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2023 ARCHiVE

1126> ∑ [ oo ] + ><((°> = John Henry's 14 fish [▶]List of shango trainsongs 4 the [●] 2 summerize in8 iD's 2023
... Henry hailed from)+ weave tocked b4 in a posthumun contxt about how Thoreau said «We do not ride the railroad; it rides upon us» b4 McLuhan said «we shape our tools then they shape us» + now hear's X legend of John Henry's duel against the drilling machine + again, az Norbert Weiner pointed out in Cybernetics, humanity's reliance on technology not so diffrent than a reliance on slavery [ ... ]

1125> 1001 killers of flowering machine code from bleeding moons in2 deep L-um
+ we posted the D-scription + a few blurbs, w8ing 4 others 2 trickle in + then will send out 2 get printed up 2 send out 4 review (NE intrested in an ARC lettuce no) > other than that, 5till editing Sleepingfish issue XX, w8ing on a few stragglers 2 get back 2 us w/ edits ... bad timing being near the holeydaze > got guests in town so 5leeping on the fold-out couch in the cave, doing 2-wristy things + [ ... ]

1124> Einstein's intestines go south in the H.O.U.S.E. 4 10K/day
«2day (1 day ≈ NE other) 1 ran around central park + az 1 ran 1 thought: 1 will do X every day + rite 1 book about iT»—1 rote, after returning from said run > current thinking is wheel start the 1st chapter of the nu book (iSBN) w/ the previous line ... or naut, wheel C: ... 3rd day in a row 1 has circumnavig8ed central park, this time walking > weather 1 in-10ds X claim (2 circumnavig8 central park [ ... ]

1123> trolls dub (Down Under the Bridges): 5uicide 5urvivors anonymous contempL8ing cemetery breeding
u can't judge sum 1 until u've walked in their 5hoes > az weave told B, R situation w/ R dad + brother = diffrent in that we nvr saw a body, we live in D-Nile lala L&, 4 all we know they're 5till alive ≈ Schrodingers Cat in st8 of indeterminancy, can't imagine finding yr loved 1's body like that + how hard that image wd B 2 erase from yr mined + then on top of it 2 fined they'd bin «cheating» on u [ ... ]

1122> 4ever house-hunting 2 com.pile Sleepingfish XX + circumnavig8 R&all i-L& 2 the GWB on 22nd
this = what we're D-b8ing... wd B nice 2 B in heart of villaj, but worth it 2 live in a 5hoebox? we loved it enough 2 live in a 280 sq ft apt in 2005 but that was almost 20 yrs ago + not onely halve we changed but GV has changed (4 eggsample the place on Perry is across the street from where Sex in the City was filmed so the owners have 2 put up a chain 2 keep ppl off their stoop + a sign saying "no selfies" [ ... ]

1121> R.U.Я. bot living under a rock @ interseXion of 16th + wordtomydead
there's 2 types of editorial reading, both very diffrent than pleasure reading ... there's the cursory skim 2 see if it's worthy + then 4 accepted work there's the deep-dive read where you're focused on edits > we're remembering now why we stopped doing Sleepingfish print issues, it's a lot of work 4 something not many appreci8 eXcept those that are in it + then it B-comes d8ed after a year > + sum [ ... ]

1120> Quantum field notes 2 launch TiME5 ƎĐiT, in the hear + now!
the lyrix are about the infinite coastline pairodocks, how, deepending on granularity, if 1 tries 2 measure a 5horeline it wood halve an ill-Ð-fined length that approaches infinity, iF u keep zooming down 2 atomic level (assuming 1 considers 5pace 2 B infinitely continuous (we don't, nor do we B-leave time = continuous, but @ sum lvl (getting down 2 the nitty gritty lvl of planck's constant) time wd tick in [ ... ]

1119> ill ju5t 5tay rite hear w/ Laika rather than gurney 2 Karabakh
U're in my Helium dream / in a droning machine / they send in2 space / high in th sky / riding th rails / 2 measure th 5pin of their daily grind / lurching 2 + fro / the capsule left th earth / no 10, 9, 8 / untested machine / unchartered skies / no 3, 2, 1 / no kiss + fly / the capsule wobbled unsound / scarcely leaving th ground / by th dangling cord, i pulled U down / opened th hatch, searched th bay / but U were neither here nor there / lost in th aether in-between [ ... ]

