CYBER-RUBiC HYPEЯReɘLism @ 61st + 5th on stardate 10/12/1582


[●] 10/21/2023 > there was a person who was suicidal who had a gun w/ 3 bullets in it + there were 3 of us spectators trying to talk them out of it. we'd had some training on the subject, we were told to put out your hand to make a target + tell them to shoot u. the person 1st pointed the gun @ their chest + fired but last second they turned their head to not look + it made them miss, just grazing them. we put R hand out + said shoot this + they did but since they were wounded they misfired at an image of R hand in a mirror. the logic of why we were trained to do this made 5ense in the dream, firing @ our hand would evidently cause the gun to misfire + jam + in this case it did + the person was OK + we were hailed a hero [EZ interpretation/ explanation . . . we saw Deer Hunter recently]. @ another point last night we were on a trolley bus up an access road + the road kept stretching out as we drove on it, for every km another km was added in the middle + we had to stay just ahead of the mid-way mark. they'd moved the entrance to yosemite (tho the place in no way resembled yosemite), this elaborate gilded gate. we had to look at bronze statues of animals from a distance w/ binoculars + the rules of conduct were different, to protect the park u basically couldn't go in, just observe from outside the gates [◼]

[●] > we're recording this way (sorta normal) b/c 1). we started to [●] iSBN (~10 pgs) + we keep flip-flopping in regards to how to right it so figure'd weed get «the story» down in plane inglish + then transL8 it L8er in2 whatever style we Đ-side upon + 2). we're back 2 proof-read/editing the 2nd ½ of Y's book (still not sure of the title) + a good portion is taken from Y's journal + writ-10 sorta ≈ this (+ recounts a lot of dreams mixed in) in quotidian journihilistic 5tyle. we're halving to retrain R brain 2 write normal / transL8 how weave bin used 2 righting baↄk in2 plain english (what we have 2 do w/ regular correspondence) . . . naught that Y writes anything ≈ how we're [●]ing thi5 language write now + don't worry we won't start documenting everything we eat ≈ how we did b4 + writing in 1st person singular is really a hard habit 2 brake az it really dozen't feel like 1 «i» writing X but a conglomerate of voices.

10/22> our apartment was ½ under construction so there was no front door + our entryway was being reconstructed in the same 5tyle as the hallwaze. an intern of some sort who maid sum photocopies of books 4 us came by + said «you'll never guess how much they charged u?» + we said $1,000 (already a gro$$ exaggeration, suspecting by their tone that we'd been ripped off) + they said «try $100,000» + they showed us the receipt ... apparently we'd bin Đ-frauded. There were other dreams but hard 2 articuL8 b/c they weren't really about anything in particular, but more about the language it5elf + the weigh the landgauge = writ-10, in emordnilaps + the fonts eX-10-ded in2 3Đ so could be red baↄkwords or 4words + the idea representations always had 2 B 3 or 5 letters, 4 eggsample ĐiY backwords is Yiddish), or strings like «125» were aloud b/c 125 in reverse = 521. the word HEĐREW 5crolled buy + iT had 5 letters + dbaↄkwords 5pelled WORĐY. The name of this language/font = RUBRiC witch in R dream had 5 letters—RUBiC (≈ the cube)—witch dackworbs 5pelled CURB or BRiCK if u eXtend the letters in2 the 3rd dimension, witch again, hard 2 articuL8 on a 2-Đ surface (page or 5creen), so mayB the language of dreams = 3-Đ? מילים אחוריות" (משמאל לימין) רק עכשיו עם היקיצה אנו ,מבינים שהשפה העברית כתובה לנו, witch is 2 say, only now upon waking do we realize the HEBREW language is writ-10 «backwords» (L to R) 2 us (ولهذا السبب فإن اللغة العربية كذلك, i.e. 4 that matter so is ARABiC) + RUBiC backwords ≈ CYBER, 2 Đ-cipher:

> so if u wonder Y we halve in8 tendonseas 2 [●] language the weigh we do it's b/c that = how R CPU runs, even in dreams + 2 rite normal in ReeLtime we halve 2 transL8 on the fly, BTW + az for con-10 interpretation (Y certain words), obvious reel whirled events coming in 2 play. they call iT Book of #s (בְּמִדְבַּר—book 4 of torah/buybull) b/c they took a senses (2 in fact) @ the time the book = writ-10

> watched Poltergiest last night (for mayB 10th time) + dare we edmit we finished season 1 of The Gilded Age (season 1)? B-sides Y's book, we red Death-in-a-Box by Alta Ifland (1 of R favorite Subito books so far) + We Had to Remove This Post by Hanna Bervoets (book we found in a boox . . . premise was intresting but we quickly got bored of it). it's hard to read 4 «pleasure» when you're in editing mode, just like it's hard 4 us 2 imagine what Y's book wood B like reading iT 4 pleasure but 1 thing we can say is not w/ any other Calamari book have we ever been so absorbed into the writer's world, which on so many levels is otherwise completely 4in 2 us. cant w8 2 C what the whirled thinx of iT.

Death-in-a-Box, Alta Ifland, We Had to Remove This Post, Hanna Bervoets

10/22> After watching Gilded Age we figured we'd make 61st + 5th Ave (where most of the action takes place) our destination du jour for our REMAP project, to see 1st hand how it has changed

61st & 5th Ave, Gilded Age

61st + 5th Ave as portrayed in The Gilded Age


61st + 5th Ave on 10/22/2023

... + this isnt' even as ugly as most NYC streets have become w/ scaffolding, cars, etc. there's a bunch of these now + then comparisons along 5th Avenue in this article in The Atlantic

> continued along 61st to the East River + tried to walk up along the waterfront but there's a lot of construction still along the promenade, then turned in @ Carl Schurz past Gracie Mansion + up 89th street past the place we lived in when we 1st moved to NYC (in 2000) @ 89th + York, across the park home, ~9 miles

> watched Prom Night + Edward Scissorhands (for 2nd or 3rd time) just to get R mined off what's happening in the rest of the world (more on that maybe in the next post), for now we (Sound Furies) leave u w/ the next track from TiME5 EDiT—«5tarĐ8 10/12/1582» > hear's chords if u want 2 try it yourself @ home:

> 10/12 = bedder-½'s B=day so guess u cd call this a B-day present (last year's) . . . it just occurred 2 us we already posted these lyrics in post 1111 + X=planed sorta how2 calcuL8 «stardate» + how th 5ong is also an ode to Proust + the next 10-ant in R house on Swann' way dat we were in process of $elling @ th time ... seams so long ago we lived in ĐC

> what we 4got 2 point out is that the date 10/12/1582 never happend ... when they 5witched from Gregorian 2 Julian they had 2 make up 4 an accumL8ed 10 day lag, so if you went to sleep on Oct 4, 1582 you woke up the next day on Oct 15

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