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988> 2003 blackout: laun¢hing Ↄalamari/5leepingfish in requital sham of Napster w/ 2 high expectations
He kept calling it “My Baby”. Its like we are the sports car he bought for his mid-life crisis, to make up for his receding hairline. He doesn’t realize that while you can buy a sports car, you cant just buy Napster, it's a service with people behind it. He has done nothing to earn our respect. You cannot buy respect and you definitely cannot buy hipness. Napster will fail because of this reason alone.  [ ... ]

987> on Qwitter + how R one failure preseeds u5 2 contin-U R posthumun Ǝxi5ten¢e of non-eXisten¢e
... if ∫um 1 follows u5 we shd follow 'eM back + Ngage + then we get suckd in2 th toxic circle jerk, u5ing twittr az a means 2 valid8 (witch in th end only makes u feel mor shitty), getting a-noyed @ waht B-comes popular + th meaningful things th@ go unnoticed, how it promotes thi5 addictive morefiend drip culture of U5 vs. them, celebrities/«ta5temakers» vs. fans + th feeds R far from democratic [ ... ]

986> + u will no u5 by th trail of ded az we log flite hrs til R bi-coastal journel overlaps blog 2 = 5oundtrack of R lives
... they announced that Midway was closed again. Had to get off and join the throngs demanding a refund or rebooking another flight. Chaos fed by sheer incompetence, mother nature withstanding. I managed to by-pass the lines by calling the 1-800 number, then caught a $70 cab ride back to the city and got home after 8 p.m. A long day of travel to go nowhere! A kind of performance art in itself. [ ... ]

985> a55embly line I5BN regener8or V-a a PROXY ROBOT POINT 2 wipe th 5late ¢lean
bin working on I5BN 978-1-940853-50-5, hen¢e th makeover... al5o 2 anticip8 th completion of R archival pro¢e55... fini5hed w/2002 + getting in2 yr 2003, when we 5tarted blogging @ thi5 URL, but there'5 overlap 5ince @ 1st we din't blog day-2-day + 5till sorta kept a privet journel > th pa5t accumul8s in2 the pre5ent, bunching til it'5 almo5t cot up > B-sides thi5, 5tarting 2 [ ... ]

984> th 5mell remines us it'5 hard 2 tell how g∞d life = when U'r busy living it
All sorts of weirdos in the world, but none compare to my mother. Think I'm objective enough to say that. She is a freak of nature. Just to be safe I was there when the train pulled up. She looked like a wounded animal in the headlights when she stepped off. I grabbed her bag and led her through Penn Station. She can barely walk. It is like a controlled falling, stiff-legged waddling like a zombie. Really [ ... ]

983> where we wrote Poste Restante + 23 Text Tiles (Hell's Kitsch-N) + how quitting gets 1 promoted
Mostly its all about the people watching (or for others, to be watched). In contrast to LA’s scene, everything was perfectly grungy-retro, with just a bit of flair that they can be identified as hip, but not too much. It’s an anything goes era, 70s throwback, 80s flashback, 90s recapitulation… its just a modern age with no movement, except there does seem to be a predominance of kitschy branding [ ... ]

982> ¿d∞ &roids dreme of L-ectric pigs + cleǝn ma¢henes ⊕ I-L& transport8ion di5a5ters 2 oper8 in a vaↄuum?
@ sum pt we were al5o Xing a river 2 get 2 N I-L& + rathr than w8 4 th fairy we bundled R clothes + B-longings + 5wam aↄross then on¢e we was5 on th I-L& + told sum 1 we 5wam they 5aid it wa5 EZ in-B-tween tide5 + in dat direction but once th tide 5hifts high it'd B-come treacherous so we got worried + went down 2 thi5 doc 2 jump off + swim back but th doc Xtended all th way 2 ware U [ ... ]

