in8 iĐ 2 oxygen8 perspektive of mesOStic hermit krab trapped in bodily architeXtural Đ-zine #707


1/28/2023 > 4 th most part thi5 week U/i've bin sending out eXcerpts from U/X bytes 000–010, witch involves going thru old bookmarks onely 2 discover 95% of sites from baↄk in th day lead 2 404 airs ⊕ th URL redirects 2 shitty 5ites/5pam farms trying 2 $ell whatever junk... but on O-cassion i/U come a¢ross old 5ites from baↄk when inurnet = cool > nO 1 blogs N-E more kneethere, naught 4 free N-E-way > trying 2 discover nu places 2 submit work but most of these sites seem lame, ≈ Y wd U/i even want 2 B published there? ⊕ they ¢harge 2 submit, witch = fukↄed up when U stop 2 think abt iT > i/U = happy 2 C th German zine perspektive = alive + thriving, where U/i had 1 of ℝ 1st public8ions ever (back when i/U used ℝ ℝeal name)... th0 looking now ℝealized they messed up th 4matting, Oxygen8 (dat ended up going in2 ℝ 1st collection Mining in the Black Hills) was 5posed 2 B a mesostic > als0 occurred 2 i/U dat U/i halve bin writing X weigh i/U do now + X = 20 yrs ago, ... even Using L-ements from periodic table + ℝ now revising ℝ intrest in mesostics (thx 2 John Cage, witch i/U = reading... see B-low) > in a chemistry lab sumwhere mayB high shcool i/U REMember making crystills by hanging $trings in super-satur8ed solution of sugar ⊕ salt water + O what an impact thi5 had on th neurOplasticity of ℝ brain, 4ming crystill grains in ℝ inner-ear (@ root of ℝ minears d-zzz + vestibular mygrains)

(from Mining in the Black Hills (2004))

> 2 L8 2 retr0actively gO baↄk + plug thi5 into bit # 111 (corresPonding 2 L-ement #16, oxygen), dat Heavy Feather published resently?.. eMbarked on laying out byte 011 (th 4th Sexion (of 8)) but in Đ-zine started crashing again, 2 th point ware i/U can't continUe past a curtain pt, s0 halve 2 ĐELete content + par¢el file in2 smaller chunX, what U/i had 2 do b4 w/ bytes 000 + 001 > byte 010 went pretty 5mooth, in Đ-zine crashed on O-cassion, but i/U could piↄk up ware U/i left off (long az i/U din't Use th auto-Save feetsure, sO halve 2 remember 2 ⌘+S every few minuts > @ 1st U/i saiĐ ∀/non i'm us = author, but i/U got 2 thinking dat in Đ-zine = true author, sO started saying author = i.Đ. + then 2 obfusc8 matters more + 2 naught give in Đ-zine fool credit, settled on in8 iĐ... let's see if dat pseudonymic h&-L 5ticks?

> yesterday bedder-½ + in8 iĐ met w/ a few ℝeal est8 agents 2 start 2 devilip plan 2 $ell X house (hereby none az Swann's Way (1 agent suggested we come up w/ name 4 ℝ house 2 inkrease marketability)), witch = Đ-pressing/weird process > ℝ timing sucked, in 2019 when we bot th house all signals said th market cd go nOwhere but up, but then it dipped rite off the bat in 2019 + then there was th p&emic + then rising interest r8s, etc... who cd of none? hopefully the market will pick up sum in coming months + not B az grim az they were saying last summer/fall... naught dat we give a 5hit about making money, but wd B nice 2 @ least come close 2 breaking even (witch we wont, given all the associ8ed co$ts + taxes w/ buying/selling + getting mortgage) > th 5mart thing 2 do (in ¢urrent ¢limate) wd B 2 rent it out, but who wants dat headache, of B-ing a L&-lord? > the5e agents want us 2 move dining room downstairs (where ℝ gym is) + tear down all the wallpaper + repaint + remove all personal FX, etc... so thinking now we might just move 1st (in June) + then «stage» th house 2 sell, turn iT in2 an emp-T canvas, 5hell of th place where we lived 4 yrs, thru th p&emic ... architeXture = 5trange thing when U 5top 2 think abt it, the5e 5hells we occupy ≈ hermit krabs > az U/i navig8ed dead links on inurnet i/U stumbled across Cabinet, witch thankfully 5till = around + U/i got sucked down th rabbit hole of «707 is here!» by George Prochnik.... fascin8ing read about the history of 1 perticklar architextural Đ-zine (on 707 East Parkway in BKLYN), a prolifer8ing meme dat then got duplic8ed around th world > architeXture = prime eggsample of thRiver meme iĐea i/U've bin tocking about these past few yrs (dat was @ heart of U/X, but now will B jist of seper8 book, iSBN, th0 ℝeally = driver B-hind N-E book, art, etc. inklooting architeXture... we think houses + bldgs = usefull 4 ℝ needs (5helter, etc.) but the5e Đ-zines ℝ using us 2 cre8 order from K-OS of natural environment

