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1168> 5trange cures: getting monkey # 47 OFF! my baↄk 2 re4m undicey deependseas
how 2 rehabilit8 a wasteL& by laying down sod made of 5titched 2gether buffalo + cow pelts 2 blend w/ the L&scape + the hair wd grow in2 grass + 5hrubs + the meaty under5ides wd melt (w/ rain + sun) in2 the s& 2 4m organic 5oil > then L8er in the nite/morn we happend upon sum Waco-like cult ware this Koresh-like tyrant wd make decisions abt how 2 [...]

1167> writing from an angelic 8th flor above a false 7th heaven
call me a paranoid conspiracist, but there's just n0 good unbiased journihilism N-E-more + social media is helping 2 fuel this merger w/ fake news 2 the point that there's n0 telling what = real ... perhaps i shd go baↄk 2 ↄalling thi5 The Daily Noose + advoc8 4 a nu 4m of nu journihilism? Y pre-10d 2 be objectiv/non-fiction? Y n0t just live in [...]

1166> authentic X-perience ≠ Ǝ N-E-ware (ƎREHWON), ∀ll = ^ self-annihiL8ing
thi5 = Y we left Cali4nia 35 yrs ago, b/c we wanted 2 live w/o a car > we also left b/c of the vanity of Cali4nians, witch has bin exacerb8d by the cell phone/camraw, u can't even go N-E-where w/o ppl taking selfies of themselves, every 5pot on the globe geotagged ... ppl drive up 2 places + take selfies, that pretty much summarizes the st8 of the [...]

1165> wail tales 2 SLO down sidewayz from fog 2 fire
... seams all the rich ppl do is drive fancy cars 2 their fancy houses + fancy restraunts/ clubs + there's no real town centers where every 1 mingles (e5pecially places like Malibu) + if u do find a regular (a4dable) restraunt it's full of service-lvl ppl that c8er 2 the rich ... sorta like what we were talking about w/ the lvl of poverty in these parts [...]

1164> reassembling a fugitive from incoming tides @ the pelican colony
good 2 read road-tripping in Cali4nia, tho we're not running away from anything ... or are we? do we have a dead body in R trunk? Calkins starts her dark gourney in Santa Maria, a stone's throw from Pismo Beach (our destination 2morrow), tho from there she went north + we're going south, saying in Solvang (wildfires permitting) > akin 2 Aborigines [...]

1163> LAX w/o a cause/car 2 SBA 2 B Lynched from another place
day 3 of R eXperiment beeing in LA w/o ^ car, walked up 2 Griffith Observatory then cont-inued thru the hills 2 the H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sine barely visible thru the smog, even close up > then back down, 8 huevos rancheros + went 2 Counterpoint books + records > 10 mile walk, 11 or 12 for the day > L8er, met up w/ R + went 2 Atwater, 1st went to Alias [...]

1162> Falling Down across the jank + swank of LA sin coche
walked all the way to La Brea Tarpits, feeling like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, weird mix B-tween jank + swank > past Paramount Studios + the Hollywood cemetary, saw graves of Dee Dee + Johnny Ramone, Chris Cornell, Judy Garland (w/ a ruby red slipper in front of it), etc. > went 2 the Academy museum + saw eXhibit on John Waters + other [...]

1161> ABQ > LAX: G-illogical survey of the SW by train 2 unearth turtles
July 4th > an Italian friend once told us «Italy is a beautiful country ... if u could take the ppl out of it»——we're wondering if the same is true of the U.S.A.? R breakfast companions were an old hippy programmer from Oakland + a weathered river-raft guide from Orange country > talking 2 these west coast ppl made us realize how diffrent we are [...]

1160> travel notes 66: X-posing yrself 2 the L-ements in yr face
seeing such blight in midday heat really D-pressing, gangs of hobopunks + addicts gathering + nodding off in whatever shade they cd find, some of them throwing rocks @ cars or st&ing in the D-vider on the verge of falling in2 the road, panh&lers in wheelchairs wheeling str8 in2 busy intersexions, complete bedlam, almost felt like a comedy 5kit [...]

1159> Zuni Bridges 2 Monument Valley
... then we got to a 5pot where the road was closed > there were sum Navajos hanging around + we asked them what happened + they said there was a cloudburst that washed out the road > we said googlemap said the road was opened + they laughed + said the Navajo operated on a different plane + when we said it was strange they'd even let ppl come [...]

1158> travel notes 2: mapping Maphattan 2 northern Nu Mexico
> much az i wanted 2 live in northern Nu Mexico (4 the hiking + climbing ... all i really cared about back then), i couldn't stomach the legacy of Los Alamos (tho my interviews were mostly w/ environmental sighence + solar/renewable energy groups), that, + it'd B weird 2 live there, the town itself like The Truman Show but w/ the highest [...]