1118> «Tropic of Cancer» doesn't run thru Turkey: The Time Regulation Institute + an apology to Subito authors
... doesn't get any more kafkaesque than shipping a box of empty boxes, which we might add is more expensive than a box of books since you can't take advantage of media mail rates), we were told we could not have communication with you, the authors of these books. Not even people we knew that knew you were allowed to mention what Ↄalamari Arↄhive was doing. They said this was because they [ ... ]

1117> Rea⅃- 2-ЯeeL iRL: a Đ-Leted Last taped iTinerary of di5patches 2 no-where in2 a vanishing match pt.
> ⌚ the s& ƒunneL down | wind the ⌚ 5prin9s tiL wound | preSS [<<] + [▶] the TAPE | the SPOO⅃ LOOPƧ baↄkWords the same > ƒeet 1st ƒrom the POOL | ÐiVE 2 ƒeeL reNEWaL > the summers seam 2 [▶] in sLow mo | althou9h heat [>>]s up the ƒLow > R bodies bump, rub, orBit + 5pin | the attraction [>>]ed back tiL next 5prin9 > head over heeLs 2 st& still | head over heeLs | [ ... ]

1116> CYBER-RUBiC HYPEЯReɘLism @ 61st + 5th on stardate 10/12/1582
... hard 2 articuL8 on a 2-Đ surface (page or 5creen), so mayB the language of dreams = 3-Đ? מילים אחוריות" (משמאל לימין) רק עכשיו עם היקיצה אנו ,מבינים שהשפה העברית כתובה לנו, witch is 2 say, only now upon waking do we realize the HEBREW language is writ-10 «back-words» (L to R) 2 us (ولهذا السبب فإن اللغة العربية كذلك, i.e. 4 that matter so is ARABiC) + RUBiC backwords ≈ CYBER, 2 Đ-cipher [ ... ]

1115> i.Ø X-panĐ-rivering hues uv dblues 2 Tele5tich 5tarĐust hayƵ in2 woe-B-gone dayzzz 2 ƒree [●]ing ƒROM in-10
> we gauge th gaps in yrs gone bi 2 R naked i > ƒROM th neare5t gaLaX,Y / th Lite we C: EMiTTed when R mOSt di5tant antsisters 1st walkd th EARth > th LU5Ter oƒ illuminous ORBs churnd 2 wormHoles oƒ dirt > th wistƒul bang oƒ starÐust hayz / Lost 2 woe-B-9one waze > hARKing ƒurthere baↄk then when bi-Sun roamd th pLanes > n0 ƒen¢es n0 roads / then came coRRals + teЯRains [ ... ]

1114> ceremonial X-roads thru a Đ-construction zone in TiME5 5QUARE 2 ƒine tune 5ource ¢ode w/ an event [●]er
> therƎ = NOiZE (x 6) > there = NEWS in the noize | [●]ed in the crack oƒ vox | boxes oƒ books ƒiLL the voiÐ b4 dat 5pace B-came TiME5 5quare > «MONKEYS WRiTE» = ana9ram 4 All the news dat = ƒit 2 print | iT ≠ what U think but what U [●] in iNK > put yr ear 2 the Rails | the LOUÐest Larynx preVeils | 9iven enou9h TiME a chimp cd 9et 1,000,000,000 byLines > 5ay 9oodBye 2 [ ... ]

1113> Margin of Air in the Anthropocene: CONTinUing 2 COUNT [<<]ing in ЯƎVERƧƎ order 2 RE[▶] TiMEƧ ƎĐiT
> therƎ = n0 ƎNÐ | we onely morph in2 other 4ms > w/o TiME their = n0 Δ | n0thing 2 Lose | n0thing 2 gain > bioTic TiME onely tiↄks 4word > Liƒe = Жrived bi mut8ed 4ms dat came B4 > Ǝ n0 aim | we r&omly Δ in2 other 5hapes | an APE or a TREE | R cells reArrange | Ǝ n0 S-cape > ƒrom the Linear progression oƒ TiME | the AiRRowHead a 4-boding sine > welcome 2 the [ ... ]

