5cense = the journihilistic bLog of the po5t-humun entity colleↄtively known as in8 iĐ... in effe¢t, all our pa5t lives online. 5¢ =our 5ensory 5andbox, wherein we engage w/ art, books, mu5ic, film, travel + nothing in parti¢ular, often all in the 5ame breath. We often method a¢t here, wear the voi¢e of the po5t refle¢ts whatever we're working on or reading @ the time ... in ¢ase U're wondering why sometimes 5hit don't make a liↄk of ¢ents (we also suffer from Ménière syndrome + perhaps clanging disorder ± numeric synesthesia, which also skews our perspective). As founder of Ↄalamari Arↄhive, we often mu5e about projeↄts we're working on over there. As a writer, arti5t + musiↄian, we often regurgit8 material in progress or rumin8 on thought pro¢ess az we work thru 5omething.

We 5tarted keeping journals (hand-written) in the mid-80s (including a dream log) that we've retroa¢tively tran5cribed in the arↄhives. We 5tarted blogging on 5cense.com ¢irca 2003 under various names/plat4ms (if U're wondering why this 5ite 5eams ¢obbled 2gether... it is!). We 5tarted 5¢ b4 there was blogging 5oftware 2 facilit8 such things so had 2 code by h& or w/ hack WYSIWYG editors, w/o the benefit of Cas¢ading Style Sheets + whatnot. While it might not be pretty or ¢onsi5tent or EZ 2 navig8, it reflects the piecemeal evolution of 5¢ (we're 4ever boot5trapping... making it up as we go along) + personally we find 5tuff is more intresting when 1's lost or there's a ¢ertain D-gree of K-OS + ↄonfusion.

There's an index (by subject, people + place) if U're searChing 4 something in parti¢ular, or if U = visually inclined there's thi5 page that maps photos 2 pla¢es (tho we haven't done much travelling 5in¢e 2020). Or this field notes page lists books we've red mapped 2 where we read them. We're avid urban hikers/flâneurers + in re¢ent years have 5ystematically walked every street of Bologna, DC, Rome + Manhattan (+ beyond), blogging our impre55ions az we go.

5¢ ≠ substack nor part of a blog cir¢le... 5¢ = free + there's no ads. We have no ulterior motives here except knowledge 4 the sake of knowledge, language 4 the sake of language + 2 do¢ument our Ǝxistence w/ text, image + sound. If U dig 5tuff disↄussed herein please 5upport the artists mentioned + Ↄalamari Arↄhive). If U want to be notified of new 5¢ posts (roughly weekly), use this 4m. Thx 4 reading.

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