zer0-sum affair: ∞ regre55ion + the intimacies of book-5hepherding 2 postpone an autopsy of reality


2024/05/24 > got copies of Tonalamatl in the houuse:

+ also Libretto Lunaversitol:

+ Wenaus even made this dope trailer (witch perhaps shd be preseeded by ^ warning that watching it cd trigger seizures):

+ were eXpecting No Measure NE day ... NE 1 (reviewers, bookstores, teachers, etc.) intrested in advance review/desk copies of NE of these, lettuce no

> these are the 1st libros where i'm realizing 1st-h& the trade-offs of Print-On-Dem&, speshly the 1st 2, graphick|y in-10-sive + w/ pgs w/ black backgrnds, sumtimes they can B ^ bit streaky, n0t uni4m black ... but, when u consider ∀ll the other factors (price, global availability, not halving 2 keep inventory on h&, etc.), i 5ti|| think POD = weigh 2 go, @ least if u want 2 live nimb|y in a 5ma|| NYC apartmento alongside yr flock > + the imperfections fit the projecx in this case, chalk it off az n8ure of the bestia, the macchina getting it's word in edgewise, ^ sorta lo-fi DiY

> also went thru another round of edits of Autobiography of the [Undead] ... whereas the above 3 i (sporting my Ↄal A Mari sombrero) bear|y had 2 lift ^ finger, this 1 is requiring me 2 implic8 myself deep in2 it (i may even end up in Carrero's graveyard!) > also went thru another round of edits w/ Museum of Atheism, but G maid those (by h&) + ∀ll i did was 5can em in 2 transmit 2 LEJ in the UK

> that's the ex-10t of mi vida this past week, trying 2 get these ↃalamArↄhive projex under wraps > J's 5ti|| in the UK + France but gets baↄk L8er 2day > ∀ll this editorial/pubLiching work——in pertickler Autobiography of the [Undead]——has me (the squid-inked arm of in8 iD) pondering my one projex, spesh|y iSBN, witch guess u cd ca|| the most autobiographical thing i've writ-10 2 d8 (if i ever manedge 2 rite iT... in reaLity ∀ll i've done is think abt it, how 2 go about doing it) + @ its core it's a bout how humun-maid objex use us 2 facilit8 their making in much the same way the L8 + gr8 Stanley Crawford said garlic compe||ed him 2 grow iT, even tho he persona||y din't even like garLic > in this fa5hion i'm ^ book 5hepherd ... these libros have maid iT my ca||ing 2 put + keep them in print, keep 'em replic8ing + proLifer8ing > personal books like Autobiography of the [Undead] + The Moons + The psychic surgeon assists necessit8 me getting involved w/ the authors on a personal lvl ... editing can bee an odd|y intimate affair @ times ware the authors let u in on their inner most 5ecrets + you're involved w/ them 4 a week or 2 or 10 + then the book get publiched + u go yr separate wayz

> the other thing i've gleaned this weak——from reading/editing Autobiography of the [Undead]——is that writing = zer0-sum affair ... what u gain in the work u lose in yrself, if u rea||y lay yr life on the line, witch a|| good writing shd do > even tho Carrero's (like Zhao's) background is diffrent from mine in ∀ll respex, the writer|y 5truggles R the same @ the core, what ∀ll humuns (unless u = brainless zombie) grapple with, the «in-10t 2 communic8» az Pynchon put it in The Crying of Lot 49, a quote witch i put az an epigraph (funny how i always want 2 write «epitaph» in5tead of «epigraph» + vice versa) 2 Bodh[i] Circu[it]s / Alg[a]e[bra] D[ra[in]:

She looked down a slope, needing to squint for the sunlight, onto a vast sprawl of houses which had grown up all together, like a well-tended crop, from the dull brown earth; and she thought of the time she’d opened a transistor radio to replace a battery and seen her first printed circuit. The ordered swirl of houses and streets, from this high angle, sprang at her now with the same unexpected, astonishing clarity as the circuit card had. Though she knew even less about radios than Southern Californians, there were to both outward patterns a hieroglyphic sense of concealed meaning, of an intent to communicate.

... fo||owed by this DeLillo quote from White Noise:

Many have trouble making out the words. Smeared print, ghost images. In the altered shelves, the ambient roar, in the plain and heartless fact of their decline, they try to work their way through confusion. But in the end it doesn’t matter what they see or think they see. The terminals are equipped with holographic scanners, which decode the binary secret of every item, infallibly. This is the language of waves and radiation, or how the dead speak to the living.