981> 5 x 5 word-L 5quares 2 drink Anthem + kick Dikovich out of R apt #14 dat wa5 naught eveN Rs 2 B-gin w/
aftr he left Nadal came up 2 u5 + 5aid he ↄould naught B-leave we had th cajones 2 kick Jokeabitch out + we 5aid it wa5 R apartment + we dint allow ma5kle55 unvaccin8ed idiot5 inn it > Nadal wa5 naught wearing a ma5k but we din't ↄare we were 5o geɘked out > then we got 2 l∞king around + nothing l∞ked familiar + we reɘlized it wa5 naught R apartment aftr ∀ll > we 5aid «thi5 = reɘlE [ ... ]

980> pressplay + transcribe by blackberry until U R here on 57th st
I don't miss the rigor, but I miss the elegance and profound insight that you can derive (if you're willing to put the work). Makes you think of things in a new light, like how crazy it is that we have this language of 26 letters and I am able to convey a thought process to myself to self and then send it through this rocky mountain air to home... Except it appears I have no signal so hopefully this will be stored [ ... ]

979> N ad 4 d-ziner 5hirts by G @ a 5washbuckler 5how we 5tarred in only 2 get bullied on th bus up 5th st NW
then we sorta B-came Gian or G's stand-in b/c he B-came th dire¢tor + couldn't do both @ 5ame time s0 we wa5 the 1 5posed 2 fight 5um 1 else 2 th deth + 5um judges pre5ented u5 w/ a 5word > they were verE ¢eremonious abt it eveN tho we were in a run-of-mill hotel r∞m so wa5n't sure if thi5 = a dress rehearsal or waht > we picked up the 5word + 5tood on th bed wondering if thi5 = [ ... ]

978> reci-P 4 fea5t of 7 »«(((°» π 2 celebr8 dad's death/birth in th M-urgent-C r∞m on 1/6
turn the heat off (U don't want the fi5h 2 c∞k yet!) + mix in the »«(((°»... we used 1 lb of chopped 5wordfish, C bass, 2-na, 5almon + whatever ketch-of-the-day + ½ lb of 5hrimp + ½ lb of 5callops 2 make it a proper 7 »«(((°» π > 5pice it up w/ fresh taragon, the above שום ופפריקה + of course O' Bay since we live in D.C. > 5peaking of 7 »«(((°» π, a few posts ag0 we mentioned ketching 3 mice [ ... ]

977> Tyrant > Calamari email/correspondence archive
Sweet dude. I have been thinking a lot lately of all of the fractal versions of ourselves that live in other peoples' minds and dreams. Glad I have some slivers over in Rome.[...]. We can meet in sezze tho. Hm, a tux. Not sure if the tux rental is a swedish thing. Get online and look bro. What do I look like, a google? Giu said you can rent a tux here for about a hundred euro. here punk, i googled it for ya [ ... ]

976> 5hining 3rd, 4th + 5wann 5treets w/ 5ecrets + 5now, 2 5cale
5ignificant 5now 4 th 1st time 5ince weave bin on Swann st... 5trange 2 think ye5terday temp = 65°F + we wa5 walking around in a T-shirt > watched The 5hining 4 mayB the 20th ⊕ 30th time, figured it'5 N appropri8 film 4 B-ing in th 5now in 5elf-isol8ion > watched th 1st ½ of it a few weeks ag0 on th plane back but it mu5t of bin ¢en5ored b/c they edited out th scene where th psychologist talks [ ... ]

975> Post 9/11 karaoke + R 35th meatier shower in Italy + Omaha 2 sensor massage boreds 4 pressplay
Flying through the streets of Manhattan. Sometimes perfection is reached, the lights turn green right on cue, flying down Park avenue, thru midtown, light filling the wet black tar like a river of colors, the sounds free to flow deep into the expanse sheltered by the towering skyscrapers, like there is no limit, nothing to confine the sounds as they echo outwards, nothing to confine the lights. Every [ ... ]

