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856> I uɐ ɹou pɐǝɥ s'uᴉǝʇSuᴉǝ ɟo ½ ʇɟǝl ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇno/uᴉ suoʇʇnq ɹǝpuǝʇ ʇǝƃ ʇ'uɐɔ llᴉʇs ɯ'I
Just goes to show there's no point in doing nothing xcept being yourself + njoying the ride. Nothing can change the coarse of humanity so mayas well rise above + bee post-humun. No 1 can even trust what's going on in their one heads cuz a lot of it is stories we tell ourselves (fed by the media) to cope w/ this reality, cuz otherwise it's all 2 overwhelming for any 1 brain to comperhend. [ ... ]

855> Can't get Swope's ax out of my head + a supposedly fun book roundup for February
... when it was okay to be ridiculously politically incorrect. Guess we're on a bit of a Black History Month roll here, as the 2nd epsiode of Can't Get You Out of my Head focuses largely on Michael X (Abdul Malik) + Afeni Shakur. We're only 2 episodes in but reconfirms our thinking that u can learn more about humanity (post WWII) watching Adam Curtis then watching/reading anything else. [ ... ]

854> Hale-Bopp, malachite + albino burros filling our socks w/ soil in the mes before Chaulky died (Mar '97)
It was all wrapped up between two strands of barbed wire it was trying to jump through. It's front feet were hanging to the ground and there was a bare spot where it had been hoofing at the ground for what seemed like days. But that split second when I realized it was alive, this deer hanging there in a state of defeat, I'd give anything to know what was going through that deer's mind. Completely [ ... ]

853> A codamundi ate our Adobe dogument in D♭ miner is a story we tell ourselves to reconcile th past
Din't help our case when we said we were just typing in a document when it crashed, cuz obviously what we're doing is not exactly normal usage. We sent him the corrupt file (or rather he sent it to himself since he was still driving our computer) to see if his "technical team" could salvage the file + said he would email it back to us if he did. This was around 10 pm last night. We woke up at 1 a.m. [ ... ]

852> Covid-California dreaming of cabin fever, brain fog + another shitty east coast winter
She told us we'd like this guy, that he used to be in Kiss + our bedder-½ said which 1 + started to get into a conversation trying to figure out which 1 not by their name (Gene Simmons was the only name we knew) or instrawment they playd but by what kind of facepaint they wore, like, "the guy w/ th star over his eye?" This Kiss guy walks in + he's handsome + polite + it's weird to see him w/o his [ ... ]

851> Ranch of the French Repression, meteorites, X-files, The Thing? + other border-X-ings into no-man's land
Unlike our hosts, these were not friendly natives. As I approached the main house a young man reached for his machete, almost like they'd never had visitors there. Sure it doesn't help that I have a dark blue Trooper that looks like DEA or Federales. I told him what I was doing and asked for permission to sample on the property while he stood there fondling the blade of his recently sharpened [ ... ]

850> Trip log + analog moving images of our mother the fish before + after the honeymoon
... our memary of curtain events are informed (or @ least was reinforced) by watching these films. Crazy to think of all the millions of mom ents that slip by unremembered if they weren't captured + how randumb life kin be. Also crazy to think of mother as an individual before we were born, what she was like + how halving us changed her. Consider this clip of her paddling around in a pool [ ... ]

849> Olympic bush-whacking + wallpapering our walls w/ rejection + dead valves after the honeymoon (Jan 1997)
Rejection after rejection in both job-hunting and writing. And the bills are piling up, my printer cartridges go out or I run out of paper and can't afford to be sending out writings. The car's busted, that's still in the shop. We have to cab it to get groceries. Groceries go on credit. We walk miles to the movies and see lower-priced matinees and then sneak into another to get our money's worth. [ ... ]

848> I©oniɔ ɔulling of musiɔ from sɔenes of war (a nighthood ɔuring snake-dzzz from beds of our bedder-½)
.../sounds 2 use as starting points 4 new toons. Unlike the early sampling ©ontroversies that artists like Publick Anemone faced (where 1 sampled from tapes or vinyl) w/ digital sampling u can manipulate sound bites 2 the point where they ɔan never be IDentified + u can alter the pitch + BPM 2 fit whatever you're doing. Is this braking ©opyright laws? U tell us, butt 1st u gotta simple this, my bitpull. [ ... ]