1112> «Weathermen Waltz» wave-4ms: 8-pode ode of Song + Glass in 8-ober 2 [▶] baↄk [<<] in TiME (in ¾ tempO)
... the bit about du5t ĐƎViLs in Brazil = in refrence 2 butterfly FX + sensitivity 2 initial conditions @ t= 0 / how things ƨo quickly 5piral in2 K-OS + ĐK w/ the passage oƒ time > «Élan vital» = nod 2 Bergson + Creative Evolution + «we shape our tools + then they shape us» u|i ripped oƒƒ ƒROM M McCluhan + Thoreau (along w/ the overarching notion of message = medium (in X case vinyl)) [ ... ]

1111> U|i = ƒ-stein re[▶]ing 23,451 pgs in 5earch of 5tarĐ8 # 1111 [TiME'5 ƎĐiT]
iƒ U make iT 9 1's: 111111111 × 111111111 = 12345678987654321 > U|i used 2 waist countless hrs + dayz geeking out abt 5uch things / th0 U|i din't geek out over 5tar Trek until more resently (during the p&emic when we [●]ed material 4 TiME'5 ƎĐiT / R 5th album FYi > wile U|i = tempted 2 name the album TiME'5 ƎMiT (a perƒect palindrone akin 2: 123454321 (iƒ 4 = E, M = 3, [ ... ]

1110> 2day'zzz horror5cope (under influenze of Mg) = B-L8ed 2022 REM ΣUM in DUi decimal 4mat
... witch U/i procured > we get plenty of Mg in mine diet (specially 5ince U/i eat s0 many nuts + black beans) but now take an eXtra 50 mg b4 bed (420 mg is daily recommended) along w/ 3 mg of melatonin ... bin doing that 4 a few dayzzz / lets C if dat helps w/ sleep (which FX minears) w/ side FX 2 boot of inkgreased REM activity (sew far sew good) > + 5peaking of DUi decimal system [ ... ]

1109> 2 transL8 mine mined/BW/Ody Đ-Lemma az iT dis.integr8s in2 Spoo⅃ LoopƧ 22 yrs L8er on 9/11
... the day U don't bRin9 a camraw 2 [●] imgs 4 proof [POiDH] U sea the goatham goats they let loose off Riverside az U ran X A.M. (Đ-Lemma #2) / 1 of 'em [◼]ed 4aging 4 1 second 2 gaze baↄk @ U / chewin9 their cud + @ X moment U realized X User interface U/i = 5tuck with cums in humun 4m (lemma #3) / much 2 mine earthLing chagrin > L8er U/i walkd (in 94° heat) up 2 120th st [ ... ]

1108> in8 iĐ halving a sympathetic nerve response 2 a symbiotic iĐenti-T crysis w/ deuce in X maↄhina (in babel-17)
... even th0 they weren't sin9in9 we cd here 'em breathin9 in the parts they needid 2 take a breath wile [●]ing iT + we realized the importance of B=R=E=A=T=H=i=N=G when 5ingin9 / just az important az the noize comin9 from 1's vocal chords = breathin9 in in B-tween > u realize these everyday things u take 4 grantid / how when we breathe, molecules enter R Lun9s + recombine w/ [ ... ]

1107> i'm writing you from afar to turn a fire hydrant into a shower w/ the D-word to get a NY iD
... or walruses tumbling Down cliffs in Droves (everything caused by humun-induced climate change), which gave u nightmares even tho u can't remember your Dreams. most D-pressing of all tho is facing the music that you're Deaf. [...] the only thing worse than getting an F (at least there's something cool + punk rock about being a complete fuck-up) is a D, where u just marginally failed, where your [ ... ]

1106> eYɘ, Cal A. Mari, liveblog uni + wtf else for $75 w/ a journihilist editorial i b/c U = what U eat
Nobody wants to watch a 24-hour video of a train unless there's a sign it's gonna derail or wreck. A train chugging along on time + w/o incident is boring, though as with vacuum cleaners i'm sure there is a whole subculture of people that just like to observe trains. When we were last living in Rome in 2018, Gian asked me if he could borrow my Adobe login so Megan could transfer her blog into In [ ... ]