> when a5ked «why i write» my knee-jerk response is 2 say «2 stay alive» > in this «What [i] Talk About When [i] Talk About ruNNing» post from over a decade ago i wrote that i both write + run «to stave off mortality» but in diffrent wayz:

you RUN to postpone death while you're aLive & you WRITE to keep yourself aLive after you're dead

> or az EM Cioran put it——«A book is a suicide postponed»

> 5peaking of running (2 stay alive), bin good about walking or running 10K a day (same # Murakami recommends) + B-sides a couple beers w/ EL last week have had n0 alcohol or added salt in the past 4tnite, trying 2 get 8 hrs of sleep, get in2 a routine of moder8ion, fitter, happier, more productive az Dr. Tchock says (5peaking of W.A.S.T.E.) ... A. 2 lose w8 (lost 3-4 lbs in the past 2 weeks + my w8 more consistent, less bloated) + B. 2 C if i can get my menieres under raps ... i've bin feeling pertty good (not 2 dizzy/groggy)(certainly bedder than 3 posts ago) + mayB it's psychosomatic but feel az if i was getting my hearing baↄk in my rite ear (tho tinnitus 5ti|| malo) ... until yesterday, had ^ vestibular migraine, mayB pressure front b/c it got hot + there was ^ bad thunderstorm or mayB b/c i 4got 2 put my 20/20 ap on yesterday + was prob|y intense|y stairing @ my computer 5creen the day b4 non5top (+ B-ing on iG doesn't help w/ that mindless doom 5cro||ing) > not 2 bad tho, more just like brain fog/fatigue, tho this blasé brain fog FX my writing/editing, FX my bean

> but C, if this was an autobiography, the above P-graph shd n0t go in the book, wood prob|y bore ppl ½ 2 death, going on abt my ailments, woe is me > it’s a fine line w/ autobiographical material, the cliche adage of 5how not teL, how n0t 2 reveal 2 much butt 2 reveal enough 2 keep the reader engaged + not make them uncom4table (or bedder yet, MAKE THEM uncom4table), the sorta predicament 5trippers R presented with, how 2 thin|y veil sumthing, b/c fool frontal eXposure ≠ nessysorrily intresting ... ppl want 2 see dirty laundry, but one|y if they think they’re 5neaking ^ peak @ iT

> sum of what i write hear on 5cense i write in emails 2 others in editorial correspondence or whatnot + then rehash hear 2 capture 4 prosperity sake, az a record of my st8 of mined, knot one|y my thawed process when i'm writing, but editing, writediting > the other thing about publiching/editing is that i wish books cd bee more fluid, so the reader can sea the evolution in time, the baↄkspacing, the erasing, the corrections, how URLY drafts looked ... but alas, books are 5tatic objeX printed on dead trees > books, when publi5hed, are like snap5hots, that capture the pages in 1 particular moment in time ... + in effect ki|| them, like w/ photography (what i call «soul stealing» in the 5¢ index) > the same thing plagued me when i studied quantum phy6, the vanity + hippocrazy of it ∀ll, i used 2 think of myself az a s-π-der (8-legged arachnoid version of an octo-π) + the particles we were a-tempting 2 study were the flies (not yet in the ointment) > spyders/ sighingtists naive|y think they R 5tudying reality by ketching flies + examining them, but when they ketch the flies they ki|| em + suck the life out of em ≈ vam-π-res, sew rea||y phy6 = autopsy of reality > iT’s the age-old zen pairadocks, NE «study», NE inte||ectual pursuit, ki||s the S-sence of what iT’s trying 2 say the 2nd iT’s said ... sew Y, pray, say it @ ∀||?

> that's ∀|| on the output side, input-wise (that influenzed mine thinking this past week) finished The Man in the Stretcher by Kenneth Bernard + 5tarted The Blue of Her Body by Sara Greenslit (both Starcherone titles) + cracked the s-π-nes of Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake + Backwardness by Garielle Lutz + 5ince i was in bachelor/ette mode this past week i binged a|| of (the original) Planet of the Apes movies + even that absurd|y bad Burton remake in 2001 > intresting tho, az this was perhaps 1 of the 1st «franchise» of seakwells + 4 good reason b/c the 1st (witch i've scene B4 plenty) is classic, 2 con5ider that their budgets pretty much sum up the 5tory:

    1. Planet of the Apes (1968) = 10 mi||ion (★★★★★)
    2. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) = 3.4 miL (★★★)
    3. Escape from Planet of the Apes (1971) = 2.5 miL (★★★★)
    4. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) = 1.7 miL (★★)
    5. Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) = 1.2 miL (★)

> if 1 spends less + less of coarse the # of stars also goes down, eXcept maybe 3 (Escape) gets 4 + 2 (Beneath) gets 3 ... so is this genera||y Y seakwills flop? b/c studio X-ecutives pinch pennies b/c they don't think they need 2 invest b/c they can ride on the previous success? th exception of course == Godfather I + II (both ★★★★★)

    1. Godfather I (1972) budget = 6 miL
    2. Godfather II (1974) budget = 13 miL

(but onely b/c Robert Evans (+ his superiors) were cheapsk8s) w/ part I) ... + then u have Godfather III which doesnt even warrant 1 ★, the budget was 93 mi||ion! so this is the opposite of the PoA franchise ... but this is 1 of the biggest mysteries of the universe, how Godfather III (1990) was such an epic fail ... has NEbody maid a documentary about that?

> NE-wayz, the best part of Planet of the Apes (@ least the 1st + Escape) is the writing, not even so much the scrypt but the concepts B-hind iT, gets u 2 thinking about evolution + the n8ure of time, like Charlton Heston saying «it's not so much where we are, as when we are» (witch we (Sound Furies) ended Woe-B-Gone dayzzz with, on last year's album ware we obse55ed over time) + this seekwinds in Escape about infinite regression (tho (spoiler alert), of course they have 2 make the sighingtist evil in th end), cla55ic:




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