i.Ø X-panĐ-rivering hues uv dblues 2 Tele5tich 5tarĐust hayƵ in2 woe-B-gone dayzzz 2 ƒree [●]ing ƒROM in-10


[●] 10/16/23 > U\i plant 2 meat mom la5t nite but 5he gave vage direXions acting az iF U\i 5hd allreddy nØ ware 2 go in2 a teЯRain 5tation dat endid up B-ing GĐL errorport wherein U\i went in baↄkword5 thru baggage claim/5ecurity witch U\i ƒigured might B a problema but 2 R 5ouprize they lettuce thru but U\i 5till din't nØ ware U\i 5po5ed 2 go ƧO 5topped 2 tXt mom + U\i had ½-M-T oPen bot-L oƒ shampain in R h& also souprized they lettuce bRing iT in daↄkworbs thru th ƎXiT + U\i saw th tell-tail ƒla5hing E-Lipsis ( . . . ) dat indic8ed mom = typing az we 5peak then iT wint blank + U\i sat t/here w8ing 4 her 2 ƒini5h her 5en-10-ce . . . then R brother 5howd up + pointd th weigh 2 th restraunt/bar but 5aid he had 2 go do sumthing Ls ƨo U\i wint 2 WiNGS but couldnt ƒined mom then ƒinally ƒound her in a hid den rece55 making nØ a-tempt 2 get R attn + b4 U\i evɘn sat down th w8ress askd do yall want N-E thing 2 drink + U\i hid th ½-open shampain thinking iT waznt aloud + looking @ th menU th Đ-5cription oƒ th drinX = complic8ed in hard 2 read 8 pt cur5ive ƒont + reɘlly eXpen$ivo meanwile mom orderd 1 5hampain + vodka ƨo U\i 5aid ju5t 5hampain (evɘn tho U\i already had th ½-0pen bot-L U\i ƒelt obliged 2 drink b4 iT went ƒlat) + then mom also orderd a «db draƒt» beɘr baↄk ƨo U\i ch-changed R order + said U\id rather just halve 1 beer + a GERM-N shepHerd = peɘring over a wall @ us + then when U\i made i contaↄt Đog got X-sited + jumped over + 5at on a chair next 2 us + turnd in2 Goat dat seams th 5heepherd waz ment 2 heard (oↄcupatoinal haƵard) ƨo U\i pickd up Goat 2 re:turn 2 them 2 riteƒul oner navig8ing baↄk alleys til U\i ƒound anti-M but they ≠ souprized or gr8ƒul az iF X = typical B-havior 4 Goat + az U\i maid R weigh baↄk in2 th restraunt sum 1 U\i a-parently nu stoppd U\i + introduced us 2 a bunch oƒ other ppl @ their tabel + we maid 5mall tock + U\i tried 2 know a veil 2 pry R-5elƒ a way ƒROM th conversestation 2 get baↄk 2 mom b/c U\i ƒelt bad we hadnt had a chants even 2 say high + then U\i ƒinally got back 2 the tabel + apoLogiƶed 4 B-ing held up [||]

[●]> La5t nite []ed The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar + Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World + yestrday + 2day halve bin []ing (via tXt) X by John Cage ƨo gess iT makes 5ense U\i (ware in N ideal world «U\i» = uniCode CHARactor 4 uniↄode LoGo iT5elƒ ( ) witch D.N.Ǝ. FYi) shd be[●]ing X post az 1 cont ous:
Mesostic / problem is in HTML it = pane in th arse 2 do
Even tho U\i 5witched 2 X mono5paced ƒont (1 re-son U\i con5idered
SwitChing 2 Consolas 2-3 po5ts ago its hard 2 get th 5pacing 5pot
On + evɘn iF U think U did iT mite appear
Skewed/sQuid on anOther browser + on a phone all bets = oƒƒ +
To add 5paces 1 cant ju5t hit 5pacebar but has 2 go
in2 th code + type   ovɘr + over + sure 1 can
Copy + pa5te but then U 5pend more TiME getting th
Spacing rite then w/ word5mything or u can justiƒy Reƒt witch =

