Falling Down across the jank + swank of LA sin coche


2024/07/04 > arrived LAX (by train), got on 5ubway to Hollywood/Western, dropped bags off @ Cara Hotel then went out walking, generally west on Hollywood + then up in2 Laurel Canyon, rehydr8ed @ the infamous Country 5tore > then continued along Sunset strip, past Chateau Marmont, Whiskey-a-go-go, Viper room, then down in2 West Hollywood, reflecting on days @ Napster when i was bi-coastal, 1 week a month @ the West Hollywood office > came back + 8 @ Ruen Pair, insanely good Thai, 1 of the best meals we've had in recent memory, spicy clams, morning glory, larb ... LA definitely has NYC beat w/ Thai, + perhaps most other Asian + Mexican cuisines



where River Phoenix died







> not only R we not going 2 drive cars in LA, we're not going 2 take pics of cars, sorta like those CAPTCHA tests 2 distinguish if you're humun or machine > but here's a driverless contraption delivering packages ... apparently this happens often in LA b/c these ppl didn't seem 2 even notice:

07/05 > walked all the way to La Brea Tarpits, feeling like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, weird mix B-tween jank + swank > past Paramount Studios + the Hollywood cemetary, saw graves of Dee Dee + Johnny Ramone, Chris Cornell, Judy Garland (w/ a ruby red slipper in front of it), etc. > went 2 the Academy museum + saw eXhibit on John Waters + other movie-making kitsch > then walked all the way back, stopping on Melrose 4 sum tacos ... long slog, hot + smoggy, about 14 miles, so definitely a marathon of LA street walking over the past 2 days, 15 or 16 miles on the day

route du jour



cemetary guard


D D Ramone in Hollywood Cemetary (tho seems Queens wd be more appropriate?)



Burt Reynolds POV



tar pits


Automotive Museum


Divine Russian doll


notes 4 scratch'n'sniff cards (which we have yet to smell 1st h&)


Coppola's notes reading Puzo's book


Godfather's desk



C3PO (also saw the original WALL-E)





trying not 2 read the daily noose, but the writing's on the wall


> L8er met R, he picked us up, so blew our no-car 5treak > went 2 Santo Sushi in Silverlake, then had Gelato, then 2 Skylight books in Los Feliz + then the Dresden, where K used 2 take me (also where they hang in Swingers) > weird/cool 2 see R, K's best friend, haven't seen him since K died, provided some continuity/closure

bouncer @ the Dresden reading DFW ... only in LA


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