974> 2022 – 2021 = 1¢ = 5hiftin' from 4-to-5th gear az we l∞k FWD 2 IB5N 50-5+ mayB 5um hip-E 5hit in th ∆
if 2021 = year of river, then 2022 = yr of D-riveratives, not in th journihili5ti¢ art-¢riti¢al 5¢ense where 5umping aint originul, but in th mathemati¢al 5¢ense where D-riverative = how output ¢hange5 w/ re5pect 2 ¢hanges in input (4 eggsample th D-rivative of N objet's po5ition w/ re5pect 2 time = veloci-T) > if U wand 2 riverse th oper8ion u can integr8 the veloci-T fcn 2 find where U @ + [ ... ]

973> Σ 2021= 5-fold residue1 tributaries of 136 mice + covid-free posts
... 5umping we just got 2 live with > ain't a big deal in the scheme of things, in 1918-1919 the Spanish flu killed 50 million (of a total population of 1.8 billion), whereas covid has killed 5.4 million out of a population of 8 billion (7,945,592,388 2 B x-act, according 2 th countr on R homepage)... do the math, Spanish flu killed 2.777% of th population, covid has killed 0.067% of the population [ ... ]

972> 2021 residuals: ↄompi1ing a Σequential ream of dreams ∀11 in 1 place
... if u cd take a picture of your street then u were close to home + may as well walk. We were walking + saw a covid center (we didn't know if it was for tests or shots) + figured since we were gonna get on a plane the next day we shd go + when we got to the register we said "I'll take 1" (cuz we were embarrassed not to know wether it was for tests or shots). She said we had to be invited + we asked [ ... ]

971> dead mu5icians reb∞ting a numeric Xtension 2 micr0cosmic DC 4 Steinian arrangements V-a 1st + 2nd st
then 1ater in th nite (⊕ thi5 AM) R bedder-½ worked az a sorta f1oral D-ziner/artist (mixing in othr L-ements) dat made arrangements 4 Jimi Hendrix (eveN tho Jimi = dead) + we made a1bum covers 4 o1d music by dead mu5icians a1readE recorded in the '60-70s using fotografs 5um 1 Ls t∞k of b1dgs + arkitexture > we din't no who = R M-p1oyer ⊕ what = Economic viabi1i-T of thi5 work ⊕ [ ... ]

970> amphibious owLs + vi0lins washed 0ver by clean tel-X machenes w/ zer0-gr0wth
... a-parently this was where ppl left vi0lins 2 re$tring + when they were done they'd return them hear > we Xplained 2 Miles Davis dat R violin wasn’t there where we left it but another 1 was + he said it happend all the time, that ppl axidentally took the rong violin, acting like it din’t matter, dat vi0lins = non-Unique + interchangeable like a Unit of current-C > we l∞ked around th bathr∞m + found [ ... ]

969> Tributary #1: «Silver»—the silver plate inscribed w/ 25 w/ space enough for more if we dare or care
down at the river’s edge / we cut our veins + bled / our blood turned from blue to red / we’re singing so we’re still not dead / a silver river runs thru our veins / the silver lining comes w/ rain / a sliver of hope, w/ each sunset / for that 1 day we’d say we met / we came of age in the ’80s / when no 1 cared the world was engulfed in flames / after the murmuring rumors / were divined from the sky [ ... ]

968> Tel-a-foning 177 lbs of unPrimed I5BN in D.C.ember 2 cure-8 boox
ain't bin riting much abt day-2-day b/c as st8d in post #964 we'R gunna foke us m0re on livin' life rathr than scribin' bout it + foke u5 m0r on riting ISBN 978-1-940853-50-5 (⊕ I5BN az we'll callit hence-4th b/c we cant member th hull #) ⊕ mayB we aint hear in D.C. but in Puglia az plannd but dam, glad we ain't in Ital-E as #s halve dubbled 5ince we left... not dat they ain't dubbling in U.S. [ ... ]

