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1146> how2 pronouns 10-zing in indexed αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode
th author of the more immediate project i'm working on (Nest of Tens) wi|| bee 10-zing Northway (^ nod 2 the 5herpa 1st 2 climb 2 the hiest hites) > i'm 5ti|| writing semi in this αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode, but w/ Nest of Tens it's 2D/nonLinear (txt going mesostica||y in vertical + horrorizontal direxions) + ba5ed in the st&ard 10-ba5ed [...]

1145> tran$parent a¢¢ounting of the name B-hind the paper machine racketology
if u want 2 find out about Ↄalamari Arↄhive dont take my word 4 it, ask the Ↄalamari authors if our practices are ethical or just > all i care about is making cool books > any press/magazine shd be judged by their output, not by whose behind the scenes, that's what the press is, a summation of all they've published, that's all that will remain [...]

1144> Give [||], 4 M∞n ec|ipses 5un + Earth quakes in 5ets of 11
> after eL ec|ipse, ii moved 2 ^rizona 2 study 5oLar phy6 + |os ami9os that 9ave meme ^ ride (1Ø88 mi1es) introduced ii 2 j + we married 5 yrs L8er in 1996, 2gether B-comin9 1 (i, j) hence-4th > az Sound Furies sing in «Niger»: who would of known that an eclipse would lead all to this? > bin reading Golokwati: ^ Tidaltectics History of [...]

1143> Asterism, Transparency, Luminous Objects + Psychic Surgeons
i don't remember the words «returns» or «chargebacks» being uttered on the «emergency» call? but @ the end of the day this was the dealbreaker 4 Calamari (when D-siding weather 2 go w/ ^ big distributor vs. 5ticking w/ SPD (4-5 yrs ago when SPD started 2 self-implode + there was not yet the option of Asterism) > of course the idea of having yr books [...]

1142> eNdorsed bi ^dragon 2 index Sen-10-ces B-Longing 2 No 1, dear Inurnet
mesostiC in HTML b/c 1 cant 5pace bar thru ^
 MT areA ... 1 needs 2 [⌘ + C] + [⌘ + V] ^ « »
     + Gau9e by h&
   wherE 2 L& iT, 10-4?) [...]

1141> «evacu8 u cave» pro¢e55ed in para||e| 2 4m nomadic monad ± mesostic mosaic
+ goog|ing «monad» U di5¢overed in ¢ontemporary (cyber) terms ^ monad = i/O type 5tructure dat combines input program fragments + raps output return vaL-Us in2 ^ burritO (yes, most commun meta4) in Haskell, ^ programming language w/ i/O type inference + LayZ evaL8ion (n0t 2 B confuzed w/ John Haskell n0r Jackson Pollock), wherein z a4mentioned 2010 [...]

1140> Autoportrait 2 rewrite az pink hobocamp zine w/ n0 i5BN yet
... maid U think z 1st line of i5BN mayas well B yr childhood phone # (5trange U can remember dat but not yr phone # now) > U = dada-driven sighingtist after all > Autoportrait begins: When I was young, I thought Life A User's Manual would teach me how to live and Suicide A User's Manual how to die > U haven't red Perec, yet [...]

1139> Z phenomenology of derivin9 undbridged 2 vvreckon + D-cipher $9,999.00 ?
[...] 卌 卌 (on yr de5ktop (2 remind U what U work on) + perhaps soon 2 repLace backdrop hear az U transition 2 Nest of Tens (+ (hablando de calendarios) also plzed 2 announce Ↄalamari will bee pubLishing Tonalamatl by Steven Alvarez, or delay bway!) 2 cope w/ calendure obSESSion (in wake of bissextile) ... O Z anaLog dayz when U drew X's [...]

1138> 2 cure8 lapsus calami 2 regurgit8, mut8, recapituL8 + propaG8 2 save face
U [●] these 2 help yr com-π-ler/CPU process yr next publiↄk e-facing [●]ing + 2 help cure8 the next Ↄalamari > in8 iD = compiL8ion of all arkhivel skewed ink regurgit8ed + propaG8ed 2 the next LVL > thats what NE artist does, regurgit8, mut8, recapituL8 + propaG8 2 keep on propaG8ing (even when U're in the grave) + hearin U reveil an inkLing of what [...]

