Rea⅃- 2-ЯeeL iRL: a Đ-Leted Last taped iTinerary of di5patches 2 no-where in2 a vanishing match pt.


[where we're bLogging from #1117]

[●] > testing 1, 2, 3, 4 > 10/26/2023 > «Nonlinear. Discontinous. Collage-like. An assemblage» David Markson [●]ed in Vanishing Point

> 5elf-cannonballizing words he already [●]ed [<<]ing 8 yrs earlier in Reader's Block (that X reader []ed, [<<]ing furthere baↄk 10 yrs ago) + also in This is Not A Novel ((2001) + bLogger/reader []ed in Feb 2010) > in X a4mentioned bLog post, bLogger noted that «David Markson is not dead» / 4 the [●]

... + then [>>] a few moons L8er, Markson died on June 4, 2010, in Greenwich Village [||]

> bLogger remembers Tom Petty once saying that no 1 likes the sound of their one voice when they here a [●]ing of it []ed baↄk ... eXcept Rod Stewart / but, googling, bLogger cant fined the refrence 2 baↄk X st8ment up

> Markson = son of Sam Markson—a «newspaperman» according 2 The New York Times... knot 2 B confused w/ «Son of Sam» David Berkowitz, so named b/c Berkowitz claimed 2 B acting @ the B-hest of a Đ-mon manifested in the 4m of a black dog B-Longing 2 his neighbor, Sam

> hey, hey mama, said the weigh u move ...

> in said obituary, The NY Times also [●]ed that Markson was called a «stud lover boy» by playboy centerfold Alice Denham in her memoir, Sleeping w/ Bad Boys: A Juicy Tell-All of Literary New York in the '50s and '60s

> bLogger had no iĐea about Markson's non-literary prowess

> other books bLogger []ed wile [●]ing post #1117 inkloot: Dispatches from Puerto Nowhere by Robert Lopez + Krapp's Last Tape by Sam Beckett (naught 2 B confused w/ David Berkowitz' neighbor)

Dispatches from Puerto Nowhere by Robert Lopez, Samuell Beckett, David Markson

> «I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of it all. Begins Malone Dies.» [●]s Markson in Vanishing Point, on pg 139 (of 191)

> bLogger also []ed the Ken Burns documentary, The American Buffalo

> the Amerikin Buffalo ≠ true buffalo, but of the Bi-SON family

> in the video 4 «Woe-B-Gone Đayzzz» (track #10 off TiME5 ƎĐiT) posted on 5cense in post 1115 / 5ound ƒuries 5uperimposed 5tellar 4mations over a continuous LOOP of 1 bi-
son running / a «moving picture» maid in 1883 by Eadweard Muybridge (1 of the 1st) > or discontinuous L-O-O-P / Đ-pending on the lvl of granularity / a time-lapsed seekwinds of 16 photographs that re[]s every 1 second

> why is X unit of time pronounced «2nd»? [||] 2 reflect on ambiguity of english language

Eadweard Muybridge, Buffalo

> only 2 users have []ed the video 5ince we posted it 2 weeks ago, yours truly (2 test it) + R bedder-½ (5ound ƒuries vocalist, who like Tot Empty, doesn't dig the 5ound of their one voice)

> the tempo of «Woe-B-Gone Đayzzz» = 120 BPM / 1 beat per 2nd ... same tempo az the B.G.'s «Staying Alive» / the song you're sposed 2 [] in your head if ever u need 2 per4m CPR

> perhaps naught az obvious as Muybridge's more famous horse seekwinds from 1878 / but if u [||] on frame 3 it appears all 4 bi-son feet are off the GRNĐ

> «An uninteresting, and one may also say, a justly exterminated race. The New York Times called the American Indian, in an 1855 review of Hiawatha.» [●]s Markson in Vanishing Point

> [>>] 2 present day, did the B.G.s ever [] @ C.B.G.B.s?

