«Tropic of Cancer» doesn't run thru Turkey: The Time Regulation Institute + an apology to Subito authors


[||] > we interrupt our regular programming to bring you this open letter from Ↄalamari Arↄhive—

Dear Subito authors: sorry, but the powers that be at CU Boulder have forced us to take down the books that Ↄalamari Arↄhive so thanklessly brought back into circulation... or maybe you never even realized they were out of/back in print? We tried, but after Ↄalamari Arↄhive worked hard to make them available back in July (we'll spare you the details of the inept academic bureaucracy we had to navigate to make this happen, suffice to say we had to send them boxes and packing material so they could ship the books, at our expense... doesn't get any more kafkaesque than shipping a box of empty boxes, which we might add is more expensive than a box of books since you can't take advantage of media mail rates), we were told we could not have communication with you, the authors of these books. Not even people we knew that knew you authors were allowed to mention what Ↄalamari Arↄhive was doing. They said this was because they wanted to "keep communications centralized." So we waited. We followed up a few times, but they were still "working on reaching out" to you (something that should have been done before we did any of this + would take a regular non-academic person perhaps a few hours to do, maybe days, but surely not months + likely years), even after we repeatedly told them it felt uncool that we were doing this without your consent/knowledge. And if you didn't know your books were back in print, what was the point? We only did this for the books, and you the authors. We agreed to give any profits back to CU, taking only enough to cover direct costs (shipping, taxes, etc... not for our own time + labor + love we put into it), but not many sold because you never knew they were available to spread the word. Ↄalamari Arↄhive receives no funding to do what we do, unlike CU staff (+ i might add they recieve funding to run Subito Press... ask yourself what they're using that funding for). All we wanted was a simple thanks, but you were not allowed to express that to us, so it seemed such a pointless + thankless endeavor when no one knew about it to appreciate it, or to tell others the books were available. So now you'll have to wait for CU to "renegotiate your contracts," which they say is in the works... so if anything, you can thank us for that—before this it seems they'd didn't even realize the books had gone out of print. We wish you + your books well.

[<<] > we return now 2 our regular programming, aplogies for yet another rant about how lame the small press world can be (especially when embedded in academia), we're beginning to wonder if something is wrong w/ us? weather we're the onely ones that care abt such things az out-of-print books? [◼]

[●] 10/31 > as mentioned in the last dispatch from puerto nowhere, in a para||e| uniVerse we'd B L&ing in Turkey rite now > the itinerary:

          10/30: JFK > Istanbul
          11/1: Istanbul > Ankara
          11/7: Ankara > Istanbul > Tbilisi, Georgia
          11/12: Tbilisi > Baku, Azerbaijan
          11/17: Baku > Istanbul > JFK

> seams more + more we make travel plans that get cancelled 4 whatever reason ... the 2 month Giro d'Italia in 2021 that nvr got off the grnd b/c of COViD, the 2022 X-country + other sabbatical trips that we cancelled b/c every 1 + their mothers was in a cabin-fevered frenzy 2 travel post-p&emic, etc... travelling just ain't all its chalked up 2 B N-E-more + there's the carbon footprint con5ideration (the trip to Turkey, Georgia + Azerbaijan was reL8ed 2 bedder-½'s climate change work so the trip was already hippocritical enough) > @ N-E r8, mayB wheel pre-10-d we went on the above trip + post other ppls pics from Inurnet? hear's a drawing from R travel journal from when we went 2 Istanbul in 2011:

+ just so they don't go 2 waist, hear's sum tips from AAA about what 2 do in Istanbul, shd u find yrself there or like us want 2 travel vicariously (or this might come in h&y shd we find ourselves there once things cool down):

since you only have a couple days, i would recommend staying mostly on foot anyway. getting places in a cab or bus might eat up most of your time. however, the city is big and spread out with pockets of interesting things here and there, so no matter where you are staying, you will have to get on wheels some time.. or boats..

if you haven't seen them before, the grand bazaar and the spice market are cool to visit. despite the tourist trap feel, they have an essence mirroring the city's character.. at least they did last time i was there.. much of the Old City section is super touristy.. you must have seen all that if you went to hagia sophia before

as far as neighborhoods go, for walking about in, i recommend a walk from Sirkeci, crossing the Galata bridge (usually full of fishermen) across to Karaköy, taking the historic funicular metro up to Tünel, Beyoğlu. from there you can check out the Galata tower, famous for being the place from which Hezarfen Çelebi took wing, and/or walk up the İstiklal, which is a long street closed to car traffic, used to be full of museums, theathers, music venues, publishing houses, bookstores, record stores, cinemas, bars, cafes, wine houses etc. and used to be the place i hung out throughout my time in istanbul. i hear it is not like that anymore, but a short walk from the funicular to the fish market/ "çiçek pasajı" could be fun. good fried mussels if you like.. this is also where the best graffiti used to be, in all the side streets..
i hear that Galata and Pera are still cool neighborhoods.
there is also the "istanbul modern", the museum of contemporary art by the water, a short walk from the funicular station down in Karaköy.
if you want a rooftop meal up in Beyoğlu, my sister recommends the Leb-i Derya restaurant..

if you are staying on the european side but don't mind taking the ferry across to the asian side, there is a great restaurant in Kadıköy called Çiya. a truly anatolian kitchen, strongly recommended.
Kadıköy has a quintessential istanbul feeling, bustling and old. also very good patisserie at "Baylan".