an acrostic + 2 th Light iTs a telestich witch involves a shiƒT
in thinking b/c 1 now has 2 con5ider how th ƒinull word oƒ th linE
ƎNDs + X can reek havoc in HTML
iF 1 Usess CSS (Cascading StylE
) + theres ju5t 2 many unnone conseQuences 2 take in2 accounT
[●]ing az 5uch Y ((@ least in HTML) i
/U 5tick 2 str8 up tXt + wont a-tempt N eN-tire mesosostiC
bLog po5t aint dat loco but U\i do dig sucH

in hour extraCurricular eXploits (az Cage said (in sew many words) iT ƒrees [●]ing ƒROM in-10). . . @ N-E r8 U get th idea > U\i 5till = o5cill8ing w/ what 2 [●] next . . . in th la5t po5t U\i mentioned th 2 overarChing projeX U\i = working on (U/X + i5BN) but now iT seams a 3rd = in order b/c when U\i go baↄk + re[] mine notes U\i ƒined ½-ƒinished projeX dat dont ƒit sew EƵ in E-there buckit + ƨo [●]ed a ƒew pgs (in mesostics) based on what U\i [●]ed in po5t 766 ... although U\i did end up [●]ing i.Ø («i point ƵerØ» . . . witch = ƒree 2 [] online + sum oƒ those pgs (220 ÷ 4 = 55, 2 B X-act) got ƒoldid in2 4ier X-4ms) during th p&demic + bi th TiME U\i ƒishined iT th ƒineL product in nØ weigh rea55embled th 5orↄe ¢ode or in another 5ense N ind-X in decks (1 4 each deckaid)

> 5ame = true in Ark Codex ±Ø + A Raft Manifest + mo5t evɘrything U\i halve ɘver writ-1Ø in th past deckaid or 2 . . . we (baↄk 2 1st persun plural 2 acct 4 all X various guises witch now U\i ƒeeL ƨo Đ-tached ƒROM) 5pend yrs working on N underLying tXt dat ends up unĐ-cipherable when ƒinished . . . 1 day wheel [●] a book dat = unadulter8ed tXt . . . ƒameus la5t words we probly say evry time we set out 2 [●] sumthing nu but X TiME U\i mean iT about i5BN—2 B writ-10 in pure 5orce uniↄode

> 5peaking oƒ 5ourↄe code (th book oƒ witch ƒueled th overarChing projeↄt) Michael Salu's Red Earth just L&ed!

Michael Salu, Red Earth

+ X eXcerpt (th proLog in ƒact) = publiↄhed in The Paris Review

10/17> + 5peaking oƒ REAĐ EARTH / evry 10/17 U\i think oƒ th 1989 Loma Prieta earthQuake witch like 9/11 seams a signiƒicant marker in R persunull timeLine / litteruley R whirld = 5haken (but naught 5tirred) re-emUrging a diƒƒrent persun > alƨo red 2 other Subito books: Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night by Tracy DeBrincat (stories) + Man Years by Sandra Doller (poems)

X, John Cage

10/20> U\i (5peaking now as a 5ound ƒury) halve bin previewing more than 1 traↄk per week ƒROM TiME5 EĐiT but 5ound ƒuries will be travelling next week 4 a ƒew weeks (a55uming the world dozen't implode b4 then) ƨo getting ahead oƒ R-5elves ƨo we can 5lack oƒƒ in th Black Seas . . . hear = traↄk # 10 > woe-B-gone Đayzzz tho we 4got 2 write down wut we = doing but iT all = R'N'R (i.e. Đ-Riverative hues uv dblues) + lyrix just abt nostalgic/wistful longing 4 bedder dayƵ

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