Quantum field notes 2 launch TiME5 ƎĐiT, in the hear + now!


Sound Furies, Time's Edit

[●] 11/17> in an alternet uniVerse, we Sound ƒuries wood bee returning from Azerbaijan 2day > 5ince we were gna be out of town we originally 5elected the slow «shipping» (litteruley) method 4 TiME5 ƎĐiT so it wouldn't arrive wile we were gone, but 5ince we canceled R trip we upgraded the Đ-Livery method 2 error fr8 + got them last nite! in5tead of R bodies flying back from Azerbaijan, 100 vinyl records we maid flu by error plain from the Czech Republik (where they were pressed, 4 whatever reason) > this is a lot sooner than Xpected, so we Đ-sided 2 release the hounds early, like now, 2day!

Sound Furies



> sew wheel inkloot liner notes 4 tracks 1 thru 5 hear in post #1120 > we po5ted sum general notes about the album hear w/ a mixtape of 2ns that in5pired the album + sum more hear > the videos weave bin posting in reverse chronillogical order, but reely u shd watch/lis-10 in album order (on U-2b, 2 knot halve brakes in continuity):

> continuing 2 count baↄkwords, track #5 = «U + i = 3.1415926535897»... we already tocked abt iT b4 the whirled hit 8,000,000,000... at least the lyrics, musically hear's what we were doing (if U want 2 try it @ home):

> track #4 = «TiME’S TiÐƎ» / witch is a remake of a 2n we [●]ed a long long time ago in the L8 '80s (that we called «The Empty Drawer»), b4 we met R bedder-½ + roped them in2 singing, hear's the original:

> u probly wouldn't even recognize the 2n if we dint tell U? we also changed the lyrics up a bit:

> track #3 = «BLOOÐ MOON BLOOM», witch mite halve made a good track 4 the book trailer for The Moons (the next Calamari book):

> track #2 = «50/50 + 4 KEEPS» / just another silly love song we rote 4 R bedder-½:

> hear's what we were doing on guitar:

> we scribbled «CAN BEAT» b/c originally we 5tole the drum beat (slowd down) from Can's «Mother Sky» but then Ð-Leted it + played drums over it > az we remember it we were lis-10-ing 2 John Cougar's 1st album + wanted to [●] something along those lines

... + now—drumroll please—the opening 1st track: «MANÐELBROT COA5TLiNE» witch also perhaps sounds in5pired by John Cougar, or Tom Petty, although like a few other tracks on the album it's a waltz (in 3/4 time) > we 4got 2 rite down what we were doing but sounds perty basic > the lyrix are about the infinite coastline pairodocks, how, deepending on granularity, if 1 tries 2 measure a 5horeline it wood halve an ill-Ð-fined length that approaches infinity, iF u keep zooming down 2 atomic level (assuming 1 considers 5pace 2 B infinitely continuous (we don't, nor do we B-leave time = continuous, but @ sum lvl (getting down 2 the nitty gritty lvl of planck's constant) time wd tick in inkrements like a clock

> so there u halve it... u can get it on vinyl if that's your thing or digitally, or in a few more days it shd be on Tidal, Napster, Amazon, Apple, etc. TiME5 ƎĐiT is all about time + az such, we thank u 4 your time spent listening

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