> [<<] to 1/17/2011, Lopez []ed w/ Lutz @ KGB bar > blogger was living in Rome @ the time so did not a-10-d

> [<<] 2 more years to 03/07/2009, Eugene Lim [●]ed a bLog post entitled «"pools" by gary lutz» wherein he st8s: «here's the incomparable gary lutz reading from "pools," ...» linking 2 a video we posted of Lutz reading @ Word Books in Brooklyn > when we posted the video we [●]ed the name POOLS az we herd it + [>>]ing L8er realized R air + corrected the title 2 «PULLS» but Lim's post [●]s R air 4 prosperity ... shd we [<<] + retroactively go back + [●] over airs? shd we [<<] back + change «Gary» 2 «Garielle» + carwreck the pronouns?

> [>>] 2 present, the a4mentioned video has received 3.9K views > in total, R U-2be channel has received 2,591,863 views from 515 videos / 4 an avg of 5033 views per video > by the end of X post we will halve uploaded 516 videos, when we we po5t the video 4 «Rea⅃-2-ЯeeL»

>[<<]ing to 2009, we were living in Kenya so must halve bin visiting NYC when we a-10-ded the a4mentioned reading > we didn't put d8s on R posts then so hard 2 say 4 sure, 4 the [●]

> [<<]ing further in2 the '90s, on more than 1 occassion bLogger bot a s&witch + 8 iT w/ R bedder-½ @ Bison Witches on 4th ave in Tucson, AZ, where/when we met > get it? by a BLT ± PBJ

> POO⅃ backwards = LOOP + POOLS in reverse = ƧLOOP > bLogger ≠ a fan of The Beach Boys, but have a 5oft 5pot 4 «Sloop John B»

> «Sloop John B» = cover of the Bahamian folk song «The John B. Sails» ... C how the mane sale sets?

> [>>] 2 present, 2day's NY Times reports dat «President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey lashed out at Israel and defended Hamas during a televised address on Wednesday, taking positions likely to increase tensions between his government and those of other NATO members, including the United States.»

> «New York Times» = anagram 4 «Monkeys Write» / az noted in «TiME5 5QUARE» / track #11 on TiME5 ƎĐiT

> «Recep Tayyip Erdogan» rearranged yields: «Retry A Decaying Pope» [◼]

[●] 10/29/2023 (in REEL TiME) > Sound ƒuries (bLogger + their bedder-½) had travel plans 2 travel 2 Türkiye, Georgia + Azerbaijan L8er 2night, in a few hrs (on flight TK 12 leaving JFK @ 00:40 (so technically tomorrow mourning)) ... plans that needless 2 say halve bin canceled > az an Amerikin, we halve a knack 4 B-ing in the wrong place @ the tong rhyme when it comes 2 such things ... when the golf war broke out in 1991 we were in Malaysia, in a youth hostel sharing a bunk-bedded room w/ 2 angry Iranians > «+ i ran, i ran so far away...» [●]ed a Flock of C-gulls

> when Sadaam Hussein was eXeQted in 2006, we were travelling around a remote region of Morocco, oblivious, in a traffic jam caused by mobs of irr8 protesters + (thankfooly?) we din't underst& what they were yelling about

> «well, the U-crane girls really knock me out!» sang The Beatles, mocking The Beach Boys / «they leave the west B-hind + moscow girls make me sing + shout that Georgia's always on my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my mind» > X track B-gins + ends w/ a TAPE LOOP of an error plane L&ing

> [<<]ing 2 the summer of 1997, bLogger worked as a L& surveyor in Georgia, USA

> POOP TALE = anagram of TAPE LOOP, az is APPLE, TOO, [●] label of The Beatles + also br& name of the computer we're [●]ing X blog post #1117 on > Apple II = 1st personal computer 4 public consumption + 1st PC bLogger ever used, [<<]ing back 40+ yrs

