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721> Dwarves searching yellow pages for gulf coarse grave space at Kevin's hermitage (dream log 1999)
When I say dwarf, this guy was small, like a foot tall, and his motorcycle was in proportion. The “mandolin” sound was this thing he had on his handlebars. He told me to come here, said—“don’t be afraid of me. I’m a dentist.” He flashed me his teeth and they were oozing with blue foam. I forced myself to laugh and said I went to a dentist and he gave me a red toothbrush. He was laughing [ ... ]

720> Calamari state of the arkhive: retreating further into dormancy to weather the new world order
Weave fallen further into quiescense to the point where we din't print a single book last year, so we're still riding on inventory at SPD (who will hopefully weather this plague... they had to downsize their staff per California shelter-in-place restrictions). Even before ∀ll this COVID stuff we've bin pondering the viability of dead-tree-based books. Our last 2 titles of have been digial music releases, [ ... ]

719> Atomic sub-surfacing in Hemingway's Idaho to get hitched for the Peace Corpse + honeymoon in Baja
More like a bunch of trailers scattered in the desert. A yard of dust and sand and broken toys. Shag carpet and cats and dogs, an iguana was the centerpiece of the living room in a big smelly cage full of rotting vegetables. The iguana had two festering cysts on it's back. The clock was a piece of driftwood lacquered with pictures of persian cats. Dinner? Celery dollopped with peanut butter, deviled eggs, [ ... ]

718> Σum Lonely Places in L moondough: Falling off the Map to yr one private I-lands (Hawaii + P.R.)
Ain't much Δiffrent then our usual daily life, bud now it's like the rest of el moondough is homebodies w/us. In the scheme of things this ain't a big deal (if u think in sheer #s... 220,000 ppl wd halve to die each day to keep population growth at bay... still 2–3x as menny ppl born as dying each day), but a massive shift is taking place as to how folks approach life, their livelihoods (Inurnet + home [ ... ]

717> 3rd unkle in '96 sleeping w/ la migra reading Rig Vedas in rehab mag-surveying Hueco Tanks + Zacatecas
... just when you thought it was over you peaked out and went straight down the other side, only to turn around and go straight back up. Up and down. I'd sweat to the point that my shirts could stand by themselves when they dried up at the end of the day. My leather hat stained with salt deposits. My new boots already worn down and bursting at the seams. I found a cool "Y" shaped arrowhead [ ... ]

716> Space cowboys wreck-diving our own graves thru cultural noise losing touch w/ the saddlelites (in '96)
... the choice of pot sites would have been in a bison corral, a mobile home, a generator shack, or a fish pond. Got thru maze of fences + cattle paddocks + set up ankle-deep in a swamp only to discover the base radio was dead. Sent L off to bring P a radio, but then the truck wouldn't start, even w/ the spare. I manage one reading just by guessing he's transmitting from analogs (he could hear us [ ... ]

715> No Place on Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous in the dubble sewersides of Maine + Ohio drives
... romantic-era writers whose lives ended in sewerside (Kleist in a dubble pact similar to the Black Sun guy). But more than that it's about how utopias inevitably end in dystopia + how Σum folks live their lives caged in their one heads (or maybe we're just reading into it cuz of current circumstances of 'social distancing' + self-isolation (wich for us ain't much diffrent then how we normally live)). [ ... ]

714> The REMaking of an I-land (nocturnal transmissions from Portsmouth, 1998)
I kept screaming and he got past the wires and sped up. I started to run. I was running on a map. I figured if I ran all the way to India it would be too hot for the tiger (I was running from the east so maybe I was in Myanmar). I finally reached India and saw Bengal on the map and realized the Siberian tiger was relatives of the Bengal tiger and would do just fine there. He caught me and ate me. [ ... ]

713> dubble-bassin The Horse's Mouth down Pennsylvania Ave (+ Texas + Kentucky too boot)
... then went to his performance @ Rhizome, same funky place where Calamari/T-Sky had a reading @ AWP DC 3 yrs ago... guess that was the day Calamari truly wint archival + dropped off the face of the map, if we hadn't before dat, Nat's being the last book (b-sides our one) dat we published. And now AWP is going on as we speak in San Antonio... what a nightmare w/ this whole Corona [ ... ]