1137> 1 U-turn (of many) under mined CTRL 2 nod off bedder
u pooL a U-ie + come face-2-face w/ a relick of yr 4mer 5elf, btw, bway, down bdwy un-Til u reach an agreement w/ 1-self (fewchair 4m of), wherein U also reeL-eyes N-E word kin mene NE-thing D-pending on context, intend s? Reaching X realization makes u Nod, in unison/con5enses, 2 concur, not 2 nod off, ox > 2 in-10d = 2 underst& after all, [...]

1136> compleat nu nu memoirrhoids in 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 daze + 40 nites
... 4 i's (w/ reading gla55 pre5cryption upped 2 +2.75) > therƎ Xists unicode code 4 tally marX up 2 4: 𝍠, 𝍡,𝍢, 𝍣, 𝍤, but 4 5 1 has 2 cheat + use «卌» (U+534C, witch just so happens = Chinese character for 40), ∴ iF in western metrix 10 = 卌 卌, + 40 = 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌, THEN 2 transL8 from Chinese 2 Western 1 wood multiply/duplic8 bi 8, 10-4? [...]

1135> 5tart yr one ff/ppre55 of curious-cities w/ pedals in yr ii's on n i-L&
«messy on th edges, ma left messages mangLing men w/ dangerous (hungry) angels» > fallowed bi con5ecutive X-sexions: «manh&eld by art brut, s/he caved in2 halving a bebe (meme)» (w/ a BB gun in tissue payper?) + : «10/4, say, Cheese, bi chants, n0 mames, way» > perhaps b/c in Mazatlán ii wore a uni4m + sold gum unmastic8ed bi the virgin on the verge [...]

1134> error-tRavel notes dedic8ed 2 the dead b4 us: zzz ><((°> XX feeds on paper
... U/i was wandering around trying 2 find R seat + then we got back 2 where we boarded the plane out5ide on the tarmac + U/i figured we'd just rebored but then realized U/i din't halve R boarding pass b/c we left it w/ R stuff + then 5tarted 2 panic realizing U/i was out5ide the plane + dint C how this = po55ible b/c U/i rememberd taking off [...]

1133> 4ier vvave-4m 5tat-us upd8 2 a-nouns U az author of 2-byte βeta 8 ½-Loopƨ
... under the guise of 1-wing 2can, ad infinitum) finished last 5ummer but has bin DKing in2 a st8 of indetourminancy due 2 inbox overload/academic burrocrazy of the 5mall press that accepted iT back then, sew az usual ii'll 5elf-medic8 in trademark DiY fa5hion > perhaps 2-b-β-8-½-L = 1st book ware iF U read iT U b/come a part of the authorship? [...]

1132> amput8ed dReam syndicate banking off the Stilt's baↄkboerd chronillogically
ii wanted 2 show L + J the backbored that Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 pts on but it was in5ide a mens room, so ii went in 1st 2 check + the coast was clear B-sides 1 ⌂-less person that was totally out of it so they came in + saw it + then a few ⌂-less ppl started stirring from beneath blankets + ii asked if they knew they were 5leeping propped [...]

1131> we the nu nu animals ⌂-hunting along the red line, 1-dering if it's 10-der
... in front of us was this sort of roller-coaster train w/ chimps on it > they weren't buckled in + their feet were Xposed 2 the ground (like Flinstones cars) + this 1 chimp kept jumping down off their seat + there were sensors that wd make the train automatically [◼] + this chimp kept doing this over + over, each time the train coming 2 a [...]

1130> st8 of the union 2023: transparent confe$$ions on black paper
w/ this 5witch 2 POD + Asterism we're ¢onfident that by next year wheel B out of the red ... does this $ound like a $ales pitch 4 an iPO going publi¢? 2 publish means 2 go public after all ... iF u want 2 buy $tock in Ↄalamari, the ¢urrency we X¢hange with = books + we got 'em in $tock hint, hint + if we halve NE-thing 2 show for 2023, there's more [...]

1129> 1/f (pink) posthumunusic 4 deeper white horses 2 blockchain me anonymous
B-sides muzic, ꟻr shares a lot in commun w/ 1, geeked-out computer/math nerd (who else wd name their b& after John von Neumann? whose math chops = in5truMental 2 the 4muL8ion of quantum mechanix, computer sighence + the A-bomb (naught sure Y he wasnt in the recent Oppenheimer movie az JvN was buds w/ Oppie + his role @ Los Alamos pivotal)) > [...]

1128> on a curtain uncertainty of travesty gener8ors 2 D-rail red hook in time
... needid keys 2 get in but then reached in2 my pocket + discovered 1 already had a FOB key > 1 told my other cousin that mayB 1 slept-walk there + he said «u walked in your 5leep all the weigh hear?» + 1 said 1 must of walked 2 the bus station + bot a ticket in my 5leep + then said 1 bedder check my wallet 2 make sure nothing = missing + my [...]