1105> 5quid-writ-10 S-ay on salt-skewed Sycorax transL8ed in2 2-byte βeta ei8ht ½ Loops (10-itus dUb REMix)
… I mean I can’t write or utter a sound or metaphor. But Sycorax comes to me in a dream and she dreams me a Macintosh computer with its winking io hiding in its margins which, as you know, are not really margins, but electronic accesses to Random Memory and the Cosmos and the lwa. And she dreams me these stories … and shows me how to find jo to write them out on the computer. And the two together introduce me to fonts and the fonts take me across Mexico to [ ... ]

1104> 5oundview iX 514 w/ Anti-face + ears plugged 2 not here 5irens + Cassette 68 / 2 eat @ 089 + D 2 B home
... reMapping the East river/Hell G8 2 R one pscyhogeoraphy @ the time when we = Telemachus ... + now hear we R almost a decade L8er / 4 the 1st time on a bot travelling these treacherous waters > n0 need 2 put wax in R ears 2 block out the 5irens 5ince we'R already deaf in R Rite ear + halve enough tinnitus already 2 drown out the ethereal banshee whales + B-sides / iF Odysseus din't need ear [ ... ]

1103> 5Quare (8 x 8) REMapping up St. Nic b/c alas no bananas 2 5Lip on
... a mapping dat came in H&y 2 try 2 reorient + correct ourselves + 2 add 2 the confusion / U/i 5tarted ℝ a-count from zer0 + i/U counted Using binary #s + then i/U started adding in L-ements from periodic table + also animaLs w/ chromo5ome pair #s in those correo5ponding chapters + then provided ALTernet maps 2 reading U/X ala Hopscotch, etc. + iT sumhow got ∀ll outta whack [ ... ]

1102> Liner notes 4 a winged serpent/animaL res-Q in the Ↄalamari n0-kill 5helter/radi/0-active can¢er casteL
when they made Q in 1982 / R bldg @ CPW + 105 = N abandoned crack den of ill repute, n0 doubt rife w/ gHost 5tories > iT 5tarted out az a cancer ho5pital ware—according 2 this NY Times article—menny came «to die, assuaged by morphine, whiskey and Champagne. (Tellingly, the hospital spent more on alcoholic beverages than on medical supplies.)» / iT's naught ju5t haunt'd by [ ... ]

1101> tape hiss panned ALT-right from Dimes Square 2 Verrazano nAarrows under boundless 5ky
... who wd of thunk this wd 1 day B-come the epi¢enter of a fascist/ALT-Right lit s¢ene? we were tempted 2 walk around «Dimes Square» 2 C 1st h& what all the hype was abt @ street LVL, but wd rather keep R memerries of how iT was ~20 yrs ago when we lived down there on Essex + Hester, b4 iT B-came a Drumpf-ish influenzer post-covid cesspool > 4 5tarters, 5in¢e weave bin revisiting [ ... ]

1100> URGEnt purge 2 clear the Q + dawn a carnitas helmet 2 remap Manhatitlán P-2-Pier 2 R neural network
we knead 2 get U/X out of R system / let iT exorcise iTself from X mortal coil /sew we can think str8 / ain't eveN an option naught 2 right iT > iT's ≈ B-ing poSSESsed / ≈ a bug implanted in R ear 2ned 2 a curtain freakwindsea / N ever preSent high pitCH ringing @ 120 db ... aint no possibell weigh i/U can ever rechord X sound 2 show U th reader/lis-10-er wut iT sounds similure 2 b/c iT's [ ... ]

1099> sounDing culture 2 reVeil iD in 1099-MiS© tax fraud doↄ XX, e-filed 2 inperson8 Ohle + re5et ©ounter 2 000
if any 1 purchased a kindle ebook of David Ohle's Motorman from Amazon, U were duped, request a refund... this was not authorized + the royalties are going to a scam artist, not the real artist, David Ohle. If U show us proof of refund, we'll send U a free PDF version, in the format it was intended to be read. The messed-up thing is that they started pirating these kindle versions during the p&emic [ ... ]