> throughout 2014, the 5cense homepage had a 5pinning Buffalo/NDN head nicke-L that blogger compiled in2 a rotating GIF using 8 images

> X coin bLogger received in everyday change @ a bodega / iT onely 5pun 4 1 year on 5cense / now we flip iT when there's a 50/50 decision 2 B maid > «50/50 + 4 Keeps» = name of 2nd 2n on TiME5 ƎĐiT, witch we won't reveil a sneak peak @ until ~6 more weaks (5ince Sound ƒuries are posting videos + lyrics in reverse chronillogical order, hasta the album's release d8)

> if we had 3 such nick-Ls, weed flip them 2 consult i Ching

>«Яea⅃-2-ReeL» = 8th track on the album / 1st song on side 2 if u [] iT on vinyl > hear = the chord 5tructure (using Đ-A-Đ-A-Đ-Đ 2ning on 1 guitar + conventional 2ning on the other

> Markson [●]ed Vanishing Point on a type-writing [●]er, using 3" x 5" index cards 2 compile notes, 2 shoeboxes worth, taped 2gether + []ed «music on 33⅓ rpm long-playing vinyl phonograph records»

> from 2003 to 2005, just the 5tatic buffalo «tails» 5ide was the 5cense icon, tho 20 yrs ago the image resolution was naught nearly az good, hear iT is in retina 4K:

> full disclaimer 4 the [●]: far az we know, we halve no «native» Amerikin blood > nor do we halve LatinX antsisters, tho we do 5peak 5panyole > in fact, we were told we learned iT 1st but they 4ced us 2 4get iT bi dousing mi lenguita con salsa P-cante cuando dije palabras en S-pañol

> Judge Ito presided over the OJ trial, [<<]ing back 30 yrs / he indeed appears 2 B a magistr8 of small stature

> «Maybe anyone who calls themselves an American is a con artist, regardless of when their ancestors got here» [●]ed Lopez, in Dispatches from Puerto Nowhere, after confessing he = his own variety of Amerikin con man

> [>>] 2 a fewchair d8 TBĐ, TiME5 ƎĐiT will bee reLeased on vinyl, tho production has bin Đ-Layed b/c the manufacturer (Solid Merch) insisted we provide track names w/ X-act times + we insisted we cdn't comply b/c not in 1 instance on the album is there N X-act momento when 1 track ends + another B-gins, B-sides when u flip it over 2 [] side 2 > az w/ previous albums, the album was meant 2 B []ed in album order + traX shd not B []ed out of seekwinds/context > the trax 4 these videos herein we had 2 cut @ arbitrary pts.

> [<<]ing 1 post 2 #116—the liner notes 4 «5tarĐ8 10/12/1582»—we noted that «when they 5witched from Gregorian 2 Julian they had 2 make up 4 an accumL8ed 10 day lag, so if 1 went 2 sleep on Oct 4, 1582, u woke up the next day on Oct 15»

> weather + time sound iguale en español: tiempo > simile al tempo in italiano

> «The Gregorian calendar first began to replace the Julian in 1582. And will need need one day's correction 3,333 years from that date, which is to say in the year 4915.» [●]ed the son of Sam Markson, in Vanishing Point

> maybe Lopez 4got about native Amerikins who lived hear b4 Amerika = «discovered»?

> who 1st [●]ed «if 1 tree falls in a 4est + no 1 here's iT, did it make 1 sound»?

> Amerika is named 4 Amerigo Vespucci, who = born March 9, 1454, in Florence, Italy + died February 22, 1512, in Seville, Spain

> Cristoforo Colombo was born in 1451 (X-act d8 unnone) in Genoa, Italy + died on May 20, 1506, in Valladolid, Spain > 10/12 = Indigenous Peoples' Day (F.K.A. «Columbus day») = B-day of R bedder-½/Sound ƒuries vocalist

> [<<]ing back 2 when Ↄal published Lopez's 1st book in 2009, Ↄal din't know he was of Puerto Rican descent > Ↄal the bLogger vaguely recalls it coming up in casual conversation + Lopez saying he = Spanish + Italian

> shd ware u die matter az much az ware u were born?

