A Bout: Orientation to life in the BoG

Welcome to Life in the Blog of Ghosts. LitBoG is the journihilistic log of the post-humun entity cumulatively known as anon I'm us, effectively our entire life online. This is our personal sandbox wherein we talk about art, books, music, travel or nothing in particular, often in the same breath. We often method act here, wherein the voice of the post might reflect whatever it is we're working on or reading... in case you're wondering why sometimes things get wonky around here. As founder of Calamari Archive we often talk about projects we're working on over there. As a writer, artist + musician we often talk about our thought process as we're working through something.

We started keeping journals (hand-written) in the mid-80s, including a dream log. We've been retroactively transcribing those in our archives as well as journals from 1995 to 2007 (w/ a few years of overlap) that we kept on our computer but not online. After that we started blogging under various names/platforms but they've all been consolidated here on 5cense.com... in case you're wondering why this site seems cobbled together, it is. We started this before there was blogging software to facilitate such things so in the beginning we coded by hand or used hack WYSIWYG editors + didn't have the benefit of cascading style sheets + whatnot. While it might not be pretty or consistent or easy to navigate, it reflects the piecemeal evolution of Blog of Ghosts (we're forever bootstrapping .. making it up as we go along). And personally we find things get more interesting when you are sort of lost or there is a certain degree of confusion.

We keep an index (by subject, people + place) if you're looking for something in particular, or if you are visually inclined there's this page that maps photos to places (tho we haven't done much travelling since 2020). Or this field notes page lists books we've read mapped to where we read them. We're avid urban hikers/flâneurers + in recent years we've systematically walked every street of DC, Rome + Manhattan, blogging our impressions as we went along. And yes, the name of this blog is derived from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, 1 of our favorite books (by Amos Tutuola) + also albums (by David Byrne + Brian Eno), so reflects our literary + musical sensibilities, the 2 main things we talk about on this blog (tho going forward we'll include movies in the mix)... back in 2009 when we moved to Africa we had "naïvely romantic notions of calling this blog My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" but never did, until now.

We're not part of any social networks or blog circles (tho before there was Twitter we used to microblog daily in these now discontinued quotidian) nor are we paid by anyone to do this (i.e. no ads). We have no ulterior motives here except knowledge for the sake of knowledge, language for the sake of language + to document our existence w/ text, image + sound. Dig in.

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