847> Gaudí-tiled sky i-lands rapped in blackened butternut + riot grrrl barbed-wire
But to her involved in that scene, to any 1 immersed in any scene, u can understand why that scene is naturally what's most important. There's a certain communal aspect to music that goes beyond just those making the music to all the listeners + fans involved. Making music now as Sound Furies we don't belong to any scene w/ no fans so can understand why no 1 else is intrested in our music [ ... ]

846> Use or lose Mg dreams of corona mandala tattoos + the finite jest of culling the slush pile
We were waiting for the tattoo artist in ½-broken lounge chairs on the street + trying to figure out where the tattoo would go... we was thinking the upper arm but didn't know which + in the end desided our right sholder (the spot where u get shots (relevant cuz the mandala design sort of looked like a corona virus)). We aksed these strangers we were with where they were moving to + they didn't [ ... ]

845> 2020+ ≠ 404: subconchus sub-missions to let sleeping fish lie
Bin submitting excerpts from Residue to various magazines/journals... it's bin a long time since we've submitted anything, surprizing (or maybe not) how many zines/journals have gone under after 1 or 2 issues, how many of our old bookmarks give us a 404 error. We've been so out of touch w/ the lit world, specially not being on social media. Speaking of submissions, we opened up subs for Sleeping [ ... ]

844> 8½ residuals of a kajillion from a crocodile-infested swamp searching for covid advice
... they were saying we could just go to nofeeadvice.com so we were trying to get away from them acting like we knew what we were doing. We found a quiet piazza + sat down at an empty outdoor table figuring we cd just google the information but then more sketchy types kept coming up to us. This 1 guy attached himself to us w/ this string + tried to act like it was accident. We ran thru this market [ ... ]

843> Residue of riding unicycles w/ baked slutty Norma the talking gorilla
We were the 1st participant that showed up for a bicycle race + started to take a spot in the corner, trying to figure out how we would ride the race inside this small apartment. Evidently u were sposed to lift the front wheel up + ride vertically against the wall + it seemed easiest in the corner. Then this French girl decked out in flashy biker gear w/ a nice bike shows up + we told her she could have this prime [ ... ]

842> Long Day's Journey into Night of residual language acquisition in REM/ROM isolation
We were on a boat last night + started to see all sorts of wildlife: dolphins, white beluga whales, ducks, penguins + then we saw a goose w/ markings that looked Aztec but on closer inspection the markings spelled out: "I've seen this happen in other people's lives + now it's happening in mine". Sum 1 in the group joked that Morissey ripped this bird off... "guess he figured nobody would come up to [ ... ]

841> Red doc> corona score of formation to inform our residual diet
it's about these robots that take care of humuns cuz we've ruined the planit + the fat humuns just lay about in souped out lay-Z boy chairs having machines take care of their every bodily need, so it seemed an apt movie in current times. [...] The only thing is she looks nice the whole film, her hair clean + combed, but meanwhile the state of her apartment is going to pot w/ dead skinned rabbits laying [ ... ]

840> Posthumous Rorschach Residues of zen weeping elephants on the Richter scale
He had 52 of them actually (made during covid self-isolation) + it occurred to us we had ~50 dreams in 2020 so we're pairing them up w/ his images, both in chronological order as a sort of record of what covid, Trump + all this other craziness has done to our collective unconscious in 2020. Some of the dreams don't need much alteration, others we have to flesh out/massage to match the images + [ ... ]

839> SVSS AM shift "to PDX 2 weeks then WTF, then quit"(from flight logs of our father)
.... on his lap + he let us take the wheel to fly around Haystack rock (or maybe this is a story we told ourself) + another time he did the upsie-downsies + it made us throw up... seems even way back when we was a kid we had issues w/ our ears + motion sickness, definitely didn't inherit our father's ears, tho like having your own private island it would be cool to have a plane + fly yourself around. [ ... ]