712> Surveying the senses of screech owls thru Silvberbell Cemetery on ATVs before getting Zonged in 1996
And where are these supossed stock options? I'm almost thirty and I don't have health insurance. This sucks. Fuck you journal. Fuck everybody for those sleepless hours between four and five a.m. Fuck whatever god damn monkeys mutated to the mistake of homo sapiens. Bad call. I'm throwing away my morals for this job. All those holes adding up to form a gaping hole within myself. [ ... ]

711> Leap day # 7/11 after Ox-∃YE Madrugada (½-way) rapping up ∃nding ding ringing en our ears
... probly more than wd come by our table at AWP (granted we're giving books away), wich seems it's about that time a year, no? We don't even know where it is this year, completely out of touch w/ the lit whirld + we don't care. Part of us wonders why we bother pubishing Textiloma, or why we put so much effort into it, when the only person we're writing it for is our brother + he's more likely [ ... ]

710> Defragmenting our drive along Wisconsin to chase a Chevy on a wild goosle for an Ottawa Massage
2/22/2020> Another 2-filled date + another day of stairing @ a screan of DO NOT ENTER starting to freak us out cuz we're baysickly in the 26th mile of a marathon (in rapping up Textiloma)... eventually figgered out it don't help much dat we got very little available space on our harddrive wich we never paid much mined to before cuz we wreckoned a terrabyte was plenty nuff, but [ ... ]

709> P.S. Epilogged Epipath in Σum after Tellus' Broth of Her Man-OS while posting the pre-script in recovery
+ now (output-wise) we're starting a draft of the last episode #12 + since it ends by us "recovering" the text artifact ether by weigh of operation or on an expedition to retrieve it from the Bw/Ody of our brother Ulysses from when he set out on a 1-way mission in 1997 to climb the same peak our father Sisyphus died trying to scale in 1982 figgered weed mock up what the text artifact might look [ ... ]

708> The myth of Sisyphus humping the Oregon trail thru rock creek to Alaska, DC
... we was born there, spent our 1st decade more ore less there, our home state u cd ssey. An other intresting fact is dat the originul Oregon Ave in DC used to be Swann St (they changed the name in 1938), so the 1st home we one is on x-Oregon Ave. We looted a few booxes along the weigh + like Sisyphus we humped more rocks from Rock Creek to take home + put in the back of our backyard. [ ... ]

707> Last throes of the white towel into the sewerside of black night falling past
... knot that U commit sewerside... we'll give U the benefit of the doubt. But such behaviour (shooting dope) is sewersidal, just like free-solo rock-climbing (w/o ropes) + while U contemplated sewerside in your journel's a lot, U din't leave no note, wich wd seem an out-of-charactor missed opportunity. Another reason we don't think U directly willed your deaf is cuz of the stigma it carried in your [ ... ]

706> Textiloma in 10-∃-SSEY (of 12) st/episodes wear Buckley (fooly clothed) swims in Miss Hippy
We're up to 1997 in Textiloma, going chronologically. The last week or 2 weave bin going thru Ulysses + our (Telemachus) journels. Ulysses entries start to peter out + then in August of '96 U went to rehab in Tucson + made a few entries in a hand-written diarrea wich is barely legible. We (Telemachus) switched over to a laptop by '96 so it's more or less a ⌘+C/⌘+V job (+ converting both [ ... ]

705> Re: Joyce, reJoyce! U god 9 lives of 2nd chantsses, Ulysses (as we post epi 3). Use them wisely.
... quit,... ad ∞,... an endless psychle, just like our father Sisyphus humping dat dam stone... well, obviously not endless, unlike your alter ego Prometheus (who was eviscerated by an eagle each night but woke in the mourning w/ liver back in tact) we always have the option to choose deaf by sewerside, like Sisyphus (our pop, not the mythillogical 1), who had sir'O'sis of the liver from ∀ll that C2H5OH [ ... ]