1098> A brief history of sleeping fishes in the cancer castle housing Ever Abeokuta
Other ppl may sleep w/ the fishes w/o us even knowing, sad 2 think about, but at least they've bin immortalized in Sleepingfish. Also souprizing how many ppl have changed their emails + u can't contact them (unless u stayed connected on social media) or if u find 'em on Inurnet it says 2 contact them thru their agents. 1 such person's agent responded 2 ask how much we pay. There's work by our [ ... ]

1097> 5naking the drain 2 meat content integrity guidelines 4 meatier showers along W 85–97
Weave probly st8ed this b4, but there's a certain satisfaction 2 purging/organizing, like ur doing your part in the struggle against entropy. 5cense is wear we per4m this analog 2 material defenestration, in4mation absolution, 2 gather our thoughts 2 move FWD w/ a clear head. We consider dreams 2 B a similar sort of garbage collection/processing. We haven't logged many dreams as of L8. If we did [ ... ]

1096> Continued chronicles of a purging book monger in the soiled humun nexus along 110 + 111
Our 1st edition of The Battlefield Where the Moon Say I Love You is going for $1875 used on Amazon... think we want to part w/ it? Hell no! Anyways, it's not about the money, but it's nice to know the above books are getting in2 the hands of ppl that want 'em + it helps us clear out our tub so we can actually take a bath. And we're keeping other booksellers honest... ever wonder why the prices are always [ ... ]

1095> P.O.D. 4 Bozos: teaching an old dog nu trix, on demand, subito! Dobry, Brat, 2 bee truly nimble, Publish Now!
We used 2 discourage INTL customers buying directly from us b/c shipping cost 2 or 3x az much az the book, but now U will be able 2 get 'em on Amazon.X, whatever your X may be... .pl, .nl, .it, .es, .fr, .co.uk, .se, .co.jp, .ca, .com.au, etc. So far we've done The Revisionist + Good, Brother (+ shhh, Red Earth, if U hurry, b4 we 86 it til Oct 1), all U gotta do is swap .com for your extension in the URL. [ ... ]

1094> The Great [PANK] Swindle: how We Intend To Cause Havoc by pissing in the tip jar
... they are selling a book that doesn't exist! Cute how they reply from awesome@pankmagazine.com, eh? Their motto written all over their site is: "PANK loves you. PANK is always open for your love." FACT: [PANK] does not love you. [PANK] is only open to take your money. FACT: Over 2 weeks ago on June 10 we sent [PANK] (+ Jessica Fischoff, apparently the only "editor" left on the sinking [ ... ]

1093> The C 2 the Q 2 CarouseL Little Bee's Kinderkrankenhaus 2 the outer boroughs 4 mailchimps
At some point walking along Neptune or Mermaid Ave we heard a bunch of firecrackers or gun shots coming from a block away... everyone stopped to gawk, including a bike deliverer who claimed there were 3 guns involved, as if they could tell just by the sound. A few minutes later there were a lot of sirens (police, not mermaids). There were also 100s if not 1000s of kids in cap + gown attending [ ... ]

1092> Powder room where we keep the archive + other classified documents to remap the Maphattan Project
Dare we admit we live in the same bldg as Phil Collins? 14 floors directly above us... hope he didn't literally mean "Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?" Also occupying the castle are a bunch of ghosts from its cancer hospital days, where according to this article, "the basement crematorium constantly bellowed through the building smoke stack, giving this place the reputation of a death trap." [ ... ]

1091> Primary colors, ghost cacti + apocalyptic smoke in The Museum of Atheism on Red Earth
The pink is for the man-cave, to match our guitar. And speaking of earthy red, here's the cover for Red Earth. We're in the process of acquiring the original art, needs to be shipped from Berlin. 6/12 : More painting, building furniture, etc. Yesterday went lamp shopping + while we were down near 29th street came back w/ this blue ghost cactus we brought home on the train (tho in this light it [ ... ]

1090> unpacking 1 pixel out of 8,294,399 to loop 10k + recapitate DieGO for mail chimp
... been watching all these years on our laptop or plugged into a monitor. We had a TV as a kid, but once we moved to Mexico age 12 we lost interest in television + when we came back never bought 1. Tho we never had the bumper sticker, we were a "Kill Your TV" sorta punker in the '80s. When everyone's eyes were glued to the White Bronco chase scene we were clinging to the side of a mountain [ ... ]