838> In between the dada$tringed lines + behind the scenes of Mess + the oily film on the Potomac river
1). D seems to be the key our bedder-½ is most comfortable singing in, 2) our harmonica is in the key of D minor (we also tuned our Turkish drum we bought recently to D) + 3) this tuning makes it easy to play D minor pentatonic (D-F-G-A-C-D) + D aeolian (D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D) chords/progressions more naturally... not that we know shit about music theory but when we fuck around plucking [ ... ]

837> Welcome to the rivery jungle, moving pictures + the ever-ch-ch-changing water way of 2021
We talk plenty about books + music on 5cense-cum-The Daily Noose-cum-Life in the Blog of Ghosts, but we decided going forward into 2021 we're gonna try to keep track of the movies we watch cuz it's such a big part of what we do now... in lieu of travelling, eating out + all the regular things we all used to do pre-2020 we can just vicariously live life thru film. So we've created this viewing log that also [ ... ]

836> Nights of the living zoombie: our collected covid unconscious in the rear view merehorror of 2020
After we finished archiving our dream log we said post-2019 that our nocturnal emissions would get mixed in w/ our day-to-day journaling, but now we're thinking maybe we'll repost them all here in 1 spot to bedder understand subconsciously wtf happend in 2020. A lot of dreams we had were too vague too log + there were many undocumented covid dreams we didn't bother to record, [ ... ]

835> Santa don't halve kids cuz he onely comes 1x a year + that's down the chimney
Then we woke up @ 5 a.m. cuz we had to pee + noticed their door was open + snuck down + caught him ½-naked snooping around looking confused + when he saw us it spooked the shit out of him + we acted souprized like we caught him in the act + saying we couldn't believe they got us stockings + only then did he notice the stockings + he was trying to act like he didn't know how they [ ... ]

834> The safe-haven home on Swann where we recorded Herd of Birds on our 24th revolution
+ on the 12th day of xmas eve (our 24th anniversary) we release this year's record of our existence, Herd of Birds, on vinyl no less. Even if no 1 else in el moondough listens to it we're proud of it. If there's 1 thing we halve to be grateful for it's halving our bedder-½ w/ us during this pandemic (not to mention the latter ½ of our life). That + being homebound in this house that we call home during [ ... ]

833> #11: The wistful nostalgia of "Past of Future Dayzzz" disentegrates into the endless ending
dayzzz run head over heals looped in a mobius day-z chain / the grit of granite on our hands, smell of pine sap mulched by ants / the rope dangling free in the wind feels as real as inside our skin / fingers reeling in the years yearning for dayz of future past / woken up at 3... / in the past of future dayzzz current memaries fade / longing for the wistful, a fistfull of fresh dirt / on belay to the dead [ ... ]

832> #10: Grackles, gunpowder ice cream, shearwaters + heard mentality in "Sardines"
... an off-kilter kettle cast of black metal using the lost wax methud / witch 1 added chlorine? off the shore of Moss Landing / as deep as Grand Cañon / dilooting the waves / resinants still bleeds /visine hides the wrath of grapes distilled in wine / Sheephead are black, white + red when dead + hard-boiled in vinegar + oil w/ a pinch of sea salt + coal-mined canaries / in kind for cowries + canned [ ... ]

831> #8 ("Mare"), "Totem #9", continued declined, RLM + Geronimoooooooooo
we found a blue hatchet buried in dandelion weeds / who's to say coyote don't do good deeds? we let it slip further down in the folds / evil is also in the eye that beholds / even if a tree never even falls sum 1's bound to claim they herd it all / please sir, kin we have back our yellow ball? y'all don't need no wall / we beseech u police not to be besieged / no 1's free 'til every 1 else is free / kin u look [ ... ]

830> #7 (#1 side 2): A southern cassowary couched in the constitutional loopholes of "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
the birds bring us to kneel in unchartered fields before the river takes us to see / the onely thing that's reel is the hard glassy feel as u slam into the pain / to be herd / not seen / ostrich-sized / skin deep / walled in / to isolate / self-driving cars / deliver eggs / obsolescence uv city streets / obey can't u see? kin u feel the impressions of feathered friends? the hail on the skylight reminds us [ ... ]

