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viewing communist propaganda + fotos of food while perambulating the porticos of Santo Stefano


23 Oct 2021 | Bologna> saw another apartment this morning... think we're more or less done w/ our house hunting, pretty much decided 2 not make a decision... Bologna is more expensive than we thought, specially 4 what u get + still not so sure we'd want to live here FT, at least not in the north, better 2 do just do what we're doing + stay in short-term rentals the semesters our bedder-½ is teaching here > we got a good idea of the current housing market here tho > then walked up in2 the hills above giardino margerhita > had faro/bean soup w/ puntarelle salad + watched Soy Cuba (1964)(★★★★★) which had sum of the most amazing cinematogrphy ever, wide angle + infrared w/ crazily assembled shots that seemed impossible w/o drones or CGI or advanced cranes... too bad it's a Russian-made communist propaganda film > followed that up by re-watching Suspira (Argento's original)(★★★★) just cuz Halloween's coming

24 Oct> aptly enough (4 our bedder-½) the V Biennale Foto/Industria theme this year is FOOD + is spread across 12 spaces in Bologna so this morning we walked way out 2 MAST 2 check out the main exhibit which was about industrial design + photography (mostly by Ando Gilardi)

Xing the Reno

sum weird stone henge thing near MAST

MAST entrance

advertisements from the good ol days

sum sort of industrial design trading cards

calamari hawker (Ando Gilardi)

there was also stuff about publishing + printing

> walked back 2 il centro 2 MAMBO (Bologna's modern art museum) + saw an exhibit by Jan Groover which 4 the most part wasn't so intresting

Jan Grover

> had lunch at Osteria Bartolini, getting twards the end of October + still eating outside in T-shirts > then figured next we'd perambulate Porta Santo Stefano, or the area between Sto Stefano + Porta Castiglione, which we did a few days ago, stopping on the way @ Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande 2 check out an exhibit by Lorenzo Vitturi... the coolest thing about this Foto/Indsturia FOOD exhibit is that u get 2 go in all these palaces + event spaces (all 4 free) that u might not otherwise get a chance 2

route del giorno (~13 miles in all)

Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande

remants of tower/wall above Torrente Aposa

sum of the best art is on the street (most of the below around the Làbas cooperative)

Santo Stefano doesn't have an actual gate but 2 bldgs flanking where the porta wd be

> 1 of the above bldgs houses sum sort of anarchist society + the other was until recently the seat of transfeminist, lesbian, queer + punk collectives

942 <(current)> 944 > the major + vital shitsticks of gateless gates perambulating along the meridian from 3 to 4 o'clock
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