g∞g-Ling pier-2-pier networks 2 lit-L I-L&, logging100k 5teps 2 get D-railed + rent a car dat can't B returned


3/4/22 | NYC (77th + Broadway)> last few times weave bin 2 NYC weave 5tayed in Brooklyn + din't venture 2 Mannhattan much s0 this time we D-sided 2 stick 2 Manhattan > after a bagel walked down th west side 2 Hudson yards, 5aw that vessel/sewerside tower thing but they don't let U go up in it b/c 2 many ppl were jumping from it 2 their deaths > ¢ontinued along the high line til we got annoyed @ all th ppl (+ it's a cold weekday)... far cry from th highline dat we used 2 climb a fence 2 sneak up on2 b4 they turned it a sterile tourist «attraction»... if u cd call it that, it's just a narr0w sidewalk crammed w/ ppl + nothing 2 l∞k @ x-cept other 2-rists

R shoe up on th highline circa 2003, b4 the highline + th vessel existed


th vessel


Hudson Yards


> contined down along th river + 5aw the «little island» which weed nvr sceen b4 > it's right next 2 pier 57 dat g∞g-L seəms 2 be taking over + renov8ing 4 lord nose what

lit-L I-L&


g∞gle pier from th lit-L I-L&


same scene az above circa 2004, b4 they built th lit-L I-L& + g∞g-L t∞k over pier 57


we filmed the b-low video walking around pier 57 on Xmas 2009

> cut in 2 west village where we 8 tac0s + drank bloody marias then walked thru Washington 5quare 2 s0ho > went 2 McNally Jackson then ¢ontinued 2 East village 2 Mast b∞ks wich moved from ave B 2 A since la5t we went > then wint 2 Niagra bar + met MM @ Hanoi House (delicious) > after had a few drinks @ Cherry Tavern, far cry from where The Strokes used 2 hang (although it l∞ks the same) > only 18,685 steps 2day

3/5> ... needless 2 say, din't 5leep s0 well on acct of bloody maria, guiness, 2 pale ales, glass of red wine, shot of maker's mark + a shot of mezcal... r body just can't toler8 alcohol az much N-E more > nothing eating huevos rancheros can't cure > walked thru central park, zig-zagging east along Mad/Park/Lex + 3rd aves down thru EV pa5t th hotel where Gian died, across Houston 2 S0h0 > 8 @ Cafe Habana, where we used 2 eat all th time > then ¢ontinued south along th Bowery thru Chinatown past 5 Points + Peck Slip along the waterfront 2 Battery park then l∞ped back up th other 5ide, ¢ut in around Christopher, up 9th + thru Meat Packing + Chelsea pa5t where we used 2 work @ 9th + 39th, 5hifted over to 10th all the way up thru Hell's Kitchen past Lincoln Center to 77th st... 29,305 steps in all, ~15 miles > over the last 4 dayz weave logged (24,574 + 24,443 + 18,685 + 29,305) = 97,000 steps... ~50 miles > L8er we 8 home-c∞ked Filipin0 f∞d @ G + Ps

walking down Madison



the onely liebury b∞x we saw in all of manhattan






3/6> we've bin reading Worsted by Garielle Lutz 4 ∫um time now > u'd think it's th perfect travel b∞k b/c it's 5mall enought 2 5lip it in your pocket, but it D-mands unbridled attn, hard 2 read on, say, a plane ⊕ train w/ distractions, weather they B external ⊕ internal > when u get 2 th end of most 5en-10-ces your eyes shift back 2 th beginning 2 re-read it again > then u might dog-ear a a pg b/c u have a bad habit of reading in the aftern∞n b4 a nap... then u pick th b∞k back up + 5ay where were we + u haven't a clue what's going on > R copy of Worsted travelled w/ us 2 Italy la5t summer + we hauled it 2 various airB+Bs + hotels then brot it back, yet we nvr managed 2 get more than ½-way thru the opening 54-pg title piece, which cd qualify az a novella if 5set it in larger font w/ more breathing room between words/sen-10-ces

> s0 aftr many fits + 5tarts ovr th past 9 months u finally get 2 th last sen-10-ce: «Everything ever after was to the tune of some other tune or another—never the one stuck in your head.» witch of coarse u read 2-3 times + then feel compelled 2 start over + read from the biginning 2 C how this ties in2 th 1st line: «I remember the first wedding I ever went to.» + 2 rediscover what happened B-tween those 2 lines B-sides th landgauge > when u read Lutz u often think what if aliens found this b∞k after humuns had annihil8ed themselves + red it (assuming they cd transl8 it)? it'5 very self-conchusly r∞ted in th humun ¢ondition yet als0 s0 far removed... B-yond quotidian recounting it'5 abt what goes thru ppl's minds (⊕ @ least Lutz's) in th doldrums of day-2-day> «Plus I hate it when the voice in my head—the one that makes me hear myself think—gets directed to me alone.»

> R dremes L8ly halve bin similarly redacted/reduced 2 pure language/dada > par¢els of in4mation dat transL8 2 language B-yond just th telling of whatever events... if dat makes N-E 5ense > they nvr do 2 us but perhaps help 2 rewire R brain 2 come up w/ a nu weigh 2 communic8 th extra-ordinary

> we were sposed 2 take th train back @ 11 a.m. this a.m.... we were kinda Xcited abt it b/c we bid on a roomette (a private little cabin all 2 R-selves) + got it > then around 9 a.m. we got a txt from Amtrak saying our train was cancelled... not just cancelled + they'll reschedule us on another train, but evidently a coal train had D-railed B-tween Washington + Philly s0 there were n0 trains @ all running on th rails > we tried going online + calling but no answer, n0 way 2 reschedule ⊕ rebook, nor 2 refund > checked airlines but those were all ~ $500... insane! finally we were abe-L 2 book a car, 1-way from Manhattan 2 D.C... rite aftr we booked it we realized there was that dam trucker convoy thing, but we had no choice, no other way 2 get home > th convoy ended up naught D-laying us 2 much (ends up they're not really blocking traffic but just driving in slow circles around D.C.) > weather was beautiful when we got back 2 D.C. s0 went + got pizza + sat outside > then watched My Life as a Dog (★★★★★)... ends up R bedder-½ had nvr seen it > we'd seen it dozens of times back inthe '80s but guess naught since (tho it was still all very fresh in R head) > then we rewatched Igby Goes Down (★★★★★) b/c we realized it's basically th same movie az My Life as a Dog, but set in NYC + blended w/ Catcher in the Rye.

3/7> when we went 2 return R rental car this a.m. there was n0 place 2 return it 2 > th address they gave us 4 a drop-off location was an empty office > "thrifty car rental Capital One Arena" existed on google-maps, but naught in meatspace > we drove around th block (mind u it's in the congested downtown area) + there were no signs > we dub-L parked + ran 2 check out 707 7th Street NW, but it was just an empty office w/ wires coming out of the walls... it was like a car rental version of h0tel Cali4nia—«u can check out N-E-time u like, but u can nvr leave» > we drove 2 sum place where we cd call Thrifty > after navig8ing th infuri8ing autom8ed menU we tried 2 get patched thru 2 th «local office» but th # had bin disconnected > we called th general # back + th only way we cd get thrU 2 a humun was 2 call «emergency roadside assistance» > when we told 'eM R predicament they told us we cd return the car @ Capital One Arena + we told them that's where we was + there was no thrifty office there @ that address then they told us we cd return th car @ Dulles airport + we said there was no way in hell we were gunna return th car @ Dulles (4 those not familiar w/ DC it's like an hour outside of town, w/ no way 2 get back Xcept a $75+ cab ride) + they just hung up on us > we called back again + finally found out there was a Hertz office @ 1919 Connecticut (guess there's sum sort of affiliation B-tween Hertz + Thrifty) so we went there > as we drove there—navig8ing th traffic of D.C.—we dwelled on th ridiculousness of aut0mobiles,...all these ppl in big metal cages idling in traffic + how much they hinder your mobility b/c u need 2 park it sumwhere > th automobile has got 2 B th dumbest humun invention ever, what actually led u5 to th premise of iSBN... dat ∀ll dat = humun-made dupes humuns in2 making IT, ∫um thing we realized 5tanding on a busy ¢orner in Rome in 2018, thinking how humuns think they invented cars 2 make their lives e-zier when in fact th aut0mobile is using humuns 2 keep cre8ing + propag8ing them, akin 2 Dawkins' 5elfish jean theory

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