> [||] 2 con5ider prior st8ment

> the singular 4m of dice = die , a sorta vanishing point if u roll 1 snake i

> last nite we finished []ing the Get Gotti (2023) docuseries then []ed Get Out (2017) > @ sum pt last week bLogger also []ed Sleepy Hollow (1999), in witch Johnny Depp keeps []ing w/ a bird/cage thaumatrope, that seems 2 halve nada 2 do w/ the plot of the movie

> «Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada.» [●]ed Hemingway, that perhaps Lopez also noted in 1 of his books?

> «James Baldwin borrowed money from Marlon Brando with which to finish his first novel» [●]ed Markson > in the intro 2 Ceremony (blogged about in post 114), Leslie Marmon Silko [●]ed that when she worked on a film project w/ Marlon Br&o, he brought up obscure Đ-tails from her book that she hardly rememberd > [||] 4 un momento 2 honor Br&o, who died in L.A. on July 2, 2004

> [<<] 9 yrs 2 when Ↄal published Br&on Hobson's Deep Ellum, we dint know he identified az native American / we just dug his weigh w/ words > when Ↄal 1st met hymn, mostly we tocked about Talking Heads ... mayB @ sum point he mentioned he had a gr&parent that = Cherokee

> a few weeks ago Br&n asked if we liked the new Blur album + we said it = OK b/c we were B-ing polite + didn't want 2 offend hym if he liked iT

> @ sum pt [<<]ing way way back, a father named Hob had a son + named hymn Hobson > R there N-E Hobdaughters?

> again + again, Finnegans Wake is often mis[●]ed az Finnegan's Wake

> on page 185, This Is Not a Novel Đ-5cribes it5elf az Markson's «synthetic personal Finnegans Wake» > 5cense = R synthetic personal Finnegans Wake that nvr ends b/c we R 4-ever [●]ing iT in ReeL time, until we dice > «hasta la vista, baby» said the terminator

> Alice Denham died Jan. 27, 2016 > X = the foto NY Times inklooted in her OBiT superimposed over Markson's OBiT foto (L), alongside son of Sam (R)):

David Markson, Alice Denham, GIF           

> the tempo of the above rot8ing GiF = 1 beat per 0.4 sec or 2.5 beats per 2nd > knot 2 B confused w/ tiempo

> «s/he came in 2nd by 1 2nd» is just az ambiguous in spanish: «Llegó segundo por un segundo» / but at least 1 doesn't need 2 specify gender > anche in italiano: è arrivato secondo per un secondo

> the son of Sam Markson din't use photos in his libros, nor quotes / always parrot-phrasing in his singular style

> another blogger once asked us Y we [●] + we said «to keep from dying» > we can't find the eXact wording b/c that blog has 5ince bin ĐELeted + we don't halve the patience 2 search the waybaↄk machine

> if memory serves, there's a scene in Wittgenstein's Mistress where she dumps 100s of 10-nis balls down the Spanish steps in Rome > Lopez is knot a fan of Nadal b/c of his OCD tendonseas, butt X is 1 of the reasons he's R favorite 10-nis player of all time, perhaps after Borg

> bLogger found it funny that the movie Us (witch we also []ed 2 or 3 nites ago) takes place in Santa Cruz, where we went 2 shcool (studying computational mathematics) > Jordan Peele a-10-ded the Computer School in Manhattan @ 100 West 77 Street (1.6 miles from where we're [●]ing X post) then went 2 Sarah Lawrence College, where he majored in puppetry

John Cusack, puppet, Being John Malkovich

[John Cusack's charactor playing himself in Being John Malkovich (1999)]

> Halloween is 2 dayz away, hence Y we're []ing all the whore films > most of el moondough outside the USA celeb8s sum 4m of dia de los muertos on Nov 2