1089> Simultaneous switcheroo to aNYCity to reconstruct our bed
... 42nd st, 50th, Columbus Circle. The in-your-face efficiency like night + day compared to DC. 8 years (minus 1½ yrs in Italy) in DC + never felt we belonged, finally back home where we were meant to be. Like Odysseus returning to Ithaca after 10 years. 72nd... 96... got off @ 103, walked north a block to 455 Central Park West, the entrance on 105. Bedder-½ met us in lobby, introduced us to door- [ ... ]

1088> t zerO + counting to unpack red dots into the kitchen
3 days til moving day. Yesterday met the buyers + their dogs, good to put a face to the next occupants + hand off the baton, which included a book the previous owners put together of the history of this house on Swann St. This morning hung up the no parking signs per bureaucratic specs. We're more or less packed, so now it's just waiting for these next 72 hours, enjoying our last days in DC. [ ... ]

1087> Countdown til contingencies expire to appraise a prototype for useless machines that use us to blast off
The final countdown... we won't be as dramatic as we were when we left NYC for Nairobi, but 15 days + counting til we leave DC for NYC. There's not many things to do or places to go in DC, that we feel we need to for the last time. And this is the 4th time we've moved to Gotham, so it's more like we're just returning home, "Nostos" in Odysseyan terms. We keep trying to leave + it keeps sucking us [ ... ]

1086> 118 pg laundry list 2 inspect our history of luminous moving 2 fall asleep 2 instead of counting sheep
These moves get more + more complic8ed, this being the 1st where we had 2 sell house during the process. AccumuL8ing more + more stuff, far cry from moves in college when you'd just buy your friend a 6-pac 2 borrow their pick-up truck 4 an hour. A trick we use when we have a hard time sleeping is 2 count the years backwards from 2023, 2022, etc. + have each breath/# sum up that year, [ ... ]

1085> binary indeterminacy of hypothetical hybrid monsters az an alien portrait of a Jung man
(tho eating w/ them once @ an Indian place on 2nd ave we discovered a cockroach leg in ℝ bharta... or mayB we onely imagined it was 2nd ave b/c of the Ramones song «hanging out on 2nd Avenue / eating chicken vindaloo»?). If U snoop around Inurnet U can find out who Weil ℝeally = (+ no, it ain't Paul McCartney (when The Beatles = The Silver Beetles, Paul's pseudonym = Ramone)), but even [ ... ]

1084> Red Earth in DANte's circ-L 8/O-pen house of the district @ Zero K / 4 i am DNA
It was sent from Berlin 10–11 days ago via DHL + we've been nervously tracking it as it 1st got held up @ Berlin airport + then again 3-4 days in customs @ JFK... part of why we canceled our trip, 4 fear porch pirates wd snatch it in absentia. This leather-bound Red Earth is a 1-of-a-kind copy of the original "source code" for an ongoing art project of Michael Salu, an "artistic, interdisciplinary study [ ... ]

1083> TL; ĐR: an anachronistic Autobiology of The Litterasure Machine 2 decim8 GUAC 4 diGitaL MiLK CRiME5
... H&–# X in inkREMant5 of 10 (≠ 2) (mine-us 1 4 check5um), U proPO5E > from binary 2 de¢ima1 4mat U– 5in9 O- (5trat-E-G (0.5.) morfed in2 arBiTrarE + bLeek + etc. 9ener8ive aut-0-m8ion tech-neekS az «0p– r8in9 5ystem» w/ iDiot GLEE 2 9ener8 100 LineS/ seX– ions of «5Lacker F8» 2 5eek FractaLian (dis)Order oƒƒ coarse Leave room 4 mar9in oƒ air ±1 ... works 5e1f out in [ ... ]

