economy of words 2022: a taxiing time 2 reloc8 the Ↄalamari HQ from Swann's weigh


2/24/23> It's that taxing time of year where we tally $tuff up + pay extortion due 2 this govt that hardly serves our needs (specially in D.C. where we don't even halve representation in the house) + as always wheel tran$parently divulge our financial i/o (in- v.s out-put) 4 any 1 dumb enough 2 want 2 start an indeependant small pre$$ ... this year we made $3,601 dollhairs, but we $pent $4,866 in dire¢t expenditures (dire¢t ¢osts 2 print + mail books... this # doe$n't inkloot other indire¢t expen$es like a new ¢omputer we had 2 buy this year, offi¢e $upplies or payment to the authors, Garielle or us.) Here's the hi$tori¢al data over the past 19 tax years...

We started the press in December of 2003 (tho didn't consider it a business til 2004) so this year marX the 20th year Ↄalamari's bin in operation! mayB wheel have a special print issue of Sleepingfish 2 commemor8 the occasion? Ↄalamari published 3 books in 2022: Summertime in the Emergency Room by David Nutt, Math Class by Kelly Krumrie + HIST by James Belflower + Matthew Klane.


These were the 1st 3 books since 2017 (when we published Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn) that were not our own projects, tho there was the Sleepingƒish XIV multi-artist mixtape in 2018 + Residue in 2021 was a collaboration w/ MM. 2018 we started focusing on our music more + then the pandemic spurned some art projects. During this time we deb8ed weather 2 pass the press on 2 sum 1 else as an imprint + then that sum 1 died in 2021 + then we deb8ed weather 2 shutter Ↄalamari altogether but instead brought on another introvert hermit as co-librarian/shipping agent while we considered a move back 2 Italy + the above 3 books represent this new era of Ↄalamari, w/ Garielle holding down the fort while we went back + 4th 2 Italy. In December we officially made up our mind 2 instead move back 2 NYC, where we started Ↄalamari 20 yrs ago. To relieve Garielle of the tedium of schlepping 2 the P.O. we went out to Pittsburgh 2 get the Ↄalamari inventory a few weeks ago + sin¢e we're trying 2 stage our house 2 sell we stored the boox in our Ƨ.O.'s office @ S.A.I.S.... here's what the Ↄalamari arↄHive looks like @ present moment:

... tho we've since shuttled a few more boxes there sin¢e (got the reprints of Genesis that they botched w/ the 1st printing). We keep a few of each book on hand for direct orders + if we need more we'll just go w/ our Ƨ.O. 2 work 2 get 'em (which we've already had 2 do 3-4 times already this past week).

Virtually, in 2022 we posted 15 pieces in Sleepingfish (+ speaking of Sleepingfish, just posted this piece by Addison Zeller earlier today) + not only did we reach post # 999 on 5cense (amounting to ~3,382,500 words) in 2022, but by post #994 we retroactively finished putting all our journals online, effectively our entire life digitized on the web.

2022 was also the 1st year we made money off our music! A whopping $16.51. Most of the $treaming royalties were actually made in 2021, we'd just never bothered to log in 2 our DistroKid acct 2 che¢k, but we logged on b/c we 4got how much we paid 4 the service 2 expense in our taxes, then noticed it. Crazy thing is that Sound Furies had 1,958,343 streams on Facebook/ Instagram for the song "Split Screen" in 2021, but since we don't have Facebook or Instagram we have no idea who this was + what caused this song 2 go sorta viral (@ least 4 Sound Furies standards). 4 these 1,958,343 streams we received $1.24 in royalties, b/c Facebook/Instagram pays so shittily little. In contrast, for 423 listens of "Niger" we received $2.16 b/c these came from Apple Music or Spotify. Also seems 2 B a bunch of streams on TikTok that we received a piddly penance 4. But still, nice 2 get some revenue 4 the 1st time + know sum 1 out there is listening... tho we're assuming this was some weird coincidence, ppl accidentally stumbling across "Split Screen" thinking it's something else.

So, what changes are in store for a post-2023 Ↄalamari arↄHive? Hopefully being back in NYC will help, more of a community of like-minded artists + writers.

Had our stoop sale Sunday + sold or gave everything away except the elliptical + harmonium, so almost done w/purging + Craiglist hustling.

We have a bunch of books still in our "overflow parking" for our little liebury boox (weird to sell books when we give 'em away 4 free), if any 1 wants any, we'll send them 'em 2 U 4 the pri¢e of postage, or will give them free w/ any Calamari purchase... + hint, hint, even tho the newest Calamari offering, Genesis, is not officially available until April 1, it's available as part of our Direct Select bundles.

We started to read How to Build a Time Machine by Paul Davies, but much as we liked his other books, this 1 felt dumbed down. Same w/ The Web of Life by Fritjof Capra. Considered re-reading The Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose, but realistically doubt we'd get around to it. Silence by John Cage is a duplicate, no way we'd part w/ that otherwise. Same w/ Perfume, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest + Cat's Cradle.

db @ Astrophil also sent us a bunch of books yesterday + the right 3 (Swerve by Vincent James, McCormick Templeman, and Rowland Saifi, Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend by Erika T. Wurth + Begat Who Begat Who Begat, Swerve by Marcus Pactor) we already have, so will include those in the above pile of freebies, 4 any 1 that wants 'em.

Also still have some free COViD art left that we're giving away 4 the pri¢e of postage, last call before we trash them (already threw some of the bigger ones out). Sold Juanita + J.C. (our pet cacti) 2 a good home. Feels good to purge + minimize possessions. Did some final touch-up painting + washed the windows yesterday, so house is more or less ready to sell, photographer comes next week to take photos.

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