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deer cerv0, 1 calamari sandwitch in Arbatax thrU the I's of Anima1s


11/18/2021 | Arbatax, Sardinia> woke up + went ½ run'N around Arbatax penninsula then got a calamari sandwich @ a little C-food street cart (La Stazione del Pescatore) which was quite possibly the best sandwich we've ever eaten > then walked 2 Spiaggia di Basaùra + took a dip, the water a bit cold but it was super sunny + warm, in fact we spent most of 2day in shorts + T-shirt, sitting out on our terraza or walking around + 4 this we R thankful > went 2 eat @ sum restraunt that was closed (liked most everything else, even tho google says their 0pen) so found A nother place that was 0pen for pizza, which was really good + we were the 0nly 1s in the restraunt > the ppl that ran it were funny, not sure they'd ever met Amerikins b4... not that we identify as Amerikin, but we got no choice in the matter







11/19/2021 | Porto di Cala Gonone > skipped breakfast + drove 2 up 2 Voragine del Golgo + hiked 2 Cala Goloritze, from up on a high plain w/ donkeys, goats + lots of feral pigs (or pigs they just let run around in the 4est) down 2 a beautiful beach > we were the 0nly 1s on the trail + had the beach 2 ourselves > shd of brought swim trunks as it was pretty nice out > then we continued up SS125 > there was a sign that said «strada chiusa» but there were cars coming + going 2 the closed direction + we just couldn't imagine they'd close the road w/o offering an alternative + the road was very scenic, lots of cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs + wild boars 2, thrU beautiful rugged mtns so we kept driving > sure enough th0, we got 2 a point (rite after a nother car had passed us) where the road just came 2 N abrupt end, rite in2 a cement barrier > there were a few other cars in front of us ask'N the guy WTF but he was wasn't have'N it, just shrugged + said road was closed + we had 2 go all the way back > google maps found us an alternate route that was very convoluted thrU narr0w mountainous roads, again, all very scenic (+ fun driving in a BMW), but what shd of bin a 1 hour drive turned in2 a 3-4 hour drive > SS125 is the most famous scenic road in Sardinia, there must be tourists that don't speak or read Italian (sign was only in Italian, w/ cryptic mile markers as 2 where the closure was as if you had the Ntire road mem0rized (ends up it was closed 0nly a few KM b4 our turn 2 Cala Gonone wich was the infuriating part... we cd of abandoned our car + walked the last bit > we're stay'N rite on the port, the heart of the town, watch'N the b0ats + dock activity > 8 @ the restraunt downstairs (wich we had 2 contact about our room since there was no reception... there's only 1 other occupant in the Ntire h0tel + of course they put M in the room rite next 2 us) , had spada cruda + spaghetti w/ sea urchin wich was delicious
















view this a.m. + our car in the lot

11/20 | Porto Cervo> woke up + walked north along sum path along coast then down back along beach then split 2 Porto Cervo, about a 2 hour drive north > a sort of yachty place where rich folk hang out (Berlusconi has a bunch of houses here) > «nice» but pretty B9 + nothing's 0pen, walking around looking @ abandoned restaurants + high-end fashion storefronts, kinda surreal

namesake cerv0 (deer)



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