NYC > NM : half-drowned travel notes in the book of webs


2024/06/19 > to to Graham Ave in W-burg, on the train there + back red the half-drowned by Trynne Delaney, tran5ported 2 ^ water-logged jank-filled diasporic dystopia

> met M + L @ the Richardson, S-caping the heat 4 a drink, then 2 Llama Inn, fancy Peruvian in sum sorta greenhouse that left me craving pizza even after 8 x $25 dishes (4 4 ppl)...

6/22 > was gonna go eat sushi + see Mary Shelley @ Mercury Lounge but 2 hot 2 schlep down there + train is all fucked up on weekends > instead made Indian food + rewatched Chinatown 2 get us in the spearit 4 LA > also watched Southpark: The End of Obesity, 2 in5pire us 2 lose w8 haha

> in the last post when i showed my 2-read pile, i didn't mention the slush pile witch i, Cal A. Mari, actua||y read ... nvr hired n0 intern 2 do the dirty work b/c thi5 di5covery is the best part (currently contempl8ing a manuscript by Areshy Young that very well may B the next 4thcoming Ↄalamari) ... granted 99% of iT = 5hit > thi5 undoubted|y FX my «pleasure» reading, the cursory habit of 5kimming, glossing over > then w/ recreational reading i find myself thinking, n0t bad but i wdn't publish this, or the true test is the jealousy test, weather i wi5hed Ↄalamari was the 1 to publich iT

book of webs on the web, in a bathroom in Santa Fe

6/24 > LGA error port ... haven't bin on a plane in @ least 1 year, 5ince weave bin in NYC ... + i dont think i've flown domestically since the p&emic > reading The Book of Webs by Jesse Kohn ... 5peaking of reading unpubliched manu5cripts, Kohn may have sent this 2 me when i (Cal) was n0t in ^ position 2 publich iT (where iT = in4mation Techknowledgey), but we've published him in Sleepingfish x1 or x2 > 4 ^ while when i was thinking of who'd bee ^ good person 2 hire 2 assist w/ Ↄalamari when we moved overseas Kohn came 2 mind, b/c he seemed 5mart + eager + ^ fan of all things Ↄalamari > in th acknowledgements he 1st lists Peter Markus, Stanley Crawford + myself in that order ... it may have been Crawford that led Kohn 2 Ↄalamari, since Kohn is from Santa Fe (if i remember correctly) > or mayB he took Markus's class, cant remember > sum gr8 self-referential 5tuff on the making of books

(Denver error port) > yes, we are all book factories, corrupted by whatever impulse, just like how i remember Stanley Crawford telling me he grew garlic b/c garlic 5poke 2 him + told him 2 grow it even tho he doesn't didn't even like eating iT

the web woven across the st8s



> s-π-ers == octo-π of the in5ect whirled, mayB they don't have 9 brains or 3 hearts but they 5pin octoganoal webs connecting the real whirled w/ the quantum lattice of 5pace time > Kohn has arachnobia, or had arachnophobia until he wrote Book of Webs > i fear scorpions more than i fear s-π-ers > we had a s-π-er (named «008») in our house in D.C. that i con5idered capturing + bringing w/ us 2 NYC when we moved last year + wish we did az sad|y we dont have many s-π-ers in our NYC apartment

2/25 | Santa Fe> nvr did get a chance 2 go to New Mexico since publiching Travel Notes, had planned on 5pending time on Stanley Crawford's farm in nearby Dixon a # of times inklooting during the p&emic, but plans always fell thru + now he's moved on2 greener pastures in the 5ky > 1st time flying in2 Santa Fe so we got the aerial perspektive > got a jeep + drove 2 the El Dorado hotel then 8 @ the Plaza Cafe ... sew much 4 losing w8 this trip, felt like we gained 5 lbs, not ^ good 5tart > Plaza Cafe n0t az good az we member, or have R taste buds evolved? can't eat these big heavy/cheesy/piggy platters of food NE more + hear we were complaining about frou frou foodie food that leaves u craving pizza ... is there n0 happy medium?

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