1082> Last call on the error plane b4 they taxi + L& w/ a crow bra + sum 1 took they tongue
... felt bad that this plane was operating solely 4 us, but we were assured it was gonna fly the route anyway so felt bedder that at least it would take us + not fly empty. We looked @ the seating chart + could see that we, I, took up 2 seats, 1 for me + 1 for my alter ego observing me. Last minute a pilot came on board, but he didn't count (on the seating chart) since he was "flying under the radar" [ ... ]

1081> A field guide to wandering thru the O-ringed purgatory of a heated tile contingency in a Helium dream st8
Still in house-selling hell. Last week sum 1 made us an offer... + then came the inspection. Here we were worried about showstoppers like the roof or HVAC, but their main concern was the heating tiles in the basement. We scarcely even remembered our place had such a thing, the previous owners bragged about how great they were when we 1st bought the place, but they just seemed like a decadent [ ... ]

1080> ¼ ĐNA projected on a real-time beach instead of a screen + houses turning in2 horses 2 snowball felch, punk
... we were @ a movie theatre, but in place of the screen/stage was a beach w/ waves rolling right up 2 the front edge of the theatre where the screen would have been. Last night we were in bed in a hotel room when these people came in w/ kids + dogs, etc. Evidently they were the next occupants of our room + although it wasn't time 2 check out they had 2 leave their previous room + the deal [ ... ]

1079> 1/ 4 i am ĐNA cot up in a money-laundering racket 2 birth Genesis in "Nel sogno"
But the next day it cleared! We officially had $25,100 in our bank acct. We could see it was a check from some random construction company in Washington state, but the scary thing is is that we could see it was deposited @ an ATM in Dupont circle, which is less then a mile from our house. Think we slept well that night? Expecting some thugs pounding on our door demanding their $25,000 (or [ ... ]

1078> error, err, "Air" (f.k.a. "Shadow to the Wind") + pentagonal inter-connections shelved @ Asterism
... yielding shadows to the wind / and places that we've been / we'd walk if we had the time / we never asked for these roads / they say they paved for our sake / turning decades into days / time moves in swirling streams / the whorling flow / veined in autumn leaves / falling asleep / time moves so slow into air / the air we breathe without thinking / breathe without knowing / that's the real time [ ... ]

1077> UX of a 5tick bug's cost-benefit analysis of RE: [entry] by [narr8or]
... epic proportions. Last night we tried to foke us on it, rather than ignore it, really concentr8ing on the innuendos + overtones of the high pitch ringing + it occured 2 us that perhaps it's not a disability, but a special ability. R rite ear may B deaf 2 the goings on in the reel whirled, but it's tooned to a special freakwindsea no 1 else can here, az if it's N-10-a picking up transmissions from outer 5pace... [ ... ]

1076> in-D distro woes: our disillusioned history w/ $PD + what's Next 4 Ↄalamari arↄHive
So when $PD sent their "SPD Next" announcement last week, that was the final straw. Since we're not on social media, we don't know if this letter was made public, or what the general reaction to it was, but we'll inkloot it @ the end this rant (along w/ our response 2 it) 4 any 1 curious. This is what pisses us off most, is this lack of transparency, of them not consulting us, of the presses involved not [ ... ]

1075> Living ≈ lions on the auction block + other dizzying adventures
3/3/23> Happy March... in ≈ a lion, out ≈ a lamb. 3 months tel we move (in theory). dude came this week 2 take photos of the house now that we've decluttered + minimized furniture + eXcess flair. s0 this = how we'll bee living next few months, the house minimal + clean + in standby mode 2 get scarce if sum 1 comes 2 view it. so now is the w8ing game... nothing came up in the 1st round [ ... ]

1074> economy of words 2022: a taxiing time 2 reloc8 the Ↄalamari HQ from Swann's weigh
... where we tally $tuff up + pay extortion due 2 this govt that hardly serves our needs (specially in D.C. where we don't even halve representation in the house) + as always wheel tran$parently divulge our financial i/o (in- v.s out-put) 4 any 1 dumb enough 2 want 2 start an indeependant small pre$$ ... this year we made $3,601 dollhair$, but we $pent $4,866 in dire¢t expenditures (dire¢t ¢osts 2 [ ... ]