829> HoB #6: The lost flammable history of particle physics + nitrate film in "Split Screen"
boot-strapping the beam that split the seam shedding light in between / the lines’s drawn in the sand by the same hand that draws the curtains in the end then ushers us to the concession stand / J.J. stuck in his thumb + pulled out a plum, tasted what he set out to taste / Earnest fired a gun at tissue paper + it bounced back in his face / 100 years ago the last picture show self-ignited its one negative [ ... ]

828> HoB #5: Egon Schiele as a Figurehead anagram in "A Hued Grief" to derobe the tyrant
The guy talking @ the beginning + end of the song is a Spanish flu survivor (from some podcast we found on Archive.org) so damn, he must be old, a centenarian no less. The "100 years after inquisition" line is another nod to Pornograpy. The Spanish Armada (which for some reason is the date (1588) we was all sposed to remember in history class) was 100 years after the Spanish Inquisition (we [ ... ]

827> HoB #4: god ain't dead it just never lived in "Corvid Curve" @ 1 second increments
+ all for what? what's so important that it can't wait? a body at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by external forces / shallow wave equations don't apply when you're floundering in the deep end / it bothered us that we oned the house but couldn't axess the roof right over our heads / "stay ahead" your mother said + now she nose she's bedder off dead / save your breath / don't give birth / lose [ ... ]

826> HoB #3: snipes + metallic starlings in the savage republic of "Aeolia"
Aeolia is the island home to the keeper of winds, Aeolus, who entrusted Odysseus w/ an oxhide windbag but his men opened it up while he was sleeping, sending their boat back to Aeolia. This was all after their misadventure at the Cyclops' cave where Odysseus cleverly escaped by saying his name was No One (our assumed pen name for 4ier X-forms)... obviously the 2 books we were working on [ ... ]

825> HoB #2: Culling + lapsing colonies into the resinant freakwindsea of "Colony Collapse"
Like the last #, "Colony Cullapse" is also about collective behavior, but instead of birds this # is about bees (+ "the birds + the bees"), the holistic nature of social insex, what the conchusnest of 1 individual be must bee like + then applying this to humun social media + "handholding machines" that lead us around w/out individual awareness of what we're doing, let alone where we're going as a [ ... ]

824> Herd of Birds #1: "Rₒ" liner notes swinging triplets from Xeno Canto as collective behavior
In anticipation of Herd of Birds being released on 12/24 we're gonna blog liner notes (w/ accompanying videos, lyrics, etc.) for each track daily for the next 11 days, in the order the #s appear on the album. We originally was gunna call the album Double Suicide + stage a photo to look like the 1 of Lennon + Ono kissing on the cover of Double Fantasy but then covid came along + seemed the world [ ... ]

823> Self-meditating 4ier X-forms to stave off mortality
... a keyboard or record player, which are more useful to us now... who needs to print + scan anymore? @ least 4ier X-forms we might keep on our coffee table 4 a while + glance thru it, but the other books we've "written" just gather dust on shelves... perhaps bookworms we'll eat their way thru the pages + 200 years from now sum 1 will find 'em + think the way they've aged is cool (regardless of [ ... ]

822> the aged aesthetic of Japanese bookwormhole asemic art objets
We don't just make + publish book objets @ Calamari Archive, we also cullect 'em... not just artist books (such as the 1s by Dimitry Babenko) but books we keep in our personal liebury not just for their literary merit but cuz they're just old + cool looking. We sometimes find "keepers" in our liebury boox travels (which seems to be the main excuse for our walks now, to cull + curate our own liebury [ ... ]

821> the day i died + left motherless bklyn for a jettisoned winged pig
The book is sposed to be about the day he left Amerika + died, but mostly it's about rib sauce + shoes made of bird meat. The text is framed in little boxes superimposed over blurry pictures of Ben Marcus, or some 1 who looks just like Ben Marcus, for whatever reason. Almost as weird as the time we came across an article in Puerto del Sol pairing us (back when we had a name) w/ Ben Marcus as [ ... ]