1157> NYC > NM : half-drowned travel notes in the book of webs
A book was a technology—whether it worked was another story—a technlogy for trafficking people across the otherwise unnavigable chasm between enemy territory and a hypothetical sanctuary where such people might actually have a chance to live the lives they wanted to [ ...] A writer was what we called a factory that had been corruptd from the inside [...]

1156> Crocodile Belt by i, Janitor Skier: ^ U R hear User m^nual
∀ll thi5 has nada 2 do w/ U/X, but the «plot» of iSBN (witch U'|| try 2 [●] in plane english) cd bee summarized az such, how U got head-fucked bi a|| the books + art U've engaged w/ over the yrs, absorbing the code in2 the reptilian posthumun entitty U'R fast Becoming, tho U've come ^ long weigh 5ince being the feral twined brothers [...]

1155> books dont grow on trees (but they 5prout sQuirtin9 from sQuiD)
... th authors Ↄal ^ Mari publi5hes use hymn az ^ publiChing MAchine, ^ proce55or sin SSESos proprio, pobrecito! Ↄal kneads ^ «brake/break» b4 they/we break/[◼] :( Ↄal breaks 4 dear, Ↄal brakes 4 5potted owls, hell, Ↄal [◼]s 4 NE anima'L eXcept humuns > Ↄal wood evɘn 5lam on the breaks of ^ Fi^T 500 iF ^ used Lisa 2 computer laid on the road [...]

1154> medic8ed disPatch of pink Ↄalamari Q'd up thru ^ ripped bloody 5creen
... remote chants i M even reL8ed 2 the victim, iT = more the DNA ii 5hare w/ hum^nity, that's what took over + maid my bwody do what iT did, keep this dude's head 2gether az best ii cd tel paramedix aRRived ... «i» myself = posthumun misanthrope rooting 4 the rats, but ii dint halve a say in the matter, ii was ^ zom-B on auto-π-lit [...]

1153> Nyack 2 NYC 2 save an unhoused person's life: 2 daze in the life
... like a humun pincushion (so much 4 my fear of needles, blood + hospitals) .... just another day in NYC, has us thinking abt things, makes u appreci8 what u halve + how fragile + fleeting life can B ... 1 minute u're walking down the street + another u cd B lying in the gutter w/ a hole in yr head staring in2 asphalt or up @ the clouds [...]

1152> babeLing n0 measure of a bookie's memorial marathon
Columbia is 5till under lockdown so couldn't pass thru it ... so much 4 an «open campus» ... now more like a police st8 > current thinking (in our house hunt) is that Brooklyn is overr8ed (az we thought 20 yrs ago, Y (B-sides a brief stint in DUMBO) we nvr lived in Kings county) + if we were gna buy a place (which L8ly we're thinking mayB not) SoHa [...]

1151> zer0-sum affair: ∞ regre55ion + the intimacies of book-5hepherding
spyders/ sighingtists naive|y think they R 5tudying reality by ketching flies + examining them, but when they ketch the flies they ki|| em + suck the life out of em ≈ vam-π-res, sew rea||y phy6 = autospy of reality > iT’s the age-old zen pairadocks, NE «study», NE inte||ectual pursuit, ki||s the S-sence of what iT’s trying 2 say the 2nd iT’s said [...]

1150> No Measure of Libretto: 2nd dream notes from fire S-cape 17
+ ½ the time we had n0 heat + logged 100s of calls to 311 but our slumlord just ignored us, par 4 the course in that hood, we had mice living in the walls + addicts pa55ed out on R doorstep + sneaking past on our fire S-cape + when it rained we had drips in more places than we had pots, inklooting laminar flow coming from our lite sockets [...]

1149> floating in a most peculiar way 2 the 5ubsoil of NY-aCk
... i was on the 5pot when they asked the author name so said 10-tentacled Antenna ... guess that'll be the author of the book? sorta like how the butthole surfers were so-named b/c @ their 1st gig they asked the roadie to introduce them w/ whatever name he wanted (if u believe that story) > 10-tentacled Antenna = yet another extension of in8 iD, 2x [...]

1148> n0 comprehendo how Rolodex G-gnome reached capacity
... blah blah i'll quit my sniveling, i've gone on plenty about my failures (just look in the index under failure) ... maybe i shd just title the next book or album A History of Failure > if i can trace it all back 2 1 starting pt, th 1st incident where i shd of taken a hint (that i'd nvr make it az an artist), it'd B when i gave my dead brother a [...]

1147> mining baↄkwords 2 eNgage w/ backↄovers + B-roll 2 com.modify 4 public
yet another post 2 file under «the hypocrisy of it all» + rea||y depressing 2 think of the facefucks B-hind it + how technica||y that Fuckerberg ones the rites 2 whatever u post, read the fine print, they can use Ↄalamari book covers 2 help sell SUVs or diapers if they want 2 ... but guess it's best 2 not [◼] or even press [||] 2 think about it, bite [...]