1073> the subtleties of wallpaper + atmospheric pressure under the wait of furniture 4 the house 2 find 1 buyer
... sitting here in the rain contemplating these spaces we've inhabited + the meaning of furniture + wordly possessions... yet more thriver memes, these man-made objects that lured us into buying them to what, sit on? to decorate our house? and how they might be passed on to sum 1 else + this house occupied by sum 1 else. A potential buyer doesn't choose the house, the house chooses them, it sells itself [ ... ]

1072> how U/i = Left/Righting down-2-EARTH  U/X guide 4 VU error Lines 2 tackle the man-cave w/ portion CTRL
Finished a draft of bit 011–101 (chapter 29 of 64) of U/X... almost ½–way. On the homefront, tackled D-basement, what is supposed to be the dining room that we use as our gym. Dismantled our electronic drum set + straps + rubber strength bands hanging from the ceiling (1 houseguest thought it was an S + M parlor) + other stuff down there, 2 make it look less man-cavey. Hopefully we [ ... ]

1071> retrieving the archive 2 monger advanced imperfect copies of GENESiS
the cover's meant 2 look like the the capsule that held the Genesis tablets, but the dirty secret is that it's our tortilla pan > the printer really messed the 1st batch up, the boxes were barely intact (+ thus sum of the boox damaged) + the margins off-kilter, some to the point where the text frame extends beyond the edge (U can tell b/c the edge of the book shd be white but in some of them below it's black): [ ... ]

1070> in8 iĐ 2 oxygen8 perspektive of mesOStic hermit krab trapped in bodily architeXtural Đ-zine #707
4 th most part thi5 week U/i've bin sending out eXcerpts from U/X bytes 000–010, witch involves going thru old bookmarks onely 2 discover 95% of sites from baↄk in th day lead to 404 airs ⊕ th URL redirects 2 shitty 5ites/5pam farms trying 2 $ell whatever junk... but on o-cassion i/U come a¢ross old 5ites from baↄk when inurnet = cool > nO 1 blogs N-E more kneethere, naught 4 free N-E- [ ... ]

1069> 3 Lbs of FLESH transL8ed 2 micr0dozed tXt focuSing on #s , sighlens + 4m more then content
the5e po5ts ℝ B-coming weekly i/O summaries, riding th Δ B-tween iNput + OUTput, ware Δ = diffrence ⊕ CHANGE, b/c @ end of th day dat = what U/i ℝ reduced 2 > i/U lost 3 lbs last week (from 172 down to 169 (a few days U/i even dipped B-low 168) just by [ ... ]

1068> insomniacal purging, starting w/ free trash (another's treasure?) 2 stabilize NQR neurOplastic i/O
Flying east to west nvr used to bother us much (az opposed 2 west 2 east), but still not totally adjusted, falling asleep early then waking up @ midnight ± 2 am totally wide awake (albeit ever in a fog). Took melatonin last 2 nights + spose it helped, still wake up periodically thru the PM but feel groggy + sorta go back to "sleep" but don't feel well-rested in the AM, Feel hungover D–spite 7 dayz of n0 drinking, [ ... ]

1067> U weren't even there, man
At some point in the middle of the night saw the yellow full moon out our window glistening over the Mediterranean. Woke up in Fiumicino w/ a belly full of raw fish + scampi risotto. One last walk along the Tiber after breakfast. Returned car at airport, big weight off our minds. 3000+ km roadtrip w/ no incident... every 1 of these roadtrips we feel we're pushing our luck, time to quit while [ ... ]

1066> a travel fatigued ciao to the final leg of where the Tiber meets the sea
... someone invited us up in a small plane + we came close to murmurations of starlings, so close U could see individual birds + their feathers twitching as they maneuvered to turn in which direction their closest neighbors (who were centimeters away) would turn, as if 1 organism + it was really exciting but at the same time we felt it was a bad omen + we were gonna crash, that the starlings would [ ... ]

1065> Nomadic ghost-town resolutions in Basilicata to purge self- documentation
... a lot different than the "van life" that has become popular these days, especially during covid years. We didn't have all the gadgets + Internet access that ppl have nowadays + nvr would have imagined that there would be a whole culture trying to "make a living" off the way they live by exploiting themselves, showing what they do day-to-day. Back then we just did it to save on rent, live minimally + [ ... ]

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