820> Like zoombies exorcising in place to rerun our liebury stacks during this pandemic
So we moved to this other piece of equipment like a Smith machine but we needed a pin or sumpin to get it to work so we went to get the pin + when we came back there was some douchebag guy taking a shower in it + we said excuse me we was using that + that the Smith machine wasn't for taking a shower but exorcising but he didn't budge, just gave us a look like fuck off. Can't remember [ ... ]

819> Dazed + confused in '94: leaving the Black Hills + aimlessly ending up in a drive-away to France
I'd like to say it's a geography that still carries an essence of previous peoples, unlike the spiritually sterile California. Beyond beauty it's what the land means, what it carries. Same w/ Tucson. California has been plowed over. Not just physically, but people have plowed the soil of any roots, they've lost touch with history and the land and are living for themselves in the here and now. Everyone [ ... ]

818> Banana slug + mice mascot manifesto (circa '88 driving '66 cars in Santa Cruz)
Guess u cd think of this post as an addendum to somewehere between post #540 or #546 when we was summarizing our UCSC years to fill in the gaps of this retroactive archive (which we're soon gonna rename to "My Life in the Blog of Ghosts"). Or u cd think of this as material that we might eventually use in thriver meme. Whereas Haraway inhabits cyborgs + dogs to examine posthumunism [ ... ]

817> Living @ 1% to circumnavigate (but not summit) Cloud Peak + sleep @ West Ten Sleep Lake
I looked back and saw Misty Moon lake shimmering in the full moon. It was glorious, like being on the moon itself. I could see my moonshadow next to me with the huge pack. The trail was a rut full of snowmelt. I went over and dropped into the dramatic canyon leading to Solitude lake. A few times i would smell a musky scent and sure enough i'd see a deer run off in the moonlight. [ ... ]

816> Psychogeographical determinism + other post-triptofan thawts on Diamond's Guns, Germs + Steel
It's like saying "if an orange was an apple it would grow better in Washington" or "if an apple was an orange then it would grow better in Florida," but if an apple was an orange, then we'd call it an orange + the "orange" wrapped in apple packaging would be an apple. Humun populations are directly tethered to the landscape they evolved in, it's pointless (not to menshun racist) to think of a [ ... ]

815> Out-sourcing our spidery web for a Mexican Jerk Turkey Dance
Our bedder-½'s family has this time-honored tradition of doing a turkey dance but since no 1 is getting together this year in person we figured we'd do 1 of our own to share over zoom. The dance typically involves dressing the turkey up—Donald Drumpf would have been the obvious choice for 2020 but her folks already did a Drumpf turkey dance, in fact it may have even been before he was [ ... ]

814> Re-wiring a rats nest of a V-uckle only i can drive thwarting advances to reach the poet's table
... the steering column was literally on fire! Had to spray it down w/ the hose. So yesterday after work i got a bunch of wire and connectors and set to work fixing it. I took off the cover to the steering column and it was a total mess. All the wires were crispy and melted and fused together. I sorted out which wire was which and rewired them and now the lights and stereo work. Took this [ ... ]

813> Colony Cullapse in the Blog of (g)Hosts
We ain't logged a nocturnal emission in a while, last night think we dreamt we was trying to log a dream, but mostly they're just little snapshots here + there that can't be put in words + seams most every dream this year involves public encounters w/ folks not wearing masks... we imagine most folks are having this nightmare lately? As we retroactively archive our journals we're thinking of calling [ ... ]

812> Selfish machine memes inklooted in the expired ment to try to communicate w/ aliens
As we say in thriver meme, we're writing it "for aliens, animals, machines + any other replicable beings or entities on this planet besides humuns"... same is true for everything we do. We're like that guy in John Was Trying to Contact Aliens,... a geeky long-haired 54-yr old releasing art into the ether for posthumun entities to appreciate... or perhaps this is just another lame justification as to why no 1 [ ... ]

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