967> the only thing standing between civilization + anarchy (where we were b4 + after 9/11)
This morning on the news I saw footage of a barge loaded with old subway cars, the redline express or whatever they called them. They were dumping them into the ocean 17 miles offshore... now that’s something to think about, all those fish and sea creatures occupying those cars that used to take millions of straphangers to work. I feel like I am typing on a time bomb. It says 0% remaining. [ ... ]

966> Tributary #2: «Niger»—who would of knnown that an Eclipse wd lead all 2 this?
25 trips around the sun / ½ our life we've lived as 1 / from Dogon country to the Cape of the Cat / a binary star in the same orbit + who would of known that an eclipse wd lead all to this? 2 pairs of lips engaged in a kiss / legs entwined like cricket strings / the violins drone /the triangle rings / in unison / from artesian springs + the motion we make when we spark a fire or pound the grain is all [ ... ]

965> when heads roll browse non-linear interaction types + fly 2 Spain on book day 2 get R 1st publication
They rounded the rest of us up (like wide-eyed cattle) and tried to assure us that there would be no more layoffs. That we were there because we were valued and all that crap, but what else are they supposed to say? It's like being on the Survivor show. Huddled around not sure whether to be sad for the others, or glad that it wasn’t us. I don't know what's worse. I guess I'd rather see things out as long as [ ... ]

964> hungree 4 N itinerant batch of hatch in loo of road-tripping the boot
... but in5tead, here we R in D.C. taking care of h0meowner i55ues dat piled up in R absence (such as a hot water heater that wint south... coming home 2 a cold shower ≠ fun) + continuing 2 unpack Rself from 4–5 messes in Bologna... Xferring stuff (11.56 GB of files + 1000+ Emails) from R laptop 2 R mother5hip iMac by hand b/c we don't trust cloud5 ± time machines 2 do it 4 us > watching [ ... ]

963> Tributary #3: «Columbia»—what was never lost can ever be found
born on the day he landed / on the river named for the man / now living in his namesake state / in the semi-colony of colon / a monument erected in stone / a fallacy of statutory rape / 500 candles on a birthday cake / cuz his ship rammed aground by mistake / what was never lost can ever be found / a country founded on dead reckoning / dead reckoning (x4) / extrapolated from shipwreck [ ... ]

962> Achtung, corralled w/ moronicron covidiots in terminal Z during draconian SSSS times
... chilling in the lounge getting a pretzel + a beer when suddenly another agent comes thru the lounge saying we need to leave the lounge immediately (there was no warning b4 this) + we asked «now?» + they said «right now!» so we hussled out along w/ the other passengers not sure what this was about, that maybe covid was detected in the lounge or whether it was about this manhunt underway > so [ ... ]

961> Tributary #4: «Dungeness»
coelacanth tales fall from the sea / see the sound pour from fur trees / salamander gills filter d-zzz / Dungeness crabs fossil easily / the Nez Perce didn't pierce their nose / but the Salish / flattened their heads in a vice / from the drawbridge alone u watch them spawn / no 1 will ever believe u back home / 5 x 5 the jet black horses swim / in the irrigation channel switched to main / vestigial fins blown [ ... ]

960> bunkered in N airB+B liebury in Bologna w/ elephant dung boox
got our negative covid tests, 1st hurd1e > stood in 1ine @ 1 pharmacy for 20-30 minutes whi1e the persun in front of us stood there ta1king w/ the pharmacist as if they was a psychillogical counse1or only 2 find out the tampone (covid test) were by appt only > waited @ another pharmacy + they gave us the (antigen) test, sticking that dam swab ½-way up in2 our brain > so we officia11y got the [ ... ]

959> in 2 the Lighthouse we 5leep 2 S-cape X-winds, covid + bNbs
... told us over the phone (no 1 was there when we arrived) the door was 0pen + 2 find a room (wich was a bad sign, that anybody cd just walk in off the street... completely unmanaged, basically a squat for day-laborers 2 crash in) > we considered going out the window just s0 we wouldn't b xposed 2 these brutes who were hacking + coughing + we heard 1 of them talking about a «tampone» (Italian word [ ... ]

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