travel notes 66: X-posing yrself 2 the L-ements in yr face


2024/06/29 : 2nd nite in Monument Valley we watched the 5unset out on the 5ame 5tretch of road where Gump gave up on running




06/30 > woke up + left by 5am, thru the rez ... sad, the lvl of poverty, the only nice bldgs are tribal council, 5chools + admin bldgs, the rest trailers or ramshackle sanford + son situations w/ no trees or plants > hit Canyon de Chelly around 7am ... the last time j + i went to Canyon de Chelly (in 1995) we were fighting (early in R relationship) so didnt Njoy it az much az we shd of, so good 2 go back + properly appreci8 iT > we also dint have a camraw in those dayz, witch maybe is az things shd B?






> continued on backroads thru the rez, mountainous w/ lakes + rock formations ... beautiful drive, past Window Rock

Window Rock surrounded by tribal admin bldgs

> followed backroads az much az we cd tel we hit I-40 ... n0t many other options, n0 fun driving on interst8s > when we got 2 the out5kirts of Albuquerque followed route 66 ... far 5ketchier than we remember (az U get further east), throngs of unhoused ppl, prosti2tes, really down + out ... something about seeing such blight in midday heat really D-pressing, gangs of hobopunks + addicts gathering + nodding off in whatever shade they cd find, some of them throwing rocks @ cars or st&ing in the D-vider on the verge of falling in2 the road, panh&lers in wheelchairs wheeling str8 in2 busy intersexions, complete bedlam, almost felt like a comedy 5kit parody, new jack city shit > meanwhile cars w/ AC + closed windows + locked doors drive by on the way from Whole Foods 2 their pre-fab suburban homes ... az usual, all this makes us glad we live in NYC, where everything is in yr face, eXposed 2 the5e L-ements ... what's the 1st Buddhist noble truth, underst&ing suffering? if u ignore such things, you're n0t humun > this seems 2 happen whenver we leave NYC, NYC 2 us doesnt seem nearly so unhinged (we say, even after the incident a few weeks ago (just 5topped taking my blood eXposure meds yesterday)), more predictable, seems there's other drugs @ work in the rest of Amerika, crystal meth or whatever making ppl psychotic, scratching uncontrollably + lashing out, 5creaming like animals, seen it half a dozen times this trip, disheveled ppl completely losing their 5hit + yelling + swinging arms > we've probly said this B4, but it's like how in NYC U trust dogs won't bite (otherwise they wd have been taken off the 5treets), same goes w/ ppl u encounter on the streets of NYC, but N-E-where else in Amerika? add guns 2 the equation, n0 fun

along route 66 near El Bosque


> we're thinking all this b/c we're contempL8ing a 2nd home (2 live for the 8 months when j doesn't need 2 teach @ Columbia), but the more we travel 2 inner Amerika the more we realize we cdn't live N-E-where else, at least not New Mexico > 4 starters there's the car thing, which alone prohibits us from living N-E-where else + the above unhoused rant ties in2 that, B-sides not wanting 2 have 2 drive everywhere, we want 2 B eXposed 2 humanity, even in it's suffering, don't want 2 live in sum bubble ignoring all these things ... + then there's the inevitable Drumpf situation looming, witch is EZier 2 ignore out5ide of Amerika (perhaps buying N-E-where in Amerika == bad idea rite now?)

> 5taying @ the Indian-owned Sandia Casino, perhaps the 1st time staying in a hotel in Albuquerque > kids next door screaming + running around the halls until 1 or 2 a.m. ... that's when i'm glad i'm deaf in 1 ear so i can roll over w/ my good ear in2 the pillow ... at least we got the room comped

07/01 > happy July, woke up early + did the South Piedra Lisa hike, on the north end of the Sandias > of all the times in Albuquerque, we nvr went hiking b/c the ppl we were visiting weren't in2 such things ... unless u count the time i ran the Albquerque Marathon which went thru the foothills + the base of the Sandias


> then we did the Embudito canyon loop, further south in the Sandias > @ 1st eXposed, up a ridge, then looping down thru the shadier canyon, lots of butterflies + bumblebees b/c of the recent rains > both hikes around 4.5 miles, about 10 miles on the day


th ostrich author sucking water str8 from the ground

> here begins dry July, kicked it off by having an esse locum beer (to wash down chile rellenos) @ El Pinto ... now our «vacation» becomes more about recharging + getting in 5hape > got a headstart b/c we didn't drink the past few nites (no alcohol out on the rez/Utah) + 4 the past few dayz only been eating 1 meal a day + walking/hikng at least 10km if not 10 miles or more, 2 see if we can lose 10 lbs, sleep bedder + make our menieres get bedder, if n0t go away > dizzy + bad tinnitus past few dayzzz, otherwise feeling OK

> rewatched Thelma + Louise b/c it was a roadtrip movie filmed in these parts

01/02 > 5witched to El Vado motel, on route 66 near the Rio Grande > went 4 a walk/run in El Bosque, about 5 miles walking/5 miles running (i ran ahead when j turned back b/c of her neuromas)

the muddy Rio Grande w/ actual water in it (times b4 we've seen it basically just a wash)


> fini5hed reading Sister Golden Calf by Colleen Burner, out by the pool, appropri8 book 2 B reading in these parts, come 2 think of it sorta like Thelma + Louise but it's 2 sisters vagabonding around New Mexico (more in the New Mexico L&scape east of Albuquerque, where we went this roadtrip) bartering M-T jars (M-T of substance, but not promises + ideas) 4 gas money > in the acknowledgements, Burner thanks Stanley + Rose Mary Crawford, seems Colleen stayed on their garlic farm, yet another testament 2 the influenze of the L8 + gr8 Stanley Crawford, B-yond just his writing or garlic-growing (K + A, who we just saw up in Santa Fe, also talked about the Crawfords az if they were 2nd family) > in light of what i said in post 1157, Sister Golden Calf pa55es the jealousy test (meaning i (Cal) wi5hed Ↄalamari publi5hed iT)

> the namesake «calf» reminded us of «The Thing», but that's further south + west ... if «The Thing» is 5till even a thing? wheel nvr know b/c we opted 2 take the train 2 LA instead of driving (4 reasons we went in2 above)

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