U + i = π (± 7,999,255,128) in th dial-a-where H2O gap in ¾-time


9/17/22 | Delaware Water Gap, PA> CAT = out of the bag ... bedder-½ + U/i = moving baɔk 2 NYC next summer > we'R driving NE twards NY st8 az we 5peak but iT ha5 nothing 2 do w/ dat, 1st stop = CATskills but figured we'd brake up th drive + 5top 1 nite in th Poconos ... 1½ deckaids in NYC + we nvr bothered 2 come hear ± hike th Water Gap b/c iT = 5uch a pane 2 rent a car + get in/out of th city, but now iT L&s B-tween pt A + B sew Y knot?

> th ticker on th 5cense header reads «1 in 7,999,255,128» ... estim8ed 2 hit 8 billion NE day now ... naught dat dat clock = accur8, iT = projected calcuL8ion > th UN estim8s wheel officially hit 8,000,000,000 sumtime in Octo/November > sumthink 2 thing abt az we prepair 2 move 2 a city of 8 million ppl ... s0 if every 1 + their mothers lived in cities akin 2 NYC there'd B 1,000 cities + nothing else... dat seems su5tainable, part of Y we dig NYC s0 much, the afishinsea ... humuns B-long 5tacked in sky5crapers w/ n0 cars, leaving th rest of th world 2 th animals (th0 of course there = th cropL& needed 2 su5tain tho5e 1,000 cities ...

> 5peaking of ticking popuL8ion bombs, bin reading Making Kin Not Population, edited by Adele C. Clarke + Donna Haraway, a book we picked up from Masthead boox last time U/i = in NYC > U/i = in2 th idea of Making Kin Not Population, but iT = uber-academic s0 hard 2 read + has Xtreme leftist/feminist 5lant witch U/i agree with but how do they Xpect 2 communic8 their me55age 2 th other 8 billion ppl on thi5 planit? onely th elite ivory tower 1% 5peak thi5 jargon > U mite 5ay th 5ame abt U/i ... who th fuck in el moondough kin underst& th landgauge U/i Use Xcept U/i? but U/i ain't making n0 political ± sighingtific R-guments, U/i rite in th name of art > Making Kin Not Population goes B-yond just saying «we're fucked» (az U/i've bin none 2 say) 2 give alternatives 2 «kin», sumping U/i don't think about much b/c U/i = quiet content w/ R doom + gloom eremitic Ǝxistence w/ R bedder-½ + don't need N-E-thing else B-sides R L-ectric guitar, witch guess = sumping ... souprized Haraway din't mention B-friending machines in their S-ay (5ince they authored The Cyborg Manifesto), th0 they do tock abt doGs + pets > U/i luv doGs 2, U/i just don't want 2 one 1 + halve them deependant on U/i > spose guitars, computers + other inanim8 objects around R house = kin 2 us, + th cre8ures dat live in symbiosis w/ U/i ≈ th spyder (named 008) dat lives under R bathroom 5ink dat U/i blow kisses 2 every time U/i poop + of course R books + albums witch 2 U/i = akin 2 babies

> 5peaking of baby booms + music, th day b4 U/i left U/i wrote R 14th song—« U + i = π »—4 R 4thcoming Time's Tide album ... well really, song #13½ ⊕ 12½ az they = WiP/dem0s w/ sum ½-finished + U/i onely rote lyrics for 7 of 'eM > « U + i = π » sounds akin 2 a Hawaiian Elvis # back when babyboomers lived La La la L&, in5pired in part by ⌚ing The Wizard of Oz (in particular the lollipop kids jingle may of found iT's weigh in) + akin 2 a few other trax iT also = in ¾ time ... hear = the lyrics, but again, U halve 2 w8 2 here iT:

U + i = π

U + me = 3
naught dat we need 2 make a baby
2 prove our love = real

when the honeymoons = over
the lawns = seeded in clover
+ children playing red rover
love turns 2 ashes + 2 dust
the gutters DK w/ rust
w/ each boom comes a bust

U + i make π
the crusted edges = endless
the peaches in boundless supply

when U don't make things by h&
U lose touch w/ the L&
swapped 4 bots made from s&
witch mayB is not such a bad thing
humuns suck @ driving
Y not trust machines?
2 show us the way
machines of loving grace

> th last line of course appropri8ed from Brautigan/Adam Curtis > B-sides Wizard of Oz (★★★★★+), sum other movies we ⌚ed b4 we left = Honeyland (★★★★★), Arabesque (★★★★), Ray Donavan (the movie)(★★★) + a bunch of short Vittorio de Setta 5lice of life documentaries abt Italy + Reservation Dogs witch hit a mid-season (2) lull but the last 2 episodes R getting back in2 th 5wing of iT

> in meat5pace, drove 2 th Poconos, sum town called Stroudsburg > did a few hikes around th Deleware Water Gap > all th trailhead parking lots jammed full of ppl > 1 hike along th river where ppl were chilling out, cool vibe > another up sum mountain, overlooking th «gap» witch mayB wd B cool but there's thi5 big freeway w/ an endless 5tream of traffic + every overlook U look down on thi5 freeway dat runs along th river + U can always hear iT, th incessant roar of the freeway > 8 @ sum restraunt overlooking a smaller river that was nice 2 sit outside + not get eaten alive + everything here = ridiculously cheap by DC standards > 5mall mountain town of 6,000, but loud muscle cars + gang-banger Jersey types hanging out blaring loud music > nvr wd of thunk a quaint mountain town wd B less peaceful than a big city

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