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3/14/23> 3:06 AM + we, narr8or of this entry #1077, can't 5leep. We're sleeping alone b/c our significant other (hereby none as Ƨ.O.) is off in the alps of that neutral, expensive + boring country. We write Ƨ.O. baↄkwords 2 also conjure oper8ing system, as in Her. Did we reveil the gender of R Ƨ.O.? We've referred 2 them b4 az bedder-½ b/c they're the 1 out trying 2 make the world a bedder place. But R bedder-½ is naught occupying their ½ of the bed. They are still w/ us tho + us w/ them, thru the magic of memary.

We a-tempt 2 emuL8 a certain style hear b/c we R under the spell of [title] by [name of author], a book that is never really about N-E-thing eXcept the reading of the book itself. Hear's an excerpt to give U N iDea:

Good luck searching 4 [title] by [name of author]on Google or Amazon! This reader-turned-narr8or got [title] by [name of author] from Asterism, 2 test the UX (user experience) of the site/fulfillment process, by ordering a selection of boox from the presses in the collective, this being 1 of them, published by Sublunary editions. And now by U reading this, U recre8 the UX. The only other Sublunary book we'd red b4 was Undula by Bruno Schulz + mayB 1 of the Cortázar books (Sublunary has published a bunch), whose Hopscotch is what prompted the nonlinear restructuring of U/X, the book narr8or is currently working on. In fact, we reached the X-act ½-way point 2day. Not sure when we'll continue w/ the 2nd ½ ... might take a break from it, try 2 publish excerpts + the 1st ¼ of it az a st&-alone book... D-tails of that TBD. We digress from the voice of [name of author]... there are no details in [title], no particulars, so guess it's not an accurate portrayal. [title] is always about U the reader reading it. There are sum particulars, like captions w/ names of artworks by none artists, but there are no images above these captions. And references to other books/movies/art ≈ Woman Under the Influence.

Speaking of Asterism, this afternoon they received the shipment of boox from SPD, all 17 boxes! What a relief, they weighed heavy on R mined. Now we can't blame the F8 of these boox 4 R insomnia, now we got n0 eXcuse. Narr8or's dizziness/tinnitus is the only thing keeping us up now, perhaps caused by this lack of sleep, in a viscous pyschle... R tinnitus has reached epic proportions. Last night we tried to foke us on it, rather than ignore it, really concentr8ing on the innuendos + overtones of the high pitch ringing + it occured 2 us that perhaps it's not a disability, but a special ability. R rite ear may B deaf 2 the goings on in the reel whirled, but it's tooned to a special freakwindsea no 1 else can here, az if it's N-10-a picking up transmissions from outer 5pace... @ least this is how we justify it in R mined, 2 try 2 bee positive, b/c there's nothing we can do about it, it is what it is. Might also X-plane sum things, like Y we right or make the music we due. Speaking of witch, haven't done much on R current album Time's Edit, 2 distracted w/ other stuff + yah, not EZ 2 mix when you're deaf in 1 ear... N-E recording ingenears out there w/ 2 good ears? We halve 17 songs finished, w/ lyrics 4 may-B ½ of the toons, tho R bedder-½ has only laid down vocals for 3, only 1 ("U + i = 3.141592653") of witch we maid public 4 months ago... may-B we'll release another single @ sum pt, in case we die, so the songs can live somewhere B-sides R harddrive. The other advantage 2 being deaf in R rite ear is that if we're trying 2 sleep + there's an annoying real-world noise outside we can just roll over w/ R left ear in2 the pillow + we can't hear squat.

+ speaking of "SPD Next," we went down a Next Generation rabbit-hole last week, b4 our bedder-½ split town. 1st we watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, where they steal 2 whales + take them in2 the future/space 2 save them from extiction... classic! + then # V: the Final Frontier, witch opens w/ Capt Kirk free-soloing El Cap + it left us wanting more, so we started in on the Next Generation, but not nearly az good + Kirk's death in Generations was a disappointment. We also rewatched Birdman @ sum pt (for the 3rd time) + Deep End (perverse brit film) + Monterrey Pop (live footage of the infamous festival in 1967).

3/16> Last night we went 2 use the bathroom + there was all these orchids + plants in the bathtub witch we stopped 2 admire when 1 of them started 2 move, scaring the B-G-zus out of us.... a life-size 5tick bug of sum sort climbed up 2 the ceiling + hung upside down... apparently we had a room-m8 that kept this giant praying mantis as a pet + didn't tell us. Maybe taking magnesium b4 bed had sumping 2 do w/ it. Did we mention that R spearit animal is such an insect?

Narr8or also read Kerotakis by Janice Lee, witch = opposite of [title] by [name of author], the type of book [title] by [name of author] pokes fun @. Sum nice pics tho.


Started to read The Literary Conference by Cesar Aira (found in a free boox), but the problem w/ Aria is that he's written way too many damn books. That's when U start 2 do the cost-benefit analysis mentioned above in [title] by [name of author], what you're getting out of it + weather its worth it when there are so many other books 2 read.

We had high hopes for How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America by Kiese Laymon based on the title alone + we dug the 1st few essays, but then he started talking about the usual things like college football + hip-hop + guns, stuff we're not really interested in so we lost interest. Oh shit, speaking of which, it's opening round of March Madness, looks like our alma mater U of A lost to Princeton... much as we like the wildcats (at least the teams of the '90s), we suspected they might choke in the opening round + almost called it, maybe we did? We chose a few #15 seeds + even a #16 to win. Do we get a prize if we pick every 1 wrong?

That's the input, on the output side we've bin helping Ƨ.O. out w/ their We are Stardust book + starting to wrap R head around returning to the iSBN project, witch we're now thinking maybe will qualify as CNF, using str8 fwd language... good news for U the reader, as we might start method acting here on 5cense w/ agreed upon grammar, mayB even run a spell-check.

Did we mention we sold the elliptical? So now there is just the harmonium to sell, tho we took a bunch of knick-knacks off it az well as from elsewhere so potential buyers wouldn't be weirded out or steal them, but before we boxed them up we let 'em have an overnight orgy .... good times!


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