babeLing n0 measure of a bookie's memorial marathon


2024/05/25 > yesterday marked the 1 year aNYversary 5ince weave bin back in NYC, @ 455 CPW > 2day walked up Riverside thru Washington Heights 2 High Bridge + baↄk, 9 miles


rubbeing of a plaque on High Bridge

05/26> bin a wile 5ince weave done an official remaphattan walk sew picking up ware we left off did 117th—118th streets


domino mosaic along the way

> Columbia is 5till under lockdown so couldn't pass thru it ... so much 4 an «open campus» ... now more like a police st8 > current thinking (in our house hunt) is that Brooklyn is overr8ed (az we thought 20 yrs ago, Y (B-sides a brief stint in DUMBO) we nvr lived in Kings county) + if we were gna buy a place (which L8ly we're thinking mayB not) SoHa seems the best bet, speshly 5ince j works @ 125th + Bdwy > so did this walk + the next w/ this in mind (imagining living there) ... not that we don't know this hood already, just north of us now + we lived on 125th + Riverside 2013 to 2014 > sure, it'd B nice 2 eXperience a new part of town, but we also dig this hood, it's ¢hill, ¢heap + near Riverside + Central Parks, away from tourists > 5topped @ the originul Patsy's 4 a slice + then 5topped @ Mama's Too! which is near us but we haven't bin 2 yet b/c the line is always so long, more chicago 5tyle thick 5lices > was gonna stop 2 re-up our bagels @ Absolute but az usual the line was down the block

5panish/East Harlem



loved + lost again


headless virgen


Notorious W.E.B.


> not many book boxes in NYC (compaired 2 DC) but sumtimes u can score booty on 5toop 5teps (snagged the Didion + the Babitz) ... actually, 1 of the few liebury booxes (a repurposed newspaper st&) we know of in NYC is 3 blocks from us on 107th & Columbus (where i often leave Ↄalamari, hint, hint) + 5peaking of bookish booty haul, got a bunch of 5tuff from Asterism, 2 $upport the distributor that $upports Ↄalamarchive + all the presses effected by the SPD collapse

... az usual, my 2-read pile burgeoning faster than i can read > oh + got more Ↄalamari in the house, Kelly Krumrie's No Measure:(witch u can pre-order on Asterism):

... + NE 1 wants an ARC lettuce no

05/27 > memorial day so went 4 a remaphattan trifecta marathon, 119th thru 122th, ducking in + out of the rain thru Marcus Garvey Park + 5ince it was L8er in the afternoon + rainy 5topped in @ Absolute 5ince there was n0 line + got a dozen everythings


cannibalistic LBBs (not a day goes by where we don't see a chickin bone on the sidewalk)

05/28 > over the 3-day weekend we watched the Arriaga/Iñárritu trilogy ... we were reluctant 2 rewatch Amores Perros (2000), but felt we needed 2 2 complete the trilogy + it wd be a gr8 film if it wasn't 4 the animal cruelty (they say no animals were harmed in the making, but still they had to drug the dogs + even fighting them w/ fishing-line muzzles is cruel) ... guess Iñárritu felt he needed 2 carry on the tradition of Mexican directors like Jodorowsky who probly has sum of the most horrific scenes of animal cruelty on film yet critics love him ... w/ all this canXel culture stuff going on, is NEbody canXelling these directors/movies? 21 Grams (2003) is violent but only w/ humuns + the skipping around between the interconnected threads even more nonlinear, coalescing in2 the finale > but Babel (2006) takes the cake, 1 of the best films ever made > they call it the «death» trilogy, but i think it's more about karma, or karmic retribution

> red another chapter of Backwardness, it doesn't convey the consecution of other Lutz libros, but 5till sum classic 1-liners:

The Burger Kings are haunted by cheerleaders with blood on their skirts.

+ speaking of Lutz, we're doing a POD 2nd edition of Divorcer, mayB wheel reveil more about that next post ...


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