704> Biogeochem sampling our ashes to crestate a tombstone of gold-digging vs. love at the end of 1995
A conversation between yourself and your alter ego standing 600 feet up on the edge of Canyon de Chelly wanting to jump, trying to talk yourself out of it [...] All your life compressed into about 10 seconds of free fall. I'm such a loser I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to calculate in my head exactly how long the free fall would be but I get answers that are way too large. Common [ ... ]

703> Eagle threads the needle to ill-annoy + how book-X-changing leads to gentrification
... whoever thunk as simpull an act as putting a box up + giving away books could spark such rage? The above booty we'll put in our boox to mix things up, unless we haven't read it (we'll give the Jay McInerney a look). The other day sum 1 left Famished Road by Ben Okri + On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, the latter of wich we ain't red + have been meaning to check out, so thank [ ... ]

702> Entwined mise en abîme enzymed from the MST3K P-nut gallery as we post Entelechy of Telemachy
Recognize the shadowy figgers from Mystory Sighence Theatre 3000? That's us now, setting t/here rite next to Tel, piping in from the P-nut gallery as the transcryption of Ulysses' journels scroll by. A mise en abîme enzymed to denature our helix, dubble-stranding on us on dis here dessert I-land w/ Oxen of the Son, buey. If u blow up the I-ox-eyed Darwinian DNA each strand gets cumposed of an [ ... ]

701> The actual white-fanged dogberry is dead (not for sale) in a swampy 451° F
Conceptually its got intresting ideas (in pertickler the "4th wall TV" where the viewer acts out 1 part), but the writing is more pulp-trashy then literary, certainly not subtle. And at times tinged w/ racism, especially in the coda he added in 1979. Then again, it was written in 1950, so it is what it is, for the time + if we judge or censor it we succumb to the same trappings the book portends. [ ... ]

700> Black swans/white pelicans, Indecency + REMember: this is NOT a zoo or theme park
Launched chapter 2 of Textiloma, "Reinhabiting Deependsea." 2 weeks w/o a drink. Shifted north to Gainesville, at least it's a college town w/ young educated ppl. Walked La Chua trail, much as we cd.... seams the hogwah has risen so twards the end we was wading up to our shins in the swampy muck. Signs said: "Remember: This is NOT a zoo or theme park" as if folks needid reminding. Saw a few [ ... ]

699> The strip-mauled duplicate of the islandic invention of Dr. Morel under constant rigor
Casares ends the book by saying «To the person who reads this diary and then invents a machine that can assemble disjoined presences, I make this request: Find Faustine and me, let me enter the heaven of her consciousness.» We feel almost like A.B. Casares is reaching out across almost a century of time to us, tasking us w/ the aks to riverse ingenehear his liebro, to replicate his bookish machine... perhaps wheel heed his call, [ ... ]

698> 1st week on the wagon intruding into dust to doormirror bedder
... + father, at least until we finish our book. And our bedder-½'s doing it in solidarity w/ us. Wheel metaphorically go thru the 12 steps w/ them (minus all the hire god shit). Not sure our dad ever was able to quit cold-turkey, we member our stepmuther wanted him to go to A.A. but not sure ever he did. She used to dump all his alcahole out, but then discovered he was drinking his mouthwash. [ ... ]

697> Foreign Objets launched as Textiloma + projected as The Door onto a door
Wint to a movie last nite in a theatre w/ multiple screens + chairs facing every wich way so u picked a chair facing the screen u wanted to watch, all juxtaposed at skewed angles. We was there to see The Doors movie + it was being projected onto a door. The people we was with (strangers) picked a randumb seat way in back where we could barely see, especially since the door/screen was actual size. [ ... ]

696> The boox-pillaging book-bag-lady dawdling down Dial-a-where St.
Major slape whiting. Creating a new «20» folder to store post 696. As usual we slept rite thru New Years. Ate fondue + rewatched Apocalypse Now for probly the 20th time + drank our last bottle of Cava for a spell. Gunna stop drinking alcohole til 4/30/2020—our brother's 55th berthday + launch date of Textiloma. Or at least til the end of January, when the the 2nd ½ of season 6 of Bojack [ ... ]

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