reassembling a fugitive from incoming tides @ the pelican colony


2024/07/08 | Santa Barbara > walked south, barefoot along the beach > 2 the point where the beach was narrow + the waves reached outcrops + not knowing the tides in this area we turned back ... sure, we cd ask Siri, but we didn't know if U cd get trapped by the incoming tide > 1st time this far along the beach > turned back + then went in along a marsh with blue-billed Ruddy ducks tapping the water in courtship display > up in2 the cemetary, saw a fox, scavenging > the cemetary on a bluff overlooking the ocean ... @ this r8 of coastal erosion, some of these graves must @ sum point fall in2 the ocean? on2 the same beach we turned back on b/c we didn't know the tides







> continued back north, stopped 2 take a swim > even tho they've warned of record highs in Santa Barbara 2day + yesterday, feels cold 2 us > marine layer, fog, 60° > fish tacos on Leadbetter beach, @ Shoreline Beach Cafe > feet in the sand > dinner @ Arigato Sushi + then watched 20th Century Women, gr8 Santa Barbara film by Mike Mills

uni, roe + quail egg 5hot

> reading Fugitive Assemblage by Jennifer Calkins, good 2 read road-tripping in Cali4nia, tho we're not running away from anything ... or are we? do we have a dead body in R trunk? Calkins starts her dark gourney in Santa Maria, a stone's throw from Pismo Beach (our destination 2morrow), tho from there she went north + we're going south, saying in Solvang (wildfires permitting) > akin 2 Australian Aborigines, while Calkins travels the L&scape she retraces her genealogy, of antsisters b4 her (witch was my interpret8ion of what was in the trunk from the getgo, or the propag8ion (or lack thereof) of genetic lineage > peeps on my mom's side also Cali4nian going way back (tho further north in gold country (Placer county)) > another book that pa55es the jealousy test (meaning i wood halve published it) + it was even blurbed by Thor!

> pushed on2 Pismo Beach, when we went 2 get our car all they had was an electric + 5ince we were eXperimenting trying not 2 use a car az much az possible (4 the sake of the environment) we said Y not ... nvr driven an L-ectric car b4, a Hyundai iONiQ 5 > 4 starters they gave it 2 us not fully charged, it had 138 miles left on the charge, but 5ince it was 83 miles to Pismo we figured @ least we cd find a charging station there > but az we drove we realized this estim8ed # was D-creasing way faster than the mileage left 2 our destin8ion ... @ almost twice the r8! trying 2 google where the compatible charging stations were seemed daunting (plenty 4 Teslas, but 4 other types U had 2 decipher all the jargon, far from 1 plug fits all) so we called another Avis in Sta Maria + told them we were eXchanging this piece of 5hit + barely made it 2 Sta Maria (where Jennifer Calkins started her gourney in the above book, in a beat-up Honda (or was that the other roadtrip book we just red?)) > so our short-lived eXperiment w/ an L-ectric car lasted 65 miles, ½ az far az the charge predicted

> we also had 2 check the Cali4nia fire map az a big fire (the Lake Fire) is raging B-tween Santa Barbara + Pismo ... ashes were L&ing on us while we 8 sushi the night B4

> last time i was in Pismo solo b/c we were meeting j in L.A. + driving down 2 meat her + being that she's the clam lover figured i had 2 take her 2 the world-famous clam destination (tho «Pismo» means tar in Chumash (the rightful original inhabitants of this area)) > arrived + got a room overlooking the ocean, nestled in a seabird colony, surrounded by pelicans, seagulls + cormorants (+ all their nitrous droppings) > rite away spotted a whale + got all eXcited + then realized they were all over the place + then b8-balls wd 4m + the birds wd go crazy + then the whales + seals, it was a phenomena, such a thriving ecosystem ... we'd only seen a b8-ball like this maybe 1x before near Santa Cruz + here they'd sprout up every 10 minutes > the # of times i saw whales in my yrs living in Santa Cruz i cd probly count on 2 h&s + usually gray whales way off in the distance when you'd go 2 select spots + w8 > these are humpbacks, i think, just having a feeding frenzy > we asked sum locals + they said they'd nvr seen anything like this so guess we just got lucky > even az i write this there's whales breaching only a few 100 ft away ... hard 2 write, hard 2 do N-E-thing, yesterday hard 2 walk b/c we kept stopping 2 watch the wails





> eventually walked in2 town + 8 @ Cracked Crab, got a bucked of clams Pismo is famous 4 + dungeness crab (witch we think are infinitely better than blue crabs that MaryL& brags about), they dump it all out rite on the table

> then went on2 the pier 4 more wail action, lots of gawkers enjoying the spectacle, then further down the beach stopping 2 swim a few times

> dinner we 8 @ Ventana Grill, watchined the whales az we 8 enchiladas + ceviche (the view gr8, the food not-so-good, j's chowder in particular was awful), washed down w/ a sauvignon blanc (Brander) from nearby Los Olivos



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