Crocodile Belt by i, Janitor Skier: ^ U R hear User m^nual


2024/06/19 > 5posed 2 leave 2day but ¢hanged plans [»]ing 2 leave 6/25 > in prep (2 B outta pocket, w/ downtime 2 read), 5canned the 2-read π-le 4 books 2 read in/on the road (the 1s 5tacked horrorizontal the 1s beckoning U 2 bring 'em)

+ there's ^ cupple of other books 5tacked on yr desk + nightst& dat u've bin [▶]ing the5e past weeks (also Backwardness + Engtangled Life, but those U gotta take in doses) even b4 leafing the grnd:


  • You Are Here by Donald Breckenridge — blast from the past (post-911 NYC)
  • the nature machine! by Tyler Gillespie — pop diva robot po-itree 2 help underst& Y U shd leave Britney alone
  • Life A User's Manual by Georges Perec

... U din't «finish» Life A User's Manual ... U (the User) dig the iDea of iT but @ 661 pgs U got 2 B honest w/ yrself, dont know if/when U'd ever finish iT, life's 2 short > U picked iT up 2 ins-π-re U 2 finish U/X, yr one User eXperience guide, e5pecia||y 5ince U'R gna B on the road the next few weeks w/o ^ big monitor lizard sew need 2 work on sumthing pure|y textual, dat U can [●] on ^ laptop > U also got the The Complete Manual of Suicide by Wataru Tsurumi 2 ins-π-re U 2 get baↄk 2 U/X ... n0t that U can underst& ^ lick of iT (in Japanese) but cool 2 marvel @ imagining what it sez

6/21 > 5peaking of cultish Japanese writers, thi5 pa5t week U've bin editing Blood Electric by Kenji Siratori, witch = more akin 2 D-bugging code > 5ince Siratori doesn't have th originul txt U had 2 OCR it from ^ 5can of the Creation books copy + iT wasn't sew clean ∴ U got 2 go thru + 5can 4 «typos» in the glitch code, bi comparing iT 5ide-by-5ide 2 the originul (photos of the pgs ^ π-rate uploaded 2 ... in the la5t po5t U lamented th taxing FX of editing Ↄalamari books + how the txt kin B-come N-twined in yr ↄode slow|y ki||ing U, reCOMBining in2 reↄombinant DNA witch u then need 2 purge B4 iT infex U furthere making U crayZ > Blood Electric in partickler has th uncanned ability 2 fizzica||y mut8 the un5uspecting reader's one DNA, e5pecia||y in the wake of yr resent graphic encounter w/ ^ 4in blood 5orce (4 witch yr sti|| halving 2 take hep B + HiV meds 4, az ^ preventative mea5ure) > hear's ^ 5neak pique [SPOiLER ALERT] of the last page 2 2 peek yr intrest (th originul ends by just cutting off mid-sen-10-ce ... Siratori wanted U 2 fade iT out az U (Rem+Rom) did in The Becoming, but U figured do 1 bedder bi halving the txt disintegr8 in2 cellular blood/K-OS

... dont worry Gari, Ↄal wont aks U 2 copyedit iT! the font = Source Code (D-facto font used 2 write code on yr MAchine, the font U Use now 2 code this HTML (when n0t using wizzy wig (WYSiWYG)) > hmmm, mayB wizzy wig shd B the name of thi5 language U code in? in U/X, witch inkloots 1/ 4 i am ĐNA + 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ, the 1st 2 stop-gap insta||ments in case U croak b4 finishing the hole book > watt U C: = watt U Get, 5hock therapy

> 4 eggsample, 1 kin rearrange Blood Electric 2 get «CROCODiLE BELT» + 1 kin rearrange Kenji Siratori 2 yield: «A RiSKiER JOiNT» or «i, JANiTOR SKiER» > in the processing of D-bugging Kenji's code, yr ce||u|ar code rearranges 2 B-come ^ Janitor Skier wearing a crocodile-5kin belt, reminiscent of X 5cene from Codex Seraphinianus (witch reminds U, U need 2 [«] + finish decoding the codex, e5pecia||y 5ince the 1st part U «transL8ed» = h&s down most popular po5t on (285 views last moonth)

> hear's another snippet from Crocodile Belt 2 illustr8 the point:

I am infected with digital insanity genomes of the masses of flesh that fecundate the android to the ice pool of the sky//The ferric exoskeleton of an assassin::the defleshed birth without the crucified memory of the drug-embryo that went mad

... granted in wizzy wig «fecundate the android» wd transL8 2: «fecund8 the &roid» > what = loco = that Kenj, i, i, Janitor Skier, publiched Crocodile Belt b4 U (Ↄal ^ Mari) 5tarted Ↄalamari Arↄhive ... what jean pool did Kenji drink fROM? Tsukiji? witch reminds U, although U've nvr had yr txts transL8ed in2 Japanese, U did halve sum images in the Japanese edition of Land of Snow Men, baↄk when like Tom Waits U were big in Japan, [«]ing back when Ↄalamari had reach (can't even member how that trans-π-red)



> ∀ll thi5 has nada 2 do w/ U/X, but the «plot» of iSBN (witch U'|| try 2 [●] in plane english) cd bee summarized az such, how U got head-fucked bi a|| the books + art U've engaged w/ over the yrs, absorbing the code in2 the reptilian posthumun entitty U'R fast becoming, 5tarting w/ The Becoming, tho U've come ^ long weigh 5ince being the feral twined brothers born from the headwaters of the Columbia River, fathered by ^ rogue member of the «Clueless + Lark» eXpedition + reared bi ^ she-wolf:

> movies U (n0 longer Rem+Rom) halve engaged w/ (also infecting yr code):

  • 5tarted 2 watch the new Presumed Innocent series w/ Jake Gyllenhaal, but there's n0t much 2 like about iT
  • Crazyheart (2 get in2 the spearit 4 Santa Fe)
  • No Country 4 Old Men (also rewatched 2 get siked 4 Santa Fe)
  • 12 Years a Slave — might bee onely 2nd time y'a|| rewatched iT, 4got it was Steve McQueen
  • Day of the Locust — watched b/c Donald Sutherland died + also 2 get siked 4 LA/Hollywood, but y'a|| couldn't finish, perhaps the worst movie ever made?
  • State + Main — mayB U hadn't scene this b4, think U confused it w/ that other PSH movie in NEastern sma|| town (Synecdoche, New York), but S+M came out 8 yrs earlier in 2000 ∴ iF NE 1, iT = Kaufman who ripped off Mamet
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