> B-sides Cage's I-VI (witch we've bin revisitng just b/c we dig all the mesostics ), bin reading Soft-Focus Slaughterhouse by Dylan Krieger... normally U/i ain't s0 keen on poitree, but i/U kin reL8 2 the5e @ least in current fizzical st8 where i/U self-diagnos 0ne ailments > i/U get th 5cense Kreiger = trapped in ailing body of their 0ne, self-diagonosing their 0ne maladies (psych0somatic ⊕ naught) ≈ allodynia + ever suffring th chronic pain of Ǝxistence > speaking of (Kreiger mentions a «headache calendar»), weave bin CALenduring ℝ one biillogical input, diet/ @mosfearic pressure, etc. 2 C if U/i can portend trend (in regards 2 ℝ minear's d-zzz/vestibular mygrains)... hear's th daily recap (naught dat X dada = of intres5t 2 N-E 1 but ℝ-self):


  • feel: OK (5) (of 10)
  • pressure: 30.08Hg + rising slowly (fluctu8ion: 0.39)
  • w8: 167.8 lbs
  • exorcise: 42 minutes on elliptical
  • 8/drank: leftover pasta (whole wheat) vongole w/ pecorino for lunch (around 11:30), a few h&fulls of p-nuts + then a sorta of mezze w/ humus/baba ghanoush, homemade olive bread (whole wheat), big salad w/ avocado, sprouts, radishes, sea weed kim chi + ½ bottle of red wine (bordeaux)


  • slept: good (6 (of 10), tho only for 5-6 hrs since we went to bed L8, woke up twice
  • feel: good (7), slight tinnutus + vertigo
  • pressure: 30.16 Hg + falling slowly
  • w8: 168.8
  • exorcise: 40 min on stationary bike
  • 8/drank: bread w/ baba ghanoush for lunch, black beans tacos + guac for dinner, d-caf tea, no alchohol
  • watched Bardo... felt ≈ mix between La grande bellezza + Roma + (seems all these directors need to make their semi-autobiographical opus), but not as good + not as good as past movies ≈ Babel...


  • slept: good (7), 7 hrs, woke up twice
  • feel: OK (6), tinnutus + slight pressure in right ear
  • pressure: 30.23 Hg + falling slowly ... it doesn't seem to matter whether it's high ⊕ low, more about fluctu8ions (see graph below)... when it was flat we were feeeling best
  • w8: 167.6
  • exorcise: ~30 minutes of w8s/strength training
  • 8/drank: granola + grapenuts w/ blueberries + soy milk, trsicuits +baba ghanoush + nuts as snack, whole wheat pasta gorgonzola/ tomatoes, pepers, salad w/ sprouts + avocado, tea
  • watched: 1st episode of The Last of Us... not sure if were into it, not as advertised, it's more ≈ str8 up zombie series, violent + unℝealistic


  • slept: good (7), 7 hrs, woke up twice
  • feel: OK (6), tinnutus + slight pressure in right ear
  • pressure: 30.23 Hg + rising slowly
  • w8: 167.4
  • exorcise: ran 10k
  • 8/drank: leftover pasta for lunch, ceviche + mushroom risotto + 2 beers (+ new peruvian place that was not so good, salty + risotto cheesey)
  • watched: 1 episode of Phil Spector series


  • slept: OK (6), 5-7 hrs, woke up 3x
  • feel: OK (5), tinnutus + pressure in right ear, slight headache coming on
  • pressure: 30.21 + falling @ "volatile" r8 (see graph below)
  • w8: 169.4
  • exorcise: 42 mins on elliptical
  • 8/drank: microdosed 0.2g (after initial queasiness, headache went away + vision became very sharp (it's often blurry/strained when i get vestibular migraines), still have other meniere's symptoms tho (tinnitus, pressure in ear, etc.)); bowl of granola w/ blueberries; nuts; black bean tacos w/ guac, tea
  • watched: Spector episode


  • slept: good (8), 7-8 hrs, woke up 2x
  • feel: good (7)
  • pressure: (see graph)
  • w8: 166.2 (note 3+ lbs less than yesterday)
  • exorcise: walked 10k/2hrs
  • 8/drank: leftover gorgonzola pasta; peanuts; spahgetti w/ red sauce (w/ mushrooms + eggplant) + salad + home
  • watched: finished Spector series... @ least they gave a lot of attn to Lana Clarkson, so many times they focus on celebrity/killer + don't talk about the victims much


  • slept: bad (4)(~7 hrs but laying there ½ the night)
  • feel: ok (5), slight vertigo + "hungover" feeling (tho haven't had alcohol for a few days)
  • pressure: 30.09 + rising
  • w8: 169.2
  • exorcise: 20-30 mins of strength training
  • 8/drank: shrimp tacos w/ guac, ½ bottle of prosecco + then 1-2 more glasses of white wine (too much)
  • watched: Outside In + All's Quiet on the Western Front (not 2 B conFused w/ the Max R'N'R/Alternative Tentacles compiL8ion album Not so Quite on the Western Front, ⊕ Penelope Spheeris' Decline of Western Civilization... can U tell i/U grew up az punk in '80s Cali4nia?), X = 2022 German movie nomin8ed 4 oscar... good 4 war movie


  • slept: bad (4)(~6 hrs but laying there ½ the night)
  • feel: ok (5), now ℝ headache/grogginess/brain fog is probly from drinking ± going 2 bed L8 (1 a.m.))
  • pressure: 30.3 + rising slow


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