LAX w/o a cause/car 2 SBA 2 B Lynched from another place


2024/07/06 > day 3 of R eXperiment beeing in LA w/o ^ car, walked up 2 Griffith Observatory then continued thru the hills 2 the H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sine barely visible thru the smog, even close up > then back down, 8 huevos rancheros + went 2 Counterpoint books + records > 10 mile walk, 11 or 12 miles for the day



vu in2 nada-ness


where the rebel didn't have a cause





down thru HollywoodL&



Counterpoint showing Tyrant books sum full-frontal luv

> L8er, met up w/ R + went 2 Atwater, 1st went to Alias Books (R's friends w/ the owner), then 8 middle-eastern @ Dune > then back 2 Hollywood 2 a gallery on Melrose, saw «Dog Show» which was not a dog show but an art opening of art about dogs

portrait de l'artiste avec un chien

> then back across town (R driving + acting az tour guide, 5howing us 5ecret 5pots + the ridiculous mansions in Hancock Park, built by the 1st waspy blue-blood uber-rich colonizers of LA > then 2 Filipino town 2 see Horse Lords @ 2220 Arts + Archives ... weird 2 see Horse Lords in LA, now have seen them in DC, Baltimore + LA but not NYC (we were gone when they played there last week)

Horse Lords @ 2220 Arts + Archives


07/07 > metro B from Western/Hollywood 2 Union Stn (a few more ppl than last time, but 5till 4 the most M-T) 2 ketch a train 2 Santa Barbara





> w8ing @ the stn + on the train red David Lynch: The Man from Another Place by Dennis Lim ... picked it up @ Alias books, figured it appropriate, 2 eXperience LA thru Lynch's eyes

DFW's take on Lynch/Reagan

> the book also quotes Nicholas Rombes (who has 2 Ↄalamari books 4thcoming):

> most of the trip thru the valley, but then after Oxnard hit the mighty Pacific, busy w/ leftovers from 4th of July weekend (Sunday) > saw dolphins + sea lions from the train

LA river


> arrived SBA, got a room near the beach, walked out on the pier (crazy they let so many cars drive out on it ... shd B pedestrian only, no?) > had sea urchin (so fresh, the spines were still moving), oysters + clams + bottle of local white wine (Margerum Sybarite Sauvignon Blanc) @ SB Shellfish co. > walked north + got tar on R feet (oil spilt from offshore rigs?) + back, 8+ miles > watched It's Complicated (b/c it takes places in Santa Barbara)


pure bliss





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