1127> publiChing noThing going ИOWHƎЯƎ, changing in time 2 cause R/Evolution
... or has the r8 of change/evolution of tecknowledgey ebbed? me thinx the ladder, we 5till don't halve flying cars of the type The Jetsons were using in the early '60s, or the jetpacks we were promised > Butler naught onely questions weather machines have consciousness, but weather plants do 2 > R free will + mobility @ the root of hire [...]

1126> ∑ [ oo ] + ><((°> = John Henry's 14 fish [▶]List of shango trainsongs
... Henry hailed from)+ weave tocked b4 in a posthumun contxt about how Thoreau said «We do not ride the railroad; it rides upon us» b4 McLuhan said «we shape our tools then they shape us» + now hear's X legend of John Henry's duel against the drilling machine + again, az Norbert Weiner pointed out in Cybernetics, humanity's reliance on technology [...]

1125> 1001 killers of flowering machine code from bleeding moons in2 deep L-um
+ we posted the D-scription + a few blurbs, w8ing 4 others 2 trickle in + then will send out 2 get printed up 2 send out 4 review (NE intrested in an ARC lettuce no) > other than that, 5till editing Sleepingfish issue XX, w8ing on a few stragglers 2 get back 2 us w/ edits ... bad timing being near the holeydaze > got guests in town so 5leeping [...]

1124> Einstein's intestines go south in the H.O.U.S.E. 4 10K/day
«2day (1 day ≈ NE other) 1 ran around central park + az 1 ran 1 thought: 1 will do X every day + rite 1 book about iT»—1 rote, after returning from said run > current thinking is wheel start the 1st chapter of the nu book (iSBN) w/ the previous line ... or naut, wheel C: ... 3rd day in a row 1 has circumnavig8ed central park, this time walking > [...]

1123> trolls dub (Down Under the Bridges): 5uicide 5urvivors anonymous
u can't judge sum 1 until u've walked in their 5hoes > az weave told B, R situation w/ R dad + brother = diffrent in that we nvr saw a body, we live in D-Nile lala L&, 4 all we know they're 5till alive ≈ Schrodingers Cat in st8 of indeterminancy, can't imagine finding yr loved 1's body like that + how hard that image wd B 2 erase from yr [...]

1122> 4ever house-hunting 2 com.pile Sleepingfish XX + circumnavig8 R&all i-L&
this = what we're D-b8ing... wd B nice 2 B in heart of villaj, but worth it 2 live in a 5hoebox? we loved it enough 2 live in a 280 sq ft apt in 2005 but that was almost 20 yrs ago + not onely halve we changed but GV has changed (4 eggsample the place on Perry is across the street from where Sex in the City was filmed so the owners have 2 put up [...]

1121> R.U.Я. bot living under a rock @ interseXion of 16th + wordtomydead
there's 2 types of editorial reading, both very diffrent than pleasure reading ... there's the cursory skim 2 see if it's worthy + then 4 accepted work there's the deep-dive read where you're focused on edits > we're remembering now why we stopped doing Sleepingfish print issues, it's a lot of work 4 something not many appreci8 eXcept those that are [...]

1120> Quantum field notes 2 launch TiME5 ƎĐiT, in the hear + now!
the lyrix are about the infinite coastline pairodocks, how, deepending on granularity, if 1 tries 2 measure a 5horeline it wood halve an ill-Ð-fined length that approaches infinity, iF u keep zooming down 2 atomic level (assuming 1 considers 5pace 2 B infinitely continuous (we don't, nor do we B-leave time = continuous, but @ sum lvl (getting [...]

1119> ill ju5t 5tay rite hear w/ Laika rather than gurney 2 Karabakh
U're in my Helium dream / in a droning machine / they send in2 space / high in th sky / riding th rails / 2 measure th 5pin of their daily grind / lurching 2 + fro / the capsule left th earth / no 10, 9, 8 / untested machine / unchartered skies / no 3, 2, 1 / no kiss + fly / the capsule wobbled unsound / scarcely leaving th ground / by th dangling  [...]

1118> «Tropic of Cancer» doesn't run thru Turkey: The Time Regulation Institute
... doesn't get any more kafkaesque than shipping a box of empty boxes, which we might add is more expensive than a box of books since you can't take advantage of media mail rates), we were told we could not have communication with you, the authors of these books. Not even people we knew that knew you were allowed to mention what Ↄalamari Arↄhive [...]