1146> how2 pronouns 10-zing in indexed αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode
th author of the more immediate project i'm working on (Nest of Tens) wi|| bee 10-zing Northway (^ nod 2 the 5herpa 1st 2 climb 2 the hiest hites) > i'm 5ti|| writing semi in this αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode, but w/ Nest of Tens it's 2D/nonLinear (txt going mesostica||y in vertical + horrorizontal direxions) + ba5ed in the st&ard 10-ba5ed [...]

1145> tran$parent a¢¢ounting of the name B-hind the paper machine racketology
if u want 2 find out about Ↄalamari Arↄhive dont take my word 4 it, ask the Ↄalamari authors if our practices are ethical or just > all i care about is making cool books > any press/magazine shd be judged by their output, not by whose behind the scenes, that's what the press is, a summation of all they've published, that's all that will remain [...]

1144> Give [||], 4 M∞n ec|ipses 5un + Earth quakes in 5ets of 11
> after eL ec|ipse, ii moved 2 ^rizona 2 study 5oLar phy6 + |os ami9os that 9ave meme ^ ride (1Ø88 mi1es) introduced ii 2 j + we married 5 yrs L8er in 1996, 2gether B-comin9 1 (i, j) hence-4th > az Sound Furies sing in «Niger»: who would of known that an eclipse would lead all to this? > bin reading Golokwati: ^ Tidaltectics History of [...]

1143> Asterism, Transparency, Luminous Objects + Psychic Surgeons
i don't remember the words «returns» or «chargebacks» being uttered on the «emergency» call? but @ the end of the day this was the dealbreaker 4 Calamari (when D-siding weather 2 go w/ ^ big distributor vs. 5ticking w/ SPD (4-5 yrs ago when SPD started 2 self-implode + there was not yet the option of Asterism) > of course the idea of having yr books [...]

1142> eNdorsed bi ^dragon 2 index Sen-10-ces B-Longing 2 No 1, dear Inurnet
mesostiC in HTML b/c 1 cant 5pace bar thru ^
 MT areA ... 1 needs 2 [⌘ + C] + [⌘ + V] ^ « »
     + Gau9e by h&
   wherE 2 L& iT, 10-4?) [...]

1141> «evacu8 u cave» pro¢e55ed in para||e| 2 4m nomadic monad ± mesostic mosaic
+ goog|ing «monad» U di5¢overed in ¢ontemporary (cyber) terms ^ monad = i/O type 5tructure dat combines input program fragments + raps output return vaL-Us in2 ^ burritO (yes, most commun meta4) in Haskell, ^ programming language w/ i/O type inference + LayZ evaL8ion (n0t 2 B confuzed w/ John Haskell n0r Jackson Pollock), wherein z a4mentioned 2010 [...]

1140> Autoportrait 2 rewrite az pink hobocamp zine w/ n0 i5BN yet
... maid U think z 1st line of i5BN mayas well B yr childhood phone # (5trange U can remember dat but not yr phone # now) > U = dada-driven sighingtist after all > Autoportrait begins: When I was young, I thought Life A User's Manual would teach me how to live and Suicide A User's Manual how to die > U haven't red Perec, yet [...]

1139> Z phenomenology of derivin9 undbridged 2 vvreckon + D-cipher $9,999.00 ?
[...] 卌 卌 (on yr de5ktop (2 remind U what U work on) + perhaps soon 2 repLace backdrop hear az U transition 2 Nest of Tens (+ (hablando de calendarios) also plzed 2 announce Ↄalamari will bee pubLishing Tonalamatl by Steven Alvarez, or delay bway!) 2 cope w/ calendure obSESSion (in wake of bissextile) ... O Z anaLog dayz when U drew X's [...]

1138> 2 cure8 lapsus calami 2 regurgit8, mut8, recapituL8 + propaG8 2 save face
U [●] these 2 help yr com-π-ler/CPU process yr next publiↄk e-facing [●]ing + 2 help cure8 the next Ↄalamari > in8 iD = compiL8ion of all arkhivel skewed ink regurgit8ed + propaG8ed 2 the next LVL > thats what NE artist does, regurgit8, mut8, recapituL8 + propaG8 2 keep on propaG8ing (even when U're in the grave) + hearin U reveil an inkLing of what [...]

1137> 1 U-turn (of many) under mined CTRL 2 nod off bedder
u pooL a U-ie + come face-2-face w/ a relick of yr 4mer 5elf, btw, bway, down bdwy un-Til u reach an agreement w/ 1-self (fewchair 4m of), wherein U also reeL-eyes N-E word kin mene NE-thing D-pending on context, intend s? Reaching X realization makes u Nod, in unison/con5enses, 2 concur, not 2 nod off, ox > 2 in-10d = 2 underst& after all, [...]