.. crossing the bosphorus, drinking tea and eating simit on the ferry is fun. feeding and watching the seagulls who catch and eat huge chunks of simit without ever landing on the water or the ferry..

so, a ferry tour of the bosphorus is always fun too, even if you've done it before.. you can usually catch one from Ortaköy, which is a nice little neighborhood with street food and a lot of pigeons. i used to walk from ortaköy, along the bosphorus, all the way to the castle at Rumeli Hisarı, stopping in Bebek at the coffeehouse by the water for tea. usually there are boats that serve really good fish sandwiches along that stretch.. and more art&archeology museums along the bosphorus..

if you want to just get out of the city, i suggest going to the Princes' islands, or at least one of the little ones, Burgaz Ada, for a totally different vibe..

also, if you didn't experience it last time, and if you like ice cream, i recommend finding an authentic Maraş ice cream place, either in ankara or istanbul. this is the ice cream that is so firm, it is served with a fork and knife, or even used as jump rope!

i guess i could go on and on..

... az 4 this Turkish i scream so firm u can jump rope w/ it, ends up there's a place in R hood (Lezzetli on Bdwy + 103) u can get it > wheel let Maphattan B R microcosm 4 now > the book we bot to read on the transatlantic flight was The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, relevant not only 2 the wood-bee Turkish setting, but 2 R current obsession w/ time coinsiding w/ the release of TiME5 ƎĐiT (wheel release track 7 @ the end of this post)

The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar

> also engaged w/ the Subito boox The Body, The Rooms by Andy Frazee + We Have with Us Your Sky by Melanie Hubbard while writing this post ... getting high off the supply while we can (without bending the spine or smudging pgs, we promiss) > movies watched this past week inkloot > Andromeda Strain (classic '70s conspiracy paranoia), The King's Speech (for the 2nd time), Scarface (for 3rd or 4th time) + Bones and All (interesting twist on vampire/zombee genre + Chalamet + Russell are EZ on the eyes even when eating flesh) [◼]

[●] 11/1> November > instead of flying 2 Ankara, we 8 udon last nite w/ umeboshi, so we're very diz-Z 2day on account of the NaCl, + the beer + wine + a bunch of Halloween c&y probly didnt help, not 2 mention a big 5hift in atmosfearic pressure, so who nose > walked around the west villaj after, pre-Halloween parade so freaks starting 2 congreg8 > also walked ~7 miles there down along the river [◼]

[●] 11/3> C train 2 west 4th + then zig-zagged across Manhattan + over the W-burg bridge 2 Bushwick (~8-9 miles) ware we 8 @ Sobra Masa then 2 Rookery bar 4 a drink then 2 Elsewhere, nice club weave nvr been 2 > missed the opener but then saw Dälek, the instrumentalist Mike Mare is friends of MM, co-conspirator of Residue + just realizing now they both halve the same initials > then Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, who were gr8, like Black Sabbath meets Murder City Devils w/ a singer that has a stage presence of a cross b-tween a sumo wrestler + Freddie Mercury


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Elsewhere


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Elsewhere

> can't help but 2 think of Darby Larson's Pigs piece in Sleepingfish X when we think of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

> 5peaking of, in2 the last 4t-nite of subs 4 Sleepingfish issue XX + 5peaking of XX 4 sum 5trange reason the bouncers @ Elsewhere didn't think bedder-½'s NY st8 iD was legit + put big black X's on both h&s so they couldn't drink even tho they're over 50 [◼]

[●] 11/6> ran in2 Clint Eastwood last nite + he just started chatting w/ us like he knew us > we were making small tock, we a5ked why he was in Mexico City + he said he was passing through New York for the 1st time (+ this seemed a valid reason) + then he a5ked where we lived + we said Rome > we said he must like southern Spain from all the time he spent there shooting spaghetti westerns + he said he liked Valencia 4 its oranges > he started following us around, by this point our bedder-½ got bored + went back 2 the hotel > we wandered in2 cafes or stores, ppl recognizing Clint + us az his friend, but we struggled 2 make conversation > we didn't think 2 tell him iRL our sophmore year we went to school in Carmel w/ his son Kyle > Quentin Tarantino came up b/c apparently he was filming the latest Spahgetti Western + we thought to tell him Roger Avary was our cousin but instead we asked what he thought of Tarantino + he said «well, u know, i'm old»

> Clint Eastwood is an anagram for «A Twisted Colon» witch is perhaps what induced the above dream... weave bin taking magnesium b4 bed 2 sleep but thinking mayB it's upsetting R stomach? [◼]

[●] 11/8> by now weed bee in Tbilisi, Georgia but instead we're hear bLog/ranting (+ ends up R bedder-½ has COViD anyway, so bedder they're doing these meatings on zoom) + reddy 2 release track # 7 (the closer on side 1) off TiME5 ƎĐiT, «Tropic of Cancer»—

1117 <(current)> 1119 > ill ju5t 5tay rite hear w/ Laika rather than gurney 2 Karabakh
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