> Ↄalamari Arↄhive has no diversity quotas 2 fill / we publish [●]ings based on the [●]ings themselves, not the backgrounds of who [●]ed them

> «the whore, the whore» said Br&o, in Apocalypse Now (1979)

> from 1934 to 1972, Joseph Campbell tot @ Sarah Lawrence College, originally a women's college that B-came co-ed in 1968 > Campbell did his PhD thesis on Finnegans Wake + his Skeleton Key in bLoggers opinion = definitive key

> abbiamo anche imparato un po' di italiano mentre vivevamo a Roma, ma sempre più lo mescoliamo con il nostro spagnolo

> $2 Radio just published Dispatches from Puerto Nowhere in hardback in 2023 > Ↄalamari published Part of the World in 2007 > if books ≈ children, then Part of the World wood bee a 16 yr-old teenager + Dispatches from Puerto Nowhere wd B his or her nuborn sibling

> [●]ing this reminded us (the part of us wearing a publisher hat) 2 [||] + officially announce that Ↄalamari will B publishing The Moons by Yuxin Zhao ... yes, X = same book az Chest is the Best Storage Space that we blogged about [<<]ing 2 post 1094, The Great Pank Swindle

> [>>]ing 2 the prior post #1116, we refrenced the buyer of R 4mer X-house on Swann's Way ... the name of X nu 10-ant who bot R house = Xizhou Zhou / witch a few times we almost confused 4 Yuxin Zhao when emails came in2 R inbox / given the way R mined mixes up letters > guessing there's not an anagram 4 Yuxin Zhao that means N-E-thing in glish? the letters in R reel name can bee rearranged 2 spell «Tweed Hiker» or «Where Kited»

> «Obstinately cross-referencital and of cryptic interconnective syntax» [●]s Markson

> dawning R Ↄalamari hat, this pa5t week Ↄal set up Kelly Krumrie's Math Class az print-on-Đ-m& > 5ince Amazon KDP rejected the cover az illegible, we tried out Ingram Spark, so guess this cd B considered an addendum 2 R POD post #1095 (+ Math Class the Guinea pig) > verdict: the set-up process was a bit klugee + took a few dayz 2 get digital proofs (whereas w/ KDP it's instanenous + EZ 2 do) + we don't know the eXact amount but seams a bit more eXpensive than KDP, but @ $3.31 per copy (not inklooting $hipping) still way cheaper than $5.37 per copy (if U print 100+ copies) @ Bookmobile > + u don't get integration in2 Amazon's worldwide market (unless u opt 4 Ingram distribution), we're just effectively using Ingram az a printer > the quality = decent, perhaps even bedder than KDP, we shd also mention we chose heavier 70 lb paper (so now Math Class is a bit thicker), otherwise might halve bin a bit cheaper

> «For all its seeming fragmentation, nonetheless obstinately cross-referential and of cryptic interconnective tissue» [●]ed Markson in The Last Novel, indeed his last, published in 2007 + reader []ed in 2012

> also set up Travel Notes w/ Ingram, tho we haven't got-10 proofs back yet

> we met Kelly Krumrie 4 the 1st time i.R.L. 2 dayzz ago, @ a Sophie Taeuber-Arp XZbit on 69th + Madison, 10 blocks from the intersection that was the focal point 4 the previous post > we then took the crowded 6 train 2 Union Sq + 8 dinner on 13th street + had a drink after @ Bar Six on 6th ave > we awkwordly tried a sip of her Manhattan + almost 5pilled it

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

[Sophie Taeuber-Arp XZbit ware we met Kelly Krumrie 4 the 1st time]