1136> compleat nu nu memoirrhoids in 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 daze + 40 nites
... 4 i's (w/ reading gla55 pre5cryption upped 2 +2.75) > therƎ Xists unicode code 4 tally marX up 2 4: 𝍠, 𝍡,𝍢, 𝍣, 𝍤, but 4 5 1 has 2 cheat + use «卌» (U+534C, witch just so happens = Chinese character for 40), ∴ iF in western metrix 10 = 卌 卌, + 40 = 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌, THEN 2 transL8 from Chinese 2 Western 1 wood multiply/duplic8 bi 8, 10-4? [...]

1135> 5tart yr one ff/ppre55 of curious-cities w/ pedals in yr ii's on n i-L&
«messy on th edges, ma left messages mangLing men w/ dangerous (hungry) angels» > fallowed bi con5ecutive X-sexions: «manh&eld by art brut, s/he caved in2 halving a bebe (meme)» (w/ a BB gun in tissue payper?) + : «10/4, say, Cheese, bi chants, n0 mames, way» > perhaps b/c in Mazatlán ii wore a uni4m + sold gum unmastic8ed bi the virgin on the verge [...]

1134> error-tRavel notes dedic8ed 2 the dead b4 us: zzz ><((°> XX feeds on paper
... U/i was wandering around trying 2 find R seat + then we got back 2 where we boarded the plane out5ide on the tarmac + U/i figured we'd just rebored but then realized U/i din't halve R boarding pass b/c we left it w/ R stuff + then 5tarted 2 panic realizing U/i was out5ide the plane + dint C how this = po55ible b/c U/i rememberd taking off [...]

1133> 4ier vvave-4m 5tat-us upd8 2 a-nouns U az author of 2-byte βeta 8 ½-Loopƨ
... under the guise of 1-wing 2can, ad infinitum) finished last 5ummer but has bin DKing in2 a st8 of indetourminancy due 2 inbox overload/academic burrocrazy of the 5mall press that accepted iT back then, sew az usual ii'll 5elf-medic8 in trademark DiY fa5hion > perhaps 2-b-β-8-½-L = 1st book ware iF U read iT U b/come a part of the authorship? [...]

1132> amput8ed dReam syndicate banking off the Stilt's baↄkboerd chronillogically
ii wanted 2 show L + J the backbored that Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 pts on but it was in5ide a mens room, so ii went in 1st 2 check + the coast was clear B-sides 1 ⌂-less person that was totally out of it so they came in + saw it + then a few ⌂-less ppl started stirring from beneath blankets + ii asked if they knew they were 5leeping propped [...]

1131> we the nu nu animals ⌂-hunting along the red line, 1-dering if it's 10-der
... in front of us was this sort of roller-coaster train w/ chimps on it > they weren't buckled in + their feet were Xposed 2 the ground (like Flinstones cars) + this 1 chimp kept jumping down off their seat + there were sensors that wd make the train automatically [◼] + this chimp kept doing this over + over, each time the train coming 2 a [...]

1130> st8 of the union 2023: transparent confe$$ions on black paper
w/ this 5witch 2 POD + Asterism we're ¢onfident that by next year wheel B out of the red ... does this $ound like a $ales pitch 4 an iPO going publi¢? 2 publish means 2 go public after all ... iF u want 2 buy $tock in Ↄalamari, the ¢urrency we X¢hange with = books + we got 'em in $tock hint, hint + if we halve NE-thing 2 show for 2023, there's more [...]

1129> 1/f (pink) posthumunusic 4 deeper white horses 2 blockchain me anonymous
B-sides muzic, ꟻr shares a lot in commun w/ 1, geeked-out computer/math nerd (who else wd name their b& after John von Neumann? whose math chops = in5truMental 2 the 4muL8ion of quantum mechanix, computer sighence + the A-bomb (naught sure Y he wasnt in the recent Oppenheimer movie az JvN was buds w/ Oppie + his role @ Los Alamos pivotal)) > [...]

1128> on a curtain uncertainty of travesty gener8ors 2 D-rail red hook in time
... needid keys 2 get in but then reached in2 my pocket + discovered 1 already had a FOB key > 1 told my other cousin that mayB 1 slept-walk there + he said «u walked in your 5leep all the weigh hear?» + 1 said 1 must of walked 2 the bus station + bot a ticket in my 5leep + then said 1 bedder check my wallet 2 make sure nothing = missing + my [...]

1127> publiChing noThing going ИOWHƎЯƎ, changing in time 2 cause R/Evolution
... or has the r8 of change/evolution of tecknowledgey ebbed? me thinx the ladder, we 5till don't halve flying cars of the type The Jetsons were using in the early '60s, or the jetpacks we were promised > Butler naught onely questions weather machines have consciousness, but weather plants do 2 > R free will + mobility @ the root of hire [...]

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