1117> Rea⅃- 2-ЯeeL iRL: a Đ-Leted Last taped iTinerary of di5patches 2 no-where
> ⌚ the s& ƒunneL down | wind the ⌚ 5prin9s tiL wound | preSS [<<] + [▶] the TAPE | the SPOO⅃ LOOPƧ baↄkWords the same > ƒeet 1st ƒrom the POOL | ÐiVE 2 ƒeeL reNEWaL > the summers seam 2 [▶] in sLow mo | althou9h heat [>>]s up the ƒLow > R bodies bump, rub, orBit + 5pin | the attraction [>>]ed back tiL next 5prin9 > head over heeLs 2 st& [...]

1116> CYBER-RUBiC HYPEЯReɘLism @ 61st + 5th on stardate 10/12/1582
... so mayB the language of dreams = 3-Đ? מילים אחוריות" (משמאל לימין) רק עכשיו עם היקיצה אנו ,מבינים שהשפה העברית כתובה לנו, witch is 2 say, only now upon waking do we realize the HEBREW language is writ-10 «back-words» (L to R) 2 us (ولهذا السبب فإن اللغة العربية كذلك, i.e. 4 that matter so is ARABiC) + RUBiC backwords ≈ CYBER [...]

1115> X-panĐ-rivering hues uv dblues 2 Tele5tich 5tarĐust hayƵ in2 woe-B-gone
> we gauge th gaps in yrs gone bi 2 R naked i > ƒROM th neare5t gaLaX,Y / th Lite we C: EMiTTed when R mOSt di5tant antsisters 1st walkd th EARth > th LU5Ter oƒ illuminous ORBs churnd 2 wormHoles oƒ dirt > th wistƒul bang oƒ starÐust hayz / Lost 2 woe-B-9one waze > hARKing ƒurthere baↄk then when bi-Sun roamd th pLanes > n0 ƒen¢es n0 roads [...]

1114> ceremonial X-roads thru a Đ-construction zone in TiME5 5QUARE 2 ƒine tune
> therƎ = NOiZE (x 6) > there = NEWS in the noize | [●]ed in the crack oƒ vox | boxes oƒ books ƒiLL the voiÐ b4 dat 5pace B-came TiME5 5quare > «MONKEYS WRiTE» = ana9ram 4 All the news dat = ƒit 2 print | iT ≠ what U think but what U [●] in iNK > put yr ear 2 the Rails | the LOUÐest Larynx preVeils | 9iven enou9h TiME a chimp cd 9et 1,000,000,000 [...]

1113> Margin of Air in the Anthropocene: CONTinUing 2 COUNT [<<]ing in ЯƎVERƧƎ
> therƎ = n0 ƎNÐ | we onely morph in2 other 4ms > w/o TiME their = n0 Δ | n0thing 2 Lose | n0thing 2 gain > bioTic TiME onely tiↄks 4word > Liƒe = Жrived bi mut8ed 4ms dat came B4 > Ǝ n0 aim | we r&omly Δ in2 other 5hapes | an APE or a TREE | R cells reArrange | Ǝ n0 S-cape > ƒrom the Linear progression oƒ TiME | the AiRRowHead a 4-boding sine > [...]

1112> «Weathermen Waltz» wave-4ms: 8-pode ode of Song + Glass in 8-ober 2 [▶]
... the bit about du5t ĐƎViLs in Brazil = in refrence 2 butterfly FX + sensitivity 2 initial conditions @ t= 0 / how things ƨo quickly 5piral in2 K-OS + ĐK w/ the passage oƒ time > «Élan vital» = nod 2 Bergson + Creative Evolution + «we shape our tools + then they shape us» u|i ripped oƒƒ ƒROM M McCluhan + Thoreau (along w/ the overarching notion [...]

1111> U|i = ƒ-stein re[▶]ing 23,451 pgs in 5earch of 5tarĐ8 # 1111 [TiME'5 ƎĐiT]
iƒ U make iT 9 1's: 111111111 × 111111111 = 12345678987654321 > U|i used 2 waist countless hrs + dayz geeking out abt 5uch things / th0 U|i din't geek out over 5tar Trek until more resently (during the p&emic when we [●]ed material 4 TiME'5 ƎĐiT / R 5th album FYi > wile U|i = tempted 2 name the album TiME'5 ƎMiT (a perƒect palindrone akin 2: 123454321 [...]

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