> perhaps a reader shd [] Markson's books in the order they were writ-10? the 1st Markson book this reader []ed = Wittgenstein's Mistress / on the shores of Lake Malawi in 2009 > that blog post weighed in @ 13,192 words, by bloggers estimation 1 word 4 every 4 in the actual book > sew far this blog post has 1909 words / tho 5ince we counted we just [●]ed 15 more (+ now that weave gone thru 2 edit X post we cant vouch 4 these #s) > The Moons has 80,610 words > the original manuscript of Chest is the Best Storage Space that Yuxin sent us had 114,660 words > in the process of editing, we lost 34,050 words > # of edits PANK made = 0 (if u B-lieve they ever had N-E in-10-tion 2 actually publich the book)

> Krapp's Last Tape = 9 pages long > the U2be video of Patrick Magee (4 whom Beckett in-10-ded the 1-person, 1-act [] 4) per4ming it 4 BBC has a 33:33 minute running time

> 4'33' by John Cage (feetsured author of post 1115) consists of 4:33 of sighlence, in 3 movements > the [●]ing of John Cage reading Finnegans Wake = definitive reading of iT, out loud, in bLoggers opinion

> there Ǝxist 6 weighs 2 role craps w/ 2 die: { 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, 6-1} > there Ǝxist a toetill of 36 possible combinations when rolling 2 die ∴ there Ǝxists a 1 in 6 chants of rolling craps

> on Krapp’s 69th B-day, he hauls out his old reel-to-reel tape [●]er + []s a tape he maid when he was 39 + then [●]s a new tape summarizing the last 12 moons > Krapp keeps repeating #s + the word SPOOL over + over

> did Beckett know ƧPOOL baↄkwords = LOOPS? we were prompted 2 [] X Beckett [] b/c Kelly Krumrie sent us a piece 4 Sleepingfish last week that she noted was in5pired by Krapp's Last Tape > when we saw her a few dayz, Ↄal 4got 2 say we accepted X piece > we showed her a copy of the a4mentioned Ingram POD of Math Class, but neglected to mention if this amounted 2 N-E changes in R publisher/author arrangement > Tweed Hiker needs 2 work on 5ocial 5kills

> yesterday R bedder-½ trimmed R mullet, 4 the [●]

> the cassette tape was invented in 1962 / 4 years after Krapp's Last Tape = [●]ed

> [>>] 2 present, we're thinking of ex-10-ding the deadline 4 Sleepingfish issue XX 4 a 4t-nite ... from Nov 1 to Nov 15

> we always thought «fortnight» = military measurement used 2 Đ-note how long a soldier was stationed @ a post but ends up the word Đ-rives from the Old English fēowertīene niht, meaning «14 nights»

> technically speaking, issue XX will B # 16, ware 16 = 4 x 4 > we called the 4th issue «0.875» 2 honor Z-nose pairofdocks (starting @ zer0, ½ 2 ½-way (0.5) 2 ½-way (0.75) 2 ½-way = 0.875)

> @ NE r8, az promised, hear's the lyrics 4 track #8 (1st track on side 2) on TiME5 ƎĐiT:

+ hear = the video ... oh, press [||] 4 a sec ... the as2te lis-10-er may notice Where Kited singing on the 4th-coming album (whereas we din't sing @ all on 1st 4 5ound ƒuries albums) ... when R bedder-½ dint halve time last year 2 lay down vocals + we thought we might halve 2 R-selves, we took @ stab @ it + left a few quiet remnants in the background, 4 the [●]

> [<<] 22 yrs, on 9/11 bLogger was working @ pressplay on 54th B-tween 11th + 12th ave, on the 11th floor, so had a view of the towers az iT unfolded in Ree⅃ time > unlike The Disentegration Loops, «Rea⅃-2-ЯeeL» has nada 2 do w/ 9/11

> pressplay made the 2006 list of PC World's «25 Worst Tech Products of All Time» > in 2003, pressplay B-came Napster

> [>>] 2 present + press [▶]

1116 <(current)> 1118 > «Tropic of Cancer» doesn't run thru Turkey: The Time Regulation Institute + an apology to Subito authors
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