Living ≈ lions on the auction block + other dizzying adventures


3/3/23> Happy March... in ≈ a lion, out ≈ a lamb. 3 months tel we move (in theory). dude came this week 2 take photos of the house now that we've decluttered + minimized furniture + eXcess flair. s0 this = how we'll bee living next few months, the house minimal + clean + in standby mode 2 get scarce if sum 1 comes 2 view it.

our house (w/ red door)... incidentally, the house 2 doors down (blocked by the tree) is also going up 4 sale, where ℝ neighbor harbored a bunch of protesters during the seige (+ then stopped paying rent, so was evicted)


funny how they photoshopped the fire in the fireplace we never not once used


where we 8 dinner every night during the pandemic


+ many a meal cooked in this kitchen, including cicadas for CNN


where we're writing this from, cleared out our bedder-½'s desk + other furniture so it would be less cluttered... still no takers on the harmonium, that + the elliptical are the only things we haven't been able 2 sell


the mush room where we sleep, the most contentious room where the ℝeal est8 agent is insisting we take down the wallpaper

so now is the w8ing game... nothing came up in the 1st round of Columbia Housing's "hunger games" as they call it, when the various departments fight for housing for new hires (evidently the housing committee is most powerful org @ Columbia). so now we have to wait another month.

helping ℝ bedder-½ w/ their hippie book, spent a few dayz reading/editing the 1st few chapters. started 2 get back 2 U/X... almost ½-way done, have sum big news news about that + regarding distribution on the horrorizon, but wheel w8 4 next post 2 go in2 it as things aren't official/worked out.

every so often cool little DiY books (+ other non-book items) come into our lit-L liebury boox outside this home we're selling, this Adventures With The Elderly (put out by DC's Red Sweater Zine Collective) that was hilarious + informative. And also Nail Polish issue iii (maybe also by Red Sweater Zine Collective?)

Movie-wise, re-watched American Beauty (★★★★★) just to be inspired by the Annette Bening "I will sell this house" scene. Also watch Keane (★★★★—early Damien Lewis film) a few nights ago + EO (★★★★ ... not as good as we expected, too much propaganda + not enough story), also rewatched All the Presidents Men (★★★★★) b/c it's a great D.C. movie. Also, Pillow Talk (★★★), Boccaccio '70 (★★★... tho only watched the last one w/ Sofia Loren + the 1st one, the middle 2 ones we got bored with + skipped), Alma's Rainbow (★★) + Elephant Whisperers (★★★... could have been bedder, but so much they didn't explain).

ℝ Ménière's d-zzz was starting 2 get bedder in past weeks, but in past few dayz getting bad again, reaallly diz-z + light-headed, came close to passing out a few times... not sure if it's "volatile" pressure swings, or b/c weave been losing sleep worrying/thinking about distribution (again, the subject of next post).

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