Primary colors, ghost cacti + apocalyptic smoke in The Museum of Atheism on Red Earth


6/8/23: Been painting the last few days, tho we can't open windows to let fumes out b/c it's worse outside than in w/ all the fires in Quebec blowing down over us... feels apocalyptic, so dark at times can barely see to paint. There's no lights in this place except in the entryway + halls + bathrooms + we can't hang anything from the ceiling, so next phase is to go out + ramp up our lamp collection. Even though they told us we couldn't hang anything from the ceiling we tried anyways + discovered it's solid concrete, which from a sound POV is a good thing, but no hanging lights (which we have a few of, that might have to go in storage, unless we get angle brackets). We're just painting accent walls, doors + strips of molding here + there just to mix things up (was all white when we moved in), here's the colors we're using:

The pink is for the man-cave, to match our guitar. And speaking of earthy red, here's the cover for Red Earth.

We're in the process of acquiring the original cover art, needs to be shipped from Berlin. Anyone interested in an ARC of Red Earth let us know.

6/12: More painting, building furniture, etc. Yesterday went lamp shopping + while we were down near 29th street came back w/ this blue ghost cactus we brought home on the train (tho in this light it doesn't look so blue... maybe b/c our camera is color-correcting):

Joni (b/c they're blue + 2 cacti JOINed as 1 at the hip)

Just getting to the point where we're starting to place bric-a-brac + hang art. In the evenings watching stuff on our fancy big screen. Started to watch new Avatar: Way of Water, but got disgusted after 5 minutes... so dumb. Much as we like otters + Meerkat Manor, also only lasted about 5 minutes into Otter Dynasty, so cheesy. Finished Chimp Empire series, which had great footage. Watched Please Give, good NYC movie, hadn't seen it before. Watched The Salesman night before, 1 of better movies we've seen in a while, Iranians are some of better film makers in the world. Started to watch Our Universe series, which is fricking awesome. Also started to watch Arnold, which is interesting. Murder in the Coalfield we got bored of after 10 minutes. We finished out season 3 of The Great, but it got worse + worse, especially after [SPOILER ALERT] they kill off the best character on the show.

Re-read LE Joyce's Museum of Atheism w/ an eye to re-issuing it, since Salt Publishing let it go out of print... why not have Museum of Atheism rubbing covers w/ The Luminol Reels in the Ↄalamari archive? Especially w/ this new POD paradigm, it's EZ enough, no skin off our back.

We have other Ↄalamari "no-kill-shelter" news in the works, but not ready to officially announce anything yet.

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