naked host brings Goat 2 yr knees 2 keep S-caping guns, plastic para5ites + th non-Carolinear DK 2 K-OS


1/13/22 | Hendersonville, NC> hiked the overgrown Big Hungry trail, saw ∫um H2O-falls > then went + saw Carl Sandberg's house + descend-ants of his goats + hiked ∫um around there up Glassy mtn > then wint in2 Hendersonville 2 check out th town

reflecting on whirled B-neath




pond @ Carl Sandberg's house


descendant of Sandberg's goats /w funny way of eating




1/14> wint 2 Asheville 4 afternoon 2 check iT out > given th hype, not s0 impressed

Asheville sk8 park


U have 2 get graffiti pre-approved + they have rules, like "no profanity, nothing offensive, etc."... s0 is iT graffiti?




11/15> woke up @ 4:30 + drove to Peaks @ Otter Lodge > room wasn't ready s0 hiked up Harkening Hill past ∫um farm > then power-hiked up Sharp Peak... not s0 far (3–4 miles RT) but ~1300 elev8ion gain to ~3900 ft > dinner @ lodge then sat on pati0 watching zomBs + firelies




Peaks @ Otter Lake az scene from top of Sharp Mtn

11/16> woke up + ran up Sharp Mtn again 4 exorcise + around th lake then drove back 2 Đ.C. th fastest weigh on freewayz... driving ≠ fun N-E-more > glad U cancelled cross-country roadtrip, cruisin' Amerika far cry from EZ Rider (1969) > roads clogged w/ zomBs driving speed limit in passing lane in clusters all tail-g8ing each other + «Trump 2024» + «Biden Sucks» + «Jesus Saves» signs everywhere along th roadside + U always get room next 2 annoying ppl, in Peaks of Otter next 2 family w/ 5creaming kids dat kept yelling same thing over + over @ 6 a.m. + pairunts just let 'eM yell > food crappy, bad 4 U + overpri¢ed > every site on planit chock full of tourists, roads + trails jammed fool of zomB's going there just 2 geotag their selfies... lit-L do they know camraw/phones compel them 2 take photos + buy phones 2 prolifer8e phone's Ǝxistence @ their X-pen$e > n0 individual free-will N-E more, humuns = zomBs doing what machenes (cars, phones, etc.) program them 2 due > humuns program machenes s0 they can turn around + reprogram us 2 prolifer8 them out of ctrL > naught just machenes but N-E-thing manmaid... take plastic bot-Ls, they may naught B «alive» by bi-illogical definition, but thx 2 humuns they manage 2 proliferate @ a5tonishing r8 > most dictionaries Đ-scribe «life» az:

the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

... due iPhones + pla5tics naught meat thi5 definition + more (their molded 4m survives much longer after they «die»)? > in What is Life? , 5chrödinger Đ-fined life by saying «living» organisms feed on negativ əN-tropy, dat they halve th a5tonishing gift of concentr8ing a «stream of order» on it5elf + thus əS-cape th ĐK in2 K-OS > they due this (per 5chrödinger) by capturing + 5toring in4m8ion > ∫um of dis in4m8ion = əN-coded in jeans + passed from 1 gene-ration 2 th next, set of in5tructions 4 sowing + reaping negativ əNtropy > 5chrödinger din't n0 wear th in4m8ion = kept ± əNcoded, but wreckoned iT = writ in2 what he called «aperiodic crystals» (b4 DNA = discovered!)... i.e. computer chip ⊕ plastic bot-Ls > th blueprint 4 making plastic bot-Ls = bot-L iT5elf dat thru iT's usefoolness 2 humuns programs humuns 2 keep making 'eM + filling landfills + oceans full of 'eM > humuns = hosts 2 further this cause

> 5peaking of hosts, think y'all mayB got bedbugs @ 1 of th hotels along th road (but w/ all these other bugs who nose) ... b4 U came back in2 house U 5tripped naked + thru clothes + backpacks in2 wa5hing machene + wint str8 in2 th 5hower ... yet another reason naught 2 travel ... th world full of para5ites dat use humuns 4 their continued prolifer8ion, coronavirus = prime eggsample > mosquit0s sucking yr blood 2 feed their larva, rats + mice gnawing on walls trying 2 get in > n8ure mite naught B evil az Herzog says, but iT's full of 5elfish organisms in ¢ompetition w/ U 4 resorces + dat take advantage of U 2 propag8 ther one kind @ yr əXpen$e

∫um of the5e organisms + manmaid objects work in cahoots w/ U ⊕ against U > «The shovel is brother to the gun» said Sandburg > ther now Ǝxist more guns than humuns in U.S. (+ these = registered 1s)...

> humuns manufacture + prolifer8 guns dat in turn kill U.S... think abt th absurdity of dat > th guns in turn provide more jobs 4 shovels 2 fulfill > Sandburg also wrote:

There is a hog in me . . . a snout and a belly . . . a machinery for eating and grunting . . . a machinery for sleeping satisfied in the sun—I got this too from the wilderness and the wilderness will not let it go.

> naught dat we've ever red Sandburg B-sides poetry 101 classes back in 5chool.... on th trip we 5tarted reading Naked Thoughts by Róbert Gál... more aphorisms (we publi5hed others recently in Sleepingfish) like:

A film is a fetish of motion for motionless people.

+ disjointed po-Ms dat U cherry pick 2 illust8 points in thi5 po5t + iSBN 978-1-940853-22-2, s0 Gál B-comes 1 of U, a/non User:

... Structures that will survive because they are worth preserving, and structures that will survive.

... Require for life require for life require for life.

... Sometimes it's not a matter of saving a life, but of saving someone from life.

... Anything what will outlive us persecutes us.

... To give life meaning means to make something of it
deliberately—and thereby go against it.

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