenic breaka9e, can u tel? wheel B roadtrippin in the SW, braking 4 bears + trailhe^ds

> ciao, ciao! C